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Have you seen the phone with FOUR cameras? I have it in my hand. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro. Join me to unbox and review it at! #redminote6pro #xiaomi #android #smartphone #review

Next IT Exhibition in SG – THE TECH SHOW at Suntec

When is the Next IT Fair in Singapore?The Tech Show | 1 to 4 November 2018 | 11am to 9pm | Suntec City Levels 3 and 4 | FloorPlan | Deals and BrochuresIn the meantime, check out these online limited deals and promo…HUAWEI MATE 20 / MATE 20 PRO | LOCAL SET 2 YEARS WARRANTY | LEICA LENSS$1099 S$1000OnePlus 6T Mirror/Midnight Black A6013 6+128GB / 8+128GB / 8+256GBS$1088 S$898Nintendo Switch Console System // Grey // Neon // Local Set // Local WarrantyS$500 S$425Check out more promotion and deals here…I’ve got my hands on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K for 6 hours. In that short time, I tested a few things that are essential to my work.►!Adrian Video Image
Next IT Exhibition in SG

Japan Travel Vlog – Where do people shop in Akihabara?

Would you like to walk with me through the Electric Town of Japan?Day 5 in Japan and we arrived in Akihabara from Asakusa by train.The girls go shopping on their own and I’m all by myself to explore.This is what I discovered. Akihabara is where boys hang out!Where do they go? What do they buy? Why gather here?Let’s find out ► my videos shot with the GoPro Hero7 Black like this one. free to share your thought or question.SUBSCRIBE! Adrian Lee★ INSTAGRAM →
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Japan Travel Vlog - Where do people shop in Akihabara?

Would you like to walk with me through the Electric Town of Japan?

Day 5 in Japan and we arrived in Akihabara from Asakusa by train.

The girls go shopping on their own and I'm all by myself to explore.

This is what I discovered. Akihabara is where boys hang out!

Where do they go? What do they buy? Why gather here?

#japan #travel #vlog

What did you have for breakfast? #breakfast #food #Singapore

Who comes up must go down? #elevator #mia1 #xiaomi

Participants experience different forms of camera stabilizer in Day 1 of the 2-day Videography Class. #Videography #Training #Singapore

#Run 3.4km in 18 minutes

I will be back here for another shoot. #abandoned #railway #singapore

What's the name of this dessert? It's officially now my favorite. Bite one ball and sweet juice explodes in your mouth. #dessert #food #sweet #triplethree #mandarinorchard

Triple Three Mandarin Orchard Lunch Buffet Review Oct 2018

The lunchtime opening hours are from 12pm to 2.30pm. We arrived at 1pm… Didn’t miss much.Triple Three restaurant is situated at the Mandarin Orchard.Yes, that’s the prominent hotel opposite The Heeren on Orchard Road.The egg dish is the first thing I picked from the buffet spread. Tastes better with the crust scraped away.Salmon sashimi is my must have in any buffet opportunity. It’s sliced fresh on the spot.New to me is the smoked mackerel and the smoked tuna. I should have added wasabi instead of yellow mustard.Against my wife’s request, I took a cut of lamb with mint sauce. Look at the delicious fatty edge.A typical fried Chinese dish with fragrant “wok hei”, the large prawns were what attracted me. Served as a set together with “hoi sum” and capsicum.I try very hard to arrange my picks nicely to make the picture Instagram-worthy. There is plenty of room for improvement.Second round, freshly sliced octopus sashimi with wasabi (and some black pickles)……Plus cooked-on-spot bean sprou…

I found this in the recreation corner of my house. Now I know what BB stands for. #Nike #BasketBall #BB8

A beautiful sunday lunch prepared by wifey

What’s this contraption? I am vlogging about how I recover my missing GoPro files. #moza #minimi #smartphonegimbal

Updating OBS Studio (Mac) to version 22.0.3

I postponed my OBS Studio updates for a reason.Unexpected changes interrupt clients’ live stream.Since it’s a quiet down time now, maybe I should.My current version is  21.1.1 and this is what I missed.OBS Studio 22.0.322.0.3 Hotfix (macOS)Fixed a crash on startup22.0.2 HotfixFixed a bug where the program could sometimes mistakenly use a different server than the one selectedFixed a bug where copying and pasting sources would not paste the transformFixed a bug where using a custom server with authentication would no longer workFixed a bug on macOS where the browser source would not update properlyFixed a bug on macOS where leaving the browser source interaction window could cause a crashFixed a bug on macOS where the lock icons in the source list would disappear under the scrollbar if the scrollbar was visibleFixed a case where the multiview could crash on certain Linux desktop environmentsFixed a potential crash on startup that could happen under rare circumstancesFixed a few cases w…

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Review - Touchscreen Controls Walk-th...

Can the 5-inch touchscreen be all you need to control the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K? #bmpcc4k#blackmagicdesign#videography

A video shoot set up for a 45-minute skincare and makeup presentation in a small room with 2 white fluorescent standing lights and a wireless Sennheiser mic. #Videography #VideoLights #Sennheiser #VideoLane #AdrianLee

Where to buy AAAA batteries in Singapore?

Where to buy AAAA batteries in Singapore?My Lenovo Pen battery has run out of power.I went downstairs to the convenience store.I traveled to a DIY store and an electrical store.I can’t find any AAAA battery to replace mine.Even the storekeeper didn’t know there is such thing as an AAAA battery!I think it’s read as “quadruple A battery”.Buy OnlineSo the best thing to do next is to buy online.→ Buy AAAA Batteries from Qoo10 SingaporeBuy AAAA Batteries from Amazon USFeel free to share your thoughts.SUBSCRIBE Adrian Lee★ INSTAGRAM →

Wow! My #red work #luggage blends in perfectly.

#Red #Luggage going to work.

I love this #elevator

Day 1 of Videogarphy Class. Plenty of questions on YouTube vlogging. Love it! #videography #training #singapore

Buying Online from GearBest Part 1- A Tech Shopping VLOG

Time for a tech shopping vlog, buying a camera strap from GearBest.I have read mixed reviews about this e-commerce store from China.I’ve never bought from them before, that’s why I’m documenting it.► bought this US$2.40 camera strap ► the goods arrive?Tune in to Part 2.So, like and subscribe.Feel free to share your thoughts.SUBSCRIBE Adrian Lee★ INSTAGRAM →
DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click on one of the product links to buy, I will receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue making videos like this. Thank you for the support!#gearbest #shopping #review

GearBest Review

It's not just Amazon, there is GearBest online shopping for electronic goods which I recently discovered.

Things we need to know about GearBest

CouponDiscount CodeDealsFlash SaleLocationCurrencyBuyingShippingTrackingDeliveryShipping to SingaporeWarrantyThe AppContact Information Popular items searched and purchased are smartphones (particularly Xiaomi), electronic gadgets and accessories.

GearBest Contact InformationSupportFacebookYouTube

Adrian Lee

Gaming Keyboards

Have you seen those huge colorfully lighted keyboards that go with gaming computers?

Why are they designed this way? Do they really improve gaming performance?

What's the difference between a gaming keyboard vs a regular keyboard?

Let's find out.
Gaming Keyboard vs Normal Keyboard Here's a list of what gaming keyboards have that standard keyboards don't.

LED lights with changing colorsSometimes a display screenExtra keys above the F keysThey feel lighter to pressAnti-ghosting N-key rollover (NKRO) Is anti-ghosting the same as NKRO?
A note about N-key Rollover. With a USB connector, the most keys you can press simultaneously is six. With a PS/2 connector, there is no limitation. Mechanical Keyboard vs Tactile Keyboard vs Membrane Keyboard for gaming Membrane KeyboardPros: Cheap, easily available in computer stores, sufficient for general usageCons: Flimsy, reduces productivity, takes a lot more force for one keypress because it feels mushy, soft and pulpy.Consist of thre…

All set for a skin care and make-up demo video shoot. Can you see me? #videography #camera #lights

Google announces Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

October 9, 2018. Google released Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones.Featured Specs:Pixel 35.5-inch, 2,160 x 1,080-pixel OLED displayGorilla Glass 5Qualcomm Snapdragon 84512.2MP dual-pixel rear camera, dual-lens 8MP selfie camera4GB RAM, 64 or 128GB storageDual front-firing stereo speakers2,915mAh battery + Qi wireless chargingAndroid 9.0 PieUSB Type-CPixel 3 XL6.3-inch, 2,960 x 1,440-pixel notched OLED displayQualcomm Snapdragon 84512.2MP dual-pixel rear camera, dual-lens 8MP selfie camera4GB RAM, 64 or 128GB storageDual front-firing stereo speakers3,430mAh battery + Qi wireless chargingAndroid 9.0 PieUSB Type-CSo, the Pixel 3 XL is just a bigger version of the Pixel 3 with a larger screen, bigger battery capacity, and a NOTCH!Priced at US$799(64GB) and US$899 (128GB); while the 3 XL is going for US$899 (64GB) and US$999 (128GB).► of new photography features (Top Shot, Super Res Zoom, Night Sight, and the Group Selfie Cam), but not much tal…

Does light weight and small size make the ideal #vlogging #camera? Zoom in to my right hand to find out. #Sugamo #Tokyo #Japan #Travel #AdrianLee

The golden #sunset bids farewell to our #Japan vacation.

What to do on the last day of your #Japan Trip? Wake up early, put in your #running shoes, and explore the neighborhood while keeping #fit. #adrianlee

What's my favourite 100 yen snack in Tokyo? The Skewers Dumpling. Sweet, gummy and chewy. #tokyo #japan #travel

Switched my GoPro Hero7 Black to photography mode in Asakusa. #GoPro #Travel #Vlogging

Is this #GoPro going to Tokyo?

Shooting a #GoPro Setting up tutorial.