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4th Day of Video Shoot Without a Car

Adrian Video Image has posted a new item, '4th Day of Video Shoot Without a Car'

Taking the public bus was not a hassle. Google Map app is a friend! The equipment I carried was the burden. So every night for the past 3 nights, I repacked my gear based on the requirement of the day. I made sure I travelled light, yet have everything including backups. Today, it’s only a haversack and a black soft bag to carry the camera with one hand. Unlike driving, there was a lot of waiting …a good excuse to blog. Had to transfer by a shuttle bus to the hotel in Sentosa from Vivocity. Though it’s a 5-star hotel that provided free mini-bus in and out of the island, I had to sit on the steps of the shopping mall to wait (see image). Complains aside, I enjoyed moving around like most locals do. It felt like traveling as …a tourist …a foreigner …an explorer. Anyway, I have been walking overseas pulling a luggage full of videography hardware. One thing I wished to change (other than getting that …

Attending Phoebe's Rhythmic Gym Competition Rehearsal

Adrian Video Image has posted a new item, 'Attending Phoebe's Rhythmic Gym Competition Rehearsal'

I might not be able to attend Phoebe’s R Gym inter-school competition next Wednesday due to work, but I am happy to have attended the rehearsal. Held at Guillamard Village GymKraft, next to G.SPA, I thought the venue was expensive. I had to pay $60 supposedly to use the place for 3 hours. There was a rock climbing facility next to it, with many people queuing for their turn. Took bus number 197. I helped to carry the big hoop, which knocked into other passengers several times. It was raining heavily upon arrival. Without an umbrella, we waited for the rain to ebb a little before dashing into the hall. Here’s a picture of the hall. Phoebe competed every year for the past 5 years. This year, she will be competing in hoops and clubs. Here’s a video of her clubs routine during rehearsal. Your browser does not support the video tagAll the best to your competition, Phoebe!Adrian Le…