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How to Fix a Leaky Tap at Home in 15 Minutes

I am a handy Daddy for the day...  A D-I-Y plumber.  The kitchen sink tap had been leaking for a month.  Did not have time to fix it till today.  I thought it was going to be a chore and considered hiring a professional plumber. However being in a good mood today, I decided to do it myself... with the help of wife and two kids. Everything was done in 15 minutes.

1. Took a picture of leaky tap with my Samsung Omnia 2.
A picture paints a thousand words. So taking a picture is easier than explaining what type of tap we need. The Samsung Omnia 2 came in handy for such purpose.

2. Walked to the hardware shop downstairs to show the picture.
The hardware shop is conveniently located a few steps from our home.  The decision was quick. There wasn't much choice of models to select except one.

3. Bought a similar tap at S$22.
Wife asked if they have the old kind of tap that last longer.  They said they don't make such a thing anymore.  Add S$30 if we hire their plumber to fix.

4. Turne…

Understanding the Basics of Video Production

Would you like to author your own DVDs and publish videos to the Web? Are you interested in saving time and money by learning how to produce your own videos in-house?

This 2-day basic videography course is definitely for you!

Join me for 2 days of intense, comprehensive, entertaining and informative workshop.

In this workshop, you will discover:

1. Understanding the Basics of Video Production.
2. The Camcorder and the 6 Core Video Camera Skills.
3. Sound Recording and Lighting Techniques.
4. Video Editing Computers, Software and Techniques.
5. Getting Started with Sony Vegas Video Editing.
6. DVD Authoring and Web Video Publishing.

The Basic Videography Course is a 2-day workshop oriented for beginners and is a great way to introduce someone to the world of videography! Get Hands-On experience with videography techniques used by professional videographers. Learn the entire video making process from production planning to shooting, lighti…

Where to Get Cheap Canon Printer Inkjet Cartridges... Original!

I keep forgetting the model numbers whenever it is time to stock up.
So I thought maybe this time I will take a photo and post it on my blog.
At least I can tell my supplier to look at this page to place the order.
I buy in bulk of 3 to 5 sets, yet I still think it's expensive.  Originals!
Tried cheap imitation refills, but was disappointed with poor color quality.
My 3 sets of canon printers in the studio have been printing for years!
They work everyday printing mostly CDs, DVDs and workshop handouts.

Do you know Where to Get Cheap Canon Printer Inkjet Cartridges?
Leave a comment and link me to the suppliers - in Singapore only.  :)

Adrian Lee

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Watch My Friend's First Performance on Stage

It was all french to me, though at least now I know what "femmes" mean!

There was English translation on the side, but I was too busy recording the play.

I still cannot believe this is Emma's first stage performance.  It's just too professional!

I have shot plenty of arts festival stage drama, so I know what's crap and what's not.

This is one comedy you got to watch.  Based on a famous french story "L'Avare" or "The Miser".

Playing from 3-6 Feb 2010 at the Alliance Francaise Theatre - Singapore. 

Book your tickets from Sistic.  More Details here...

Adrian Lee

Enjoying Ear Candling at Beauty Reformings in Singapore

Here's a picture of me enjoying 30 minutes of Ear Candling by Daisy of Beauty Reformings.

Some ear candling benefits are:
softening of ear wax for easy removal.clear nose and throat congestion, sinuses, headaches, ear aches and vertigo.  improve hearing.I had 2 cm of waxy gooey dark orange stuff sucked out from each ear.  Felt fresher after that!

Go enjoy it yourself at Beauty Reformings.

Adrian Lee