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Help Japan 2011 - Learn from Experts

Finally! You Can Help Japan AND Learn From The Experts... ...With 40+ Hours of Content Rich LIVE Workshops To Choose From!==> aim to raise a MINIMUM TARGET of S$20,000.00 by conducting a series of workshops aimed at a wide audience of participants.We will organize more than a dozen short workshops each lasting three hours covering topics ranging from computer & IT, Internet marketing, wellness, productivity, sales, children education, as well as government grants for small and medium enterprises (SME) in Singapore.

Participants at these workshops are assured that there will be strictly NO selling but sharing of useful content.

Each workshop will be affordably priced at $50 per seat (so that everyone can contribute if they want to) The workshops will be conducted during the whole of next week as follows:

- Monday (21 Mar 11) to Friday (25 Mar 11) f…

Online Video Marketing Using the iPhone 4

The experiment is officially over.

I have found the fastest and easiest method to produce a high quality online marketing video.

As a seasoned videographer myself, I'd like to admit that I hate the traditional time-sucking video editing process.

As a Videography trainer teaching small business owners how to get themselves onto YouTube, I see 3 major challenges they face...

. Handling the video camcorder.
. Wasting time on video editing.
. Connecting online to YouTube.

Many Internet marketing gurus out there recommend the flipcam and windows moviemaker for easy video production.

I can safely say that anyone can now produce high quality YouTube videos without any of the traditional video production tools... and by high quality I mean a steadily shot video... intentionally and completely edited with text, music and sound effects.

Here is all you need to carry around in your next web video production...
. An iPhone 4.
. The new iMovie app for iPhone.
. The built in YouTube uploader.


Spending $1 to Save Priceless Time

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Adrian Lee

Ezine Articles Submission Tips with the iPhone 4

Do you like the idea of writing and submitting ezine articles anywhere without a laptop? Forty five minutes riding in the subway is plenty of time to write a full ezine article. I wrote a 400-word article while walking to the train, standing and sitting, even while changing trains. All the way tapping on my iPhone. The train being underground, internet connection was unstable. So I waited till I got out of the train and used another 15 minutes to post my article online. Forget laptops, notebooks and even iPads! The iPhone is sufficient and handy enough to do most Internet Marketing work anywhere. All you need is 3 free items on an iPhone and follow 5 easy steps. First, let me tell you that I write short articles personally and submit them to online article directories as a form of internet marketing strategy for generating traffic to my website. These are the 3 items required for the “on-the-road” process. 1. Notes App on the iPhone (built-in free) 2. Safari Internet Browser (built-in free) …