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Installing And Testing Sony Cinescore on Vegas7

Now on to the next installation. I bought Sony Cinescore with Vegas7. Will it be better than Smart Sound? Let me find out by playing around.

Insert Sony Cinescore Installation CD and Click "INSTALL CINESCORE SOFTWARE".The process takes less than 2 minutes.Run Vegas7 and drop into the timeline a video clip for testing.Right click on the audio track and select "Insert Generated Music...".Type in serial number for Sony Cinescore. Register online. Play around with some settings... themes and variations.Install the 2 theme packs bundled with the purchase of Cinescore... High Tech World and The Ideal Vacation.Themes installation takes slightly more than 5 minutes per CD.Test in Vegas7.Everything is OK!How is Smart Sound compared with Cinescore? When it comes to variations, Cinescore has more. However if I want a music track done quickly , I will choose Smart Sound for its simplicity.

Installing And Testing Sony Vegas 7

Bought Sony Vegas 7 + DVD, BUT let it sit on the shelf. After 2 weeks of work and family, I finally have time for myself. Installed the software on the Acer Aspire 9500 Laptop. This is a live update of the process till I stop.
Insert Installation CD and Click "INSTALL VEGAS 7 SOFTWARE".First prompt is to install Microsoft .NET Framework.Then install Sony Vegas 7.Next install Sony DVD Architect 4.Run Sony Vegas 7 and type in the serial number.Inserting video clips of current project into time line.Test basic function. Cut, drag and drop, audio channel select...Run Sony DVD Architect 4 and type in the serial number.Will test this on another day.Bonus Softwares to be installed later: Boris Graffiti , Magic Bullet Movie Looks HD and Sony Loop Reference Library.Stop... Back to work... pay bills... edit outstanding projects... find new office space... find magic school for Cheryl...

Stress Management Videos

10 Tips To Capture A Great Video Of An Appreciation Dinner

Filmed an Appreciation Dinner at The Grand Copthorne.
500 guests, 30 VIPs, 1 Minister and waitresses about 11.
Thing happen quickly. Got to be on my toes.
I love every minute of shooting great videos.

10 Tips To Capture A Great Video Of An Appreciation Dinner.
By Adrian Lee,

Get the program sheet from the organizer and familiarize yourself with the flow of events. Arrive two hours earlier to set up your tripod and camcorder at the best position but keep in mind to minimize obstruction, especially the VIP's view of the stage.Plug in the audio feed from the main sound system into your camcorder and do a SOUND CHECK. This is to capture good quality speeches.For speeches and performances, fix camcorder to the tripod but remember to zoom in and close-up on the action or emotion.For off-stage happenings, like reception and mingling, get the camcorder off the tripod and go mobile. Remember to unplug the audio feed.Capture more of the VIP mingling with the guests.Stay alert…

How To Download An MPG Video From The Internet And Burn It On A CD?

Right click on the link to the MPG movie.Click "Save Target As..." and save it on your PC.Then burn the MPG file onto a CD.Convert to DVD? I recommend MovieFactory.

How To Convert Betacam SP To MiniDV?

I wonder why some video houses still produce videos on analog Betacam-SP. They should stop wasting clients money and make videos in High Definition or HD.

We all know clients cannot play and watch a video recorded in Betacam-SP. We do know all of us can easily play DVD, mini-DV and the up-and-coming HDV.

In today's tutorial, I will go through the process of transfering Betacam-SP to mini-DV. I do this frequently for clients, so that they can watch their videos while preserving high quality.

Betacam SP to MiniDV using Sony Betacam SP Player and Sony MiniDV CamCorder Connect the Betacam Player XLR audio outputs to the MiniDV Camcorder Line audio inputs using the cable provided with the camcorder and a pair of XLR adaptors. Connect the Betacam Player s-video output to the MiniDV Camcorder s-video input using an s-video cable. Power up the units. Set the MiniDV Camcorder to VTR mode, AV in. Insert a blank MniDV tape into the MiniDV Camcorder. Insert the Betacam SP tape into the Betacam Player. Pl…

Videography With A Sony Ericsson W800 Phone

Fondled A Sony Ericsson W800 Phone Today. It has mostly everything I want except a TV and a PDA. I like the way it feels like a still camera. As well as the radio, memory stick and body colour.The best part is the built-in flash and light. This is a must for taking great quality pictures at night.Though the phone can produce great photos, it is disappointing when it comes to recording videos.

Kal Ho Na Ho... Let's Go Party Tonight!

A night of Loud Music and Dance Party. Can you believe? It is an Esplanade Concert really.

Shankar Ehsaan and Loy, the famous trio from Bollywood. They make cinematic Indian music today sound so good.

More from Shankar Ehsaan Loy...

The audience screamed, danced and cheered. I could feel that the performance was much revered.

Although Indian music is not my daily cup of tea. I can't help but to tap my toes while doing the videography.

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Crazy Video Shoot For Crazy Cups

Todays video shoot is rather exhausting. Got to dart here and there to catch the happening.

The competition is held simultaneously at seven stations. Got to film the participants and audience reactions.

Wide shots, close-ups and freestyle angles. Got to be quick and creative among these little boys and girls.

There is plenty of noise and commotion. Well, this is the "Crazy Cups" Competition.

Collected Sony Vegas 7 + DVD Production Suite

I now have in my hands the full range of Powerful Video Production Suite!
Sony Vegas 7 + DVD Production SuiteCinescore Professional Soundtrack Edition

New Sony Vegas On The New Dual Core PC

Ordered the upgrade to Sony Vegas 7. Also ordered the promo item Cinescore. Will be collecting the items this afternoon. In the mean time, here in the studio, I am preparing the new Dual Core PC for the upgrade.

This is going to be exciting!

What? Did you just say why I'm not using Premiere?

Premiere is Passe.

Get Your Sony Vegas 7 + DVD Production Suite Now...

How To Make Your CD AutoRun?

Here's a freeware you can use to generate the autorun file you need to make your CDs autorun. Download AutoRun Generator.

Download Freeware To Convert M4A to MP3

Found a quick and FREE way to convert M4A files to MP3 files. This software is so useful I have too keep a copy safe for myself. I am sharing this only with my eNewsletter subscribers. Download Free Software To Convert M4A to MP3. Just sign up if you are not a member yet.

Sony V1 Launch

After shooting so many seminars, it is time I attend seminars. So today, professional videographers from all over Singapore gather at the Hilton Hotel for the launch of the Sony V1 High Definition Camcorder.

Things are really getting better. Professional equipment are getting smaller, lighter and yet more powerful.

Also launching together is the the very portable hard disk recorder. THIS is what I have been waiting for! Clients can now enjoy faster delivery of their edited event video.

Equipment and technology aside, the seminar was a great time to meet up with old friends and make new ones.

Shoot A Fashion Show And On The Spot Deliver The Video.

Filmed a fashion show this morning and the client needs the VCD by 3pm.

With my trusty video production laptop, the VCDs were delivered at 1pm.

Now I only wish Sony created a light-weight "desktop power" notebook with long stamina battery. That way I may complete the production on the spot.