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21 Selling Strategies for Growing Your Small Business -- Interview with ...


An Interview with Tom Abbott, the author of “The SOHO Solution: 21 Selling Strategies for Growing Your Small Business” I met Tom Abbott more than a year ago in BNI — Business Networking International Singapore. Coming from Canada to establish his company in Singapore, I personally witnessed Tom’s business grow exponentially in a short few months as a Sales Coach. Tom Abbott of is now known as Southeast Asia’s Number 1 Sales Specialist. Tom is also the author of “The SOHO Solution: 21 Selling Strategies for Growing Your Small Business”… I had the honor to corner him after his speaking showcase at BNI Rendezvous Singapore to reveal the selling strategies mentioned in his book. This this inte

Business Idea: 5.6 Billion Mobile Phones Worldwide!

Check out these stats:

5.6 billion mobile phone accounts in use worldwide.

96% open rate for text messages.

1 in 14 people on the PLANET have a FaceBook account.

Almost 200 million Twitter accounts.

1.8 billion desktop and laptop computers.

Over 29.6 million small businesses in the US.

There are over 200 million small businesses worldwide.

Know what virtually all of them need help with?

- Mobile Marketing

- Social Media Marketing

- Lead Capture

- Follow Up

This video explains how you can tap into a huge market:

(it's under 15 minutes)

Adrian Lee

Playing Bee Hive at a Business Networking Event

24 March 2010, 7 pm: Business Networking. Organized by Mike and Joseph, Directors of BNI Eastern Region Singapore.   Assisted by Adrian Lee, the Ambassador, helping the Directors run the show.  The energy was high in the presence of 60 business owners and professionals. Joseph, a proficient speaker, successfully roused the crowd with activities. Participants wasted no time to network with one another and exchange name cards. The hot favorite item for the night was the busy bee hive game. Everyone's faces was full of enthusiasm as they ran all over to collect business leads. Winners having the most name cards and giving the most leads walk away with prizes.

Year End Party at GBN - a Video Log...

Watch the video past the first half. That's the fun part. At least fun for you if you have attended the party or know who Roger Loh is.

Roger Loh, co-founder of GBN (Guerrilla Business Network), let his hair down in his own party. Rarely will you see such a spectacle.

Guerrilla Business Network is a networking group in Singapore where business people gather twice monthly to share business ideas.

Adrian Lee

My raw attempt to video-log the party. May be video-logging more often if I have the time.