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ATEM Television Studio HD Setup Test with 2 Cameras, OBS and Utility Sof...

Multi-camera live switching setup with BlackMagic Design ATEM Television...

HDMI Extender - 4K UHD 40m HDMI Repeater with Two 20m Low-Speed HDMI Cables

Sell, Recycle, or Dispose My Old Used Laptops in Singapore

Should I sell, recycle or dispose my old used laptops?They are all still working and running Windows 7 or lower. HP, Acer, and more.How to sell used laptops for cash in singapore?How to recycle old laptops?How to dispose old laptops?How about trade in?How to sell used laptops for cash in Singapore?Here is a list of places to sell old laptops for cash in Singapore. will be checking out each one tomorrow morning and will continue writing this post.If the laptops are too old to be sold for cash, then I will consider recycling or disposing.See you tomorrow morning. Good night.Adrian LeePS: Tomorrow’s research…How to recycle old laptops?How to dispose old laptops?How about trade in?…

How to Add a Clickable Link to a Video

Are you wondering how to create a clickable button in your video that redirects to an external website? I just created mine. In fact, there are TWO links! 1. The clickable button goes to my Linkedin profile.2. The second clickable link goes to my YouTube subscription.Go ahead and test this feature for yourself. The clickable button and link appear at the end of the video found here…► #videomarketing #videocreation #videocontent #contentcreation #digitalmarketingAdrianLee

Are you wondering how to create a clickable button in your video that redirects to an external website? πŸ€” I just created mine. In fact, there are TWO links! 😱 1. The clickable button goes to my Linkedin profile. 2. The second clickable link goes to my YouTube subscription. Go ahead and test this feature for yourself. The clickable button and link appear at the end of the video found here... ► 😎 #video #videomarketing #videocreation #videocontent #contentcreation #digitalmarketing

How to Create High Ticket Service | Star Producer Mastery Day 2

The real question is… How to price your service higher? How to sell it?Let’s learn something today.Hi, this is AdrianLee from, and this post is part of my Star Producer Mastery challenge series.If you are new here, don’t subscribe. Instead, click on the links to all the valuable resources.Selling My KnowledgeI have a corporate request to quote for a private group training on video content creation.How much should I charge? What is too high? What is too low?So I turned to Star Producer Academy for the answers.High Ticket ServiceWhat is a high ticket service about?It’s about offering transformation.It’s value-based pricing from offering low-value data, information, and knowledge to high-value wisdom.High value meaning 5 to 6 figure monthly income.Offers include consulting, group coaching and masterminds.Wisdom is providing long term perspective and vision.Why people buy high ticket services?They want exclusive access to your communityThey want amazing resultsBecause…

How to Make More Money on YouTube… the Challenge

Are you wondering how to make money on YouTube?I will show my 3 methods and my new challenge 2019.Hi, this is AdrianLee from, where you will see my not so private journal.If you have not done so, please do not subscribe. Instead, click on the links to the valuable resources I am going to recommend.YouTube Money ChallengeI have been making money from YouTube for several years, BUT it is peanuts! Less than $100 per month.However, with that little money, I know something is working, and I am inspired to make it grow bigger.Hence, from today, I will not-so-privately journal the steps I will be taking to make more money on YouTube.If you would like me to send you updates on my “YouTube Money Challenge”, reply with a comment on this post.3 Ways of Making Money on YouTubeSo here are my 3 “A” ways of making money on YouTube.Adsense – These are the advertisements that appear over my videos. They may be videos or images. When a viewer clicks on them, I make money. Many time…

Are you struggling with a gimbal that is not level with the ground? 😱 In this video, I demonstrate how to calibrate the Zhiyun smooth 4 smartphone stabilizer. πŸ‘ ▶ I am sure one day in the future our gimbal will be as smart as our smartphones. What do you think? πŸ€” #zhiyunsmooth4 #calibration #smartphone #gimbal #iPhone #Android #videocreation #contentcreation #videocontent #videomarketingtips

Are you still looking for the best lavalier microphone for your iPhone or Android? 😱 I bought mine. 😎 Check out the comparison. ▶ What do you think? πŸ€” #audiotechnica #atr3350is #lavaliermic #microphone #comparison #review #videocreation #videosontent #contentcrearion #iphone #android #smartphone #videography

Here's my quick and dirty little Secret on how to improve voice audio quality in Adobe Premiere Pro. 😱 Don't try it if you prefer to do things slower. ⚠⛔🚫 Want the details? Message me. 😎 #adobepremierepro #adobepremiere #premierepro #videoproduction #videography #videocontent #videoediting #digitalvideo #videomarketing #editing #videocreation #contentcreation

How to Charge More for Your Services | Star Producer Mastery Day 1

Are you wondering how to charge higher and grow your business faster?In this post, I list out the actionable points I learnt today from an online course.Hi, this is Adrian from, where you’ll see my not so private journal.If you are new here, don’t subscribe, leave a comment and opt to be notified of new comments on this post.The High-Impact Video GoalGoal: To become a star presenter and producer creating high-impact videos for facebook marketing to get high ticket clients. (12 weeks)The name of the online course I am going through now is Star Producer Mastery.Every lesson, I will write down notes, document my actions taken and present the results here in this blog.Make sure you leave a comment to follow my business growth journey.5 Elements to Grow Your Business FastHere are the 5 crucial elements you need to focus on to grow your business fast.Your storyYour business modelYour target marketYour marketingYour systemThese points will be elaborated in the upcoming l…

Going to assemble the Feiyutech Follow Focus Kit to the AK4000 camera gimbal. #Feiyutech #FeiyuAK4000 #camera #gimbal #followfocus

My Star Wars Socks Father’s Day Gift

What to get for Dad on Father’s Day?This is what I asked my kids to get me.I am a father of 2 grown-up daughters.We were browsing H&M and I saw this.It’s designed for the kid and his dad.I want it. I got it. I’ll wear the big pair and display the small pair.Don’t laugh.I’m happy.AdrianLeeMay the socks be with me… Get your Star Wars socks here.

What do I use for video content creation? Three things: 1. A video camera 2. A clip-on microphone 3. A pair of white light They are resting now for the weekend. #contentcreation #video #microphone #technology #panasonic #lumix #Sennheiser #velbon #videocontent #videocreation #videomarketing

I got what I want for Fathers Day. #fathersday #StarWars #socks

Download My 7-step Video Marketing Strategy for Passive Income

Are you wondering how to earn income by posting videos online?In the previous post, I shared a quick summary of my 7-step video marketing strategy to generate sales and leads and I mentioned you can download the detailed step by step checklist.Well, the updated version is ready for download.Hi, I’m AdrianLee from, where I document my personal digital lifestyle.So in this PDF download, I document my step by step checklist on how I use videos to increase subscribers, bring traffic to my website, and make some passive side income.See you on the other side…Download My 7-Step Video Marketing Strategy

How many years have I been on YouTube? πŸ€” It's been a looong time!😱 11 years ago, I posted a video. Today, that video is still being appreciated! 😎 ▶ Thanks, Joshua DC, for leaving a comment after all these years. 😁 Today, that channel has grown over 4 million views and counting. If you like to start creating video content on YouTube, I want to show everything you need to know. Join me... ▶ #youtubechannel #video #youtube #videocontent #contentcreation #videomarketing #course #training #class #Singapore #videography #videoediting

Are you wondering which clip-on mic is good for recording interviews? πŸ€” In this post, I will share with you 3 recommended microphones. 😱 When it comes to shooting interviews, I have tried various types of microphones and have narrowed them down to the ones I like. 😎 1. Senneiser G3. This wireless mic is the one I swear by and have been using it for years. The new version is the G4... It costs nearly S$1000, which brings us to the next one. 2. Audio Tecnica ATR3350IS. This one has a very long wire from the mic to the camera. I will use this when I don't need wireless, coz wireless is prone to interference. It costs less than S$100. Is there a cheaper wireless system? Check out this one. 3. Rode Wireless Go. I am getting ready to buy this wireless mic. So much more compact and easier to setup than the Sennheiser G4. Costs less than S$400. Hey, want to try out some of the mics I have? Leave a comment and join me here... πŸ‘ #rode #sennheiser #audiotechnica #interviews #camera #recording #technology #review #shoot #contentcreation #youtubechannel #videoproduction #youtube #digital #accessories #microphone #microphones #wireless #rodewirelessgo #sennheiserg4 #atr3350is

15 Rules of Money to Attract Money | Making Money Online

Rules of money? You mean there are rules of money?In this post, I list out the 15 rules of money that I learned from an ALUX video.Hi, its AdrianLee here posting from where I document my digital lifestyle in Singapore.If this is your first time here, make sure to hit that subscribe button and all the links mentioned in this post.Let’s jump into it.Making money online is part of my digital lifestyle. The earning right now is no where near replacing my job’s income. So I am always looking out for tips to improve my situation.Stay tuned to the end of this post as I will be sharing sharing with you a link to where I document everything I learned about how to making money online.So here are the 15 rules of money.1. Money doesn’t change people, it shows who they really are.2. Never spend money before you earn it.3. Don’t chase money, instead be a money magnet.4. Invest time before you invest money.5. The more you learn, the more you earn.6. Never be a slave to money, be…

Are you wondering where to get music to edit your videos without copyright problems? πŸ€” In the upcoming class, I will reveal the sites where I buy music for my corporate client videos and the FREE music download sites for my own Youtube vlogs. 😱 Hi, this is AdrianLee from VIDEOLANE.COM, where I like to explore new tools for creating video content faster and better. 😎 If you have not done so, bring along a friend and join us for the next intensive Videography and Video Editing Class. Sign up here... πŸ‘ #youtube #videoediting #videocontent #videography #iphone #technology #gimbal #shoot #camera #contentcreation #adobe #youtubechannel #videoproduction #editing #smartphone #digital #accessories #digitalvideo #greenscreen #singapore #training #class #course #howto

Have you ever wondered how to add subtitles in Adobe Premiere Pro? πŸ€” Let's keep it short and sweet, and dive straight into the matter. 😎 Leave a COMMENT if you think this video tutorial is very well explained. πŸ‘ ▶ #Adobe #AdobePremierePro #AdobePremiere #PremierePro #subtitles #howto #contentcreation #youtubechannel #videoproduction #youtube #editing #videoediting #videocontent #contentcreation #videomarketing #digitalvideo Thanks Cat M!

Are you wondering how to record a video of yourself with your iPhone screen? You need three things. 1. An iPhone 2. A Mac 3. OBS Now that you know the three things you need, you may also want to know how to set it up. Send me a message and I will send you the link to download a free lesson on how to record a video of yourself with your iPhone screen. #iphone #howto #video #technology #shoot #contentcreation #youtubechannel #videoproduction #youtube #editing #smartphone #digital #Apple #iPhone #Mac #MacBook #MacBookPro #obs #screenrecording #greenscreen #innovation #singapore #recording #digitalvideo #videoediting

Wondering what's the best camera for video creation?πŸ€” A. Smartphone camera B. DSLR or mirrorless camera C. GoPro Action Camera D. All of the above The answer is D, coz the best camera does not exist.😱 Watch how I turn my smartphone gimbal into a GoPro gimbal... ▶ Comment "Great Idea" if you think it's a great idea.πŸ‘ #video #camera #videoproduction #shoot #videocontent #videography #videoediting #smartphone #editing #digitalvideo #mobile #videomarketing #iphone #recording #android #youtubechannel #contentcreation #youtube #gimbal #smartphones #moza #mozaminimi #tech #technology #gopro #xiaomi #miA1

AdrianLee 7-step Video Marketing Strategy 2019 for more Sales and Leads

Are you wondering how to get more sales and leads with video content creation?In this post I am going to reveal my latest seven-step video content creation process that I use to increase YouTube subscribers and some dollars.Hi it’s AdrianLee from where you will see my not so private Journal.If you are new here, make sure to click the Subscribe button and all the links mentioned in this post.Let’s go straight to the point.I have been posting videos on YouTube for years. It has been generating sales and subscribers but the numbers are not significant. Not enough to cover all my basic living expenses.So I’m always learning the latest technique from other successful people.The process I’m about to show you is a combination of strategies from the likes of Amy Porterfield, Keder Comier and Justin Brown.Make sure to stick around till the end because I will also share a link to download your PDF checklist to get more sales and leads with video.So here is my 2019 7-step vi…

It's easy to create better video content. All you need is your smartphone, a gimbal, and a training that is easy to understand. πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ Agree? ▶ #videocontent #videoproduction #shoot #videography #videoediting #smartphone #digitalvideo #editing #video #camera #recording #youtubechannel #contentcreation #videomarketing #android #youtube #mobile #gimbal #iphone #smartphones #samsung #tech

In the upcoming video content creation class, I will be sharing an updated topic. The 5-part YouTube story structure that will keep viewers watching till the end...and also take action. πŸ€‘πŸ€—πŸ˜± Join us today! ▶ #videoproduction #videography #videoediting #video #youtube #contentcreation #videomarketing #shoot #videocontent #digitalvideo #editing #camera #recording #youtubechannel #smartphones #smartphone

KSL Hotel Resort Johor Bahru Review

15 and 16 June 2019. Our 3-generation family of 9 booked a weekend vacation at KSL Resort Johore Bahru.It’s less than half hour away from Woodlands checkpoint. More than 1 hour with traffic jam.We never left the building throughout our stay. It’s got everything we need.Here’s my review.The ApartmentThe first impressions were wow, Wow, and WOW!!!!!Take a tour around the apartment and see what I mean. dining room and stairs leading to the bedrooms.The living room.The view at night from the 38th storey apartment.The view in the morning.The FoodMy favourite lunch. Volcano Spicy friend rice at Causeway Bay Hong Kong Cafe.The CinemaWe watched MIB International. Quite a disappointment from the usual MIB.And More…It’s Monday today. Have to get back to work. More pictures coming to this post in the evening.Will be right back.Adrian Lee

Using M1 Unlimited Data Roaming in Malaysia | Digital Lifestyle Report

5 phones, 1 data roam, and a lot of Instagrams.What happened over the weekend? Did you enjoy? Was there any revelation?1. The weekend was a quick holiday with wifey’s family at Johore Bahru Malaysia, KSL Resort. Some hiccups in the transport arrangement but compensated by the apartment we booked from see video and pictures in the next post.2. I missed one day of journaling on Sunday. Does a holiday justify skipping a post? Does skipping a post even mean anything? It’s a personal challenge. So it means something. I know daily journaling does change your life, especially when you blog it publicly. I could just post one thought and one picture next time. Anyway, I did that on Facebook and Instagram but forgotten about this blog.3. Managing Roaming Data. M1 mobile plan comes with data roaming turned on for free. Maximum usage is capped at S$15 in Malaysia. Automatically locked on to Celcom. One of us turned on data roaming and hotspot. The rest of us turned off data roaming a…

The night view from our city resort bedroom is what my dreams are made of. 🀩🀩🀩

Our city penthouse resort. Have a great weekend... πŸ˜ƒ

Samsung Galaxy S10 Missing Pro Video Camera Mode Solved | Digital Lifestyle Report

What happened on Friday? What’s up this weekend?It’s Saturday! Going across the border with the family for a weekend of rest and relax. Yes, staying overnight. Feeling excited. Pictures coming in the next post.So, what about yesterday? Planned a video. Shot another video. Nothing edited. No video posted. Feeling unproductive.There is one breakthrough discovery though. An app to take the place of the missing pro video camera mode in my Samsung Galaxy S10.All I need is manual controls overWhite balanceExposure andFocusI am not talking about photography, but about VIDEO.Tried Adobe Premiere Rush camera. There are manual controls, but they stop working and go back to automatic after pressing the record button. That’s bad.Tried the camera in the Zhiyun ZY Play app. There are manual controls. Works when recording. Resets to auto after every recording. That’s annoying.Tried the camera in the Feiyu On app. No manual controls at all.Finally, the app I used to recommend but overlooked.Open Came…

If you find my YouTube video about the smartphone gimbal well explained, please leave a comment. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ ▶ Thanks Papy! #digital #explained #youtubevideo #video #mobile #gimbal #smartphones #innovation #android #apple #technology #tech #youtube #videomarketing #review #videoproduction #zhiyun #zhiyunsmooth4 #smooth4 #samsung #samsunggalaxys10 #samsungs10 #galaxys10 #smartphonegimbal #smartphone #iphone

How To Edit Videos Faster | Digital Lifestyle Report

What happened yesterday? What worked? What did not work?Welcome to today’s not so private Journal.YouTube video planner worked. Yesterday I mentioned using Google Keep to list out all my YouTube video ideas that I want to create. It worked. One video is produced and posted this morning.My first long edited video. 9 Minutes Plus. My YouTube videos had always been less than 5 minutes. With the YouTube video planner, I was able to plan all the key points I want to present.The 9-minute video took 15 hours to create and post. One hour of planning and research. 4 hours of shoot. 7 hours of editing. 2 hours of posting and sharing. This is too long.How to reduce the video creation process to 8 hours?Research. Google keep in checkbox mode is great for listing and rearranging key points. 1 hour is good timing. Nothing to improve here at the moment.Shoot. 1 hour can be saved. Time was wasted in … setting up lights, setting up microphone, clearing the presentation table space, dressing up and Gro…

Google Trends for Research on the Go | Digital Lifestyle Report

What happened? What worked? What did not work?You are reading my half private journal.Digital dream…while I slept. I bought an e-scooter … a black one. Rode around a scenic beach resort. Reminded myself to take pictures and videos to document and post online.Amzn. 89 clicks. 1 item sold. 3 items shipped . Earned $2.56. Items sold were not listed by me. Items related to HDMI cable setup. Notable item I could add to my list is the smallrig clamp mount for DSLR gimbal.Blog idea. Accessories for atomos ninja star recorder using clamp mount and the HDMI coiled cable. Present three possible applications.YouTube video content creation planner. I have too many ideas floating around but don’t know where to start. So I created a planner using Google Keep with checkbox mode turned on.Google Trends. Being mobile I can’t rely on my laptop to make keyword research. So the next best thing is Google Trends where I can see related keywords and possible search volume.Adrian’s social media marketing str…

Panoramic shot taken with my Samsung Galaxy S10 on the roof top playground of Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 and Samsung Galaxy S10 Compatibility Test

Are they compatible? The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Zhiyun Smooth 4 ➡️

In this video, I did 12 tests.














Download the clear and concise Smooth 4  PDF tutorial here...


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Here's how I upload full HD quality videos to YouTube directly from my iPhone with iOS 12. ▶ Didn't think to do this? Leave a comment. #video #iphone #camera #youtube #shoot #videocontent #digitalvideo #videomarketing #videoediting #editing #youtubechannel #contentcreation

Let me show you how to use the Feiyu Vimbal 2 smartphone gimbal to capture smooth videos. ▶ Find this very useful? Leave a comment. #video #cameraman #youtube #videoproduction #shoot #videocontent #videography #videoediting #smartphone #digitalvideo #recording #youtubechannel #contentcreation #gimbal #mobile #videomarketing #iphone #camera #android #smartphones #apple #samsung #review #howto

5 Free Video Conferencing Apps for Business and Friends

Every Chinese New Year and Christmas Eve, we scramble to find the best free video conferencing app to communicate with our sister in England.So, now I just discovered five of them.Haven’t used any yet, but I will list them here until Christmas arrives. (web-based) (web-based) (web, Android, iOS) (web-based) (web, Android, iOS)I will post the review once I use any of them.Share your thoughts.See you in the next post.Adrian Lee
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#Tuesday evening #run. 1.35km in 9.42 minutes. Need to keep fit for this weekend's adventure.

Warren BooFat (Buffet) Advice “to be normal, you can’t be rich”

Warren Buffet over the years has given various advice about how to be rich and successful. Today I am reminded ” to be normal, you can’t be rich” your thoughts.
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Adrian Lee
Videographer turned Youtuber
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Something Important Happens at 03:30 am – Sadhguru

I woke up at 8.30am this morning and discovered something happened at 3.30am.What happens at 03:30 am?“03:30 am. Something Powerful Happens at This Time.” Sadhguru your thoughts.
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Adrian Lee
Videographer turned Youtuber
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