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Spending Quality Time with Children Learning the Abacus

Image via Wikipedia4 July 2009 9pm:
Spending Quality Time with Children Learning the Abacus

Remembering the advice from Morris Allen School, to take interest in what your child reads, I decided to take interest in what my kids learnt from Abacus class.

Have tried spending time with kids to go through their homework years ago. Stella had been doing it all the while, though I think I could do a better job in English, Maths and Science.

My excuse for not spending time with kids was always that I have to stay late in the office to complete a video assignment that a client wanted delivered the next morning or "Dad got a shoot over the weekend."

Things are changing. After firing more clients this week, even the big loyal ones, I have freedom to plan my schedule.

No idea if this is the right thing to do, even with encouragement from reading Tim Ferriss 4 Hour Work Week articles. I have tried hiring staff, but that led me to spend more time going through the work of my staff and extra…

Blogging Without Killing Yourself - Tim Ferris

5 Things I learnt from this Tim Ferriss video:
Don't blog for money. There are faster and better ways to do it.
Pay less attention to RSS. Go more into Twitter and Facebook.
Delete negative comments from blog.
Use the word "Topic" instead of "Category".
Keep videos short and keep in mind that TEXTS are more important.

Adrian Lee

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