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Eat What You Shoot. Shoot What You Eat.

What I love best about my job is the food.

Especially the food from a 5 or 6-star hotel.

Get paid to eat and drink. That's lifestyle!

This video is a snippet of a recent 1-week video shooting stint.

Tour with me along Singapore River on an electric-powered bumboat.

YES! the bumboats are now powered by battery. No smoke, no smell.

The boats cannot go as fast as before, the bumboat operator told me.

Anyway, it's a river cruise. Save the Earth!

My foreign friends got to sip Singapore Sling in Raffles Hotel.

Throw peanut shells all over the Long Bar without getting fined.

You haven't visited Singapore if you haven't seen the Merlion and the ERP.

Sentosa is a haven for peacocks, though I saw more of peahens and peachicks.

OK, not just get paid to eat, but also travel and tour.

I love my job. Hire me if you have places to go and events to remember.


Adrian Lee
The Videographer

Joby Gorillapod as Video Camera Mini Tripod?

I have a multi-cam video assignment coming up that requires one video camera to be stationary all the time.No pan, no zoom. Just stationary.The problem is… there is no space for a tripod. This will be a party event swamped with people dancing all over the place.So the idea is to fix my camcorder onto any overhead fixtures.The best solution is the JOBY Gorillapod, a mini flexible camera tripod...

Read My Photo Mode Review of the Sony HDR-SR12 and CX12 ...

Photo Mode Review of the Sony HDR-SR12 and CX12 After collecting my Sony HDR-SR8 (100GB High Definition Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder) from the Sony service centre, I stopped to test the new Sony HDR-SR12 (10 Megapixel 120GB High Definition Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder) and the Sony HDR-CX12 (High Definition Memory Stick PRO Duo Handycam Camcorder)I only had a few minutes of free time, so I tested these features I wanted to know:How long do I have to wait between snapping photos?How long do I have to wait for the photo flash to recharge?How many photos can I take during video recording and will there be flash?How long do I have to wait between snapping photos?I have bad experiences with slow consumer still cameras. You miss a lot of good candid moments if the camera does not react as quick as your eyes. I hesitate to buy a family still camera because of this. The Sony HDR-SR12 and CX12 seem to do fine, instant, though you need to get used to the half click focusing first.There is n…

How to Achieve Natural Perfect Eyesight...

What if we, especially videographers, have a vision of an eagle. The ablity to see details from afar. This eye improvement method is possible…I attended an eye-opening educational forum on lasik surgery last night. LASIK is about using tiny laser beams to correct poor eyesight.It claims the ability to bring eyes back to zero degrees, in other words, perfect eyesight.Going further, an enhanced laser surgery can even make your eyes see further than any human beings can.They call it the Eagle Eye vision which famous golfer Tiger Woods did.Hmmm… I was thinking what if videographers get eagle eye vision, wouldn’t that be perfect?We will be able to see and shoot things that others cannot see.The surgery is rather pricey though, like $2000 and over.It can help in the 3 most common poor eyesight problems:Short-sightedness: which happen to those who study very hard and those who do video editing everyday or rather work in front of the computer always. Can see near but cannot see far.Long-si…

Memory Card Camcorders Comparison for Professionals

Professional Memory Card Camcorders ComparisonI am in the midst of deciding the purchase a new professional video camcorder. Looking at the recent models, there is a clear trend towards recording on memory cards.This is great as I have always thought tape is so obsolete in the digital world and a waste of time when capturing video.Here are three professional video camcorders I have narrowed down. They differ in image sensors, video recording format and the type of memory card used.Panasonic AG-HVX200 vs Sony HVR-Z7 vs Panasonic AG-HMC70.Read More on my new blog...

Learn Videography in 5 Days

Success!My first apprentice videographer completed a S$700 event videography job in 5 days. That was a real live assignment while learning on the job.There was a little cheating though. I was there guiding all the time. What do you expect! I am the mentor.This is my very first mentoring experience as a Videographer.Read more here...Videography Course - Learn Videography in 5 Days

How To Shoot the Best Angle Without Getting Blocked

How do you shoot the best angle without getting blocked or pushed when you are a videographer in the paparazzi? Yesterday at the Singapore Arts Festival Outreach Launch, I had the opportunity to jostle with the paparazzi to get my best shot.There were like 10 photographers and video camera people representing the media. Not too many as compared with the Singapore Flyer Official Opening I did last month. The media people wanted to catch the best shot for TV and magazines. I wanted to catch the best shot for my client.Actually, it was not as bad as most might think. I remember in the old days, you really get pushed around and have someone just plant himself right in front of your camera.Read more here...
How To Fight With the Media People or Paparazzi?

Sony HDR-SR11 60GB HD Hard Drive Camcorder

Who wants to buy my Sony HDR-SR8?Coz I am getting the NEW Sony HDR-SR11!Top 3 reasons why I want the Sony HDR-SR11:Read more here...
I Want The Sony HDR-SR11 10MP 60GB High Definition Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder

Fireworks Display the World's Largest Observation Wheel


The Best of Being a Singapore Videographer

Singapore Videographer Gains Weight Filming Company Retreat Literally! My tummy grew bigger, pants became tighter. That’s after two weeks on the job.This is the best part of being a Singapore Videographer on a filming assignment for a company retreat. Tea breaks, lunches and dinners!I was trapped in a 5-star hotel on an island resort. There was no where to go, but to eat what the participants ate. Good FOOD!Everyday a new menu. Many dishes I have never even heard of. I like to start with deserts. Plenty of chocolate mousse and creamy pastries.For dinner, there were wines and beers. I am not a good drinker, but it certainly was a good treat.Being well-fed on the job has its reasons. My task was to video the two-week company retreat and produce a 5-minute clip on the very last day.The filming was easy. I just needed to know the program and follow accordingly.It was the video editing that takes takes a lot of effort. I have to decide what to extract out of these two weeks of event a…

5-Star Hotel in Sentosa Singapore Pissed Me Off

I was at Sentosa Singapore last week for a videography assignment. It was a banquet at a 5-star hotel. The client also hired me to produce a video to be screened on the same night.

The hotel was to provide the video projection screen and audio system.

The video was played via a laptop. The picture was good. The audio was muffled. This has nothing to do with the laptop. Using headphones, one can hear that the audio was of high quality.

However the hotel technician told my client: "The original video sound is no good."


HELLO, I am the producer of the video standing right in front of you and you are a crew of a FIVE-STAR hotel in Sentosa Singapore.

GET your audio system fixed before passing comments like that. We are all third parties to the client who is holding the function. PLEASE BE PROFESSIONAL.

At the end of the day, after many attempts by the technician to get the muffled audio fixed at his mixer, he still could not get it right. This led me to a …

Build An Instant Movie in 6 Easy Steps

Build-A-Video Workshop, Where Instant Movies Are Made My 10 year old daughter celebrated her birthday over the Easter weekend. What she wanted was a stuffed animal from Build-A-Bear Workshop.Being ignorant of kids stores around town, I thought Build-A-Bear Workshop was just another toy shop. By co-incidence while reading the financial news about Bear Stearns, I discovered Build-A-Bear Workshop is listed on New York Stock Exchange at a whopping $9 per share (rounded off).I thought: “How can a teddy bear shop make so much money?”. I brought my daughter to a nearby outlet to find out… and to build her the bear.The store was buzzing. There were mainly 3 types of customers. Parents buying for kids. Boyfriends buying for girlfriends. Girls buying for themselves. The staff were cheery bubbly teen girls bouncing around the store like they will never run out of batteries.Dollar signs appeared in front of my eyes. It is a novelty store. You actually build from scratch a bear or any animal stuff …

How to Extract DVD Menu Only

How to Extract DVD Menu Only? This is a strange request but a valid one. Most commercial softwares let you extract the main video and not the menu. The reason most clients want to extract the menu is because it looks good and they want to use it again in another video compilation.I am not referring to movie DVDs here, but corporate video DVDs belonging to the client. Their previous videographers have done a good job with the motion menu which is worth re-using.The point to note is, once the menu is extracted, it is just a pure video clip and not interactive anymore.Here are the 5 steps to Extract DVD Menu Only.Download, install and run freeware DVD Shrink. Works on Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista. Insert DVD into DVD drive.Step #1: Select Open Disc. Select DVD Drive.Step #2: Select Re-author.Step #3: Select Menu Video.Step #4: Select Backup. Select folder to save the extracted file.Step #5: Click OK. Wait for encoding.The menu will be extracted and encoded in VOB file format. A good v…

Blu Ray Is In, HD DVD is Dead!

The battle is finally over. No need to decide whether to produce Blu-ray or HD DVD Discs. The winner is Blu-ray!

"Sony and its Blu-ray buddies are going to make like VHS and party like it's 1989."

Here are the news. Read all about it...
HD-DVD Death Made Official - Wired
Toshiba Quits HD Format War Blu ray The Winner - Smart House NewsToshiba to Give Up on HD DVD - TheStreet.comR.I.P. HD DVD: Toshiba reportedly ends the war - CNETToshiba to exit HD DVD, end format war - ReutersToshiba finishing format war, pulling plug on HD-DVD - XboxNowOnlineGame Over For HD DVD; Toshiba To Cease Production of HD DVD - Gaming BitsBlu-ray wins HD DVD format wars as Toshiba exits market! - VideoGamesBloggerToshiba pulling HD DVD support, Blu-ray has won the war - Gadgetell
Toshiba to Withdraw HD DVD Format -TechtreeMicrosoft Planning Blu-ray For Xbox 360, Following Fall of HD DVD - dBTechno Toshiba To Halt HD-DVD Production - SlashdotHas Blu-ray won? HD-DVD R.I.P.? - ComputerworldToshiba sa…

Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial - Multicamera Editing

Sony Vegas Pro 8 makes it easier to edit videos from different cameras right from the timeline. You can capture and edit video for a single scene from 2 or more cameras or for a single scene shot a few times with one camera.

Here is a tutorial of a Multicamera Edit of a drama I shot. The drama was acted out four times to the public and being a non-profit organization, the client have budget only for one videographer. For each of the 4 acts, the camcorder (Sony HDR-FX7 High Definition Camcorder) was placed at 4 different positions and shot in various angles.

Multicamera edit is accomplished in only 8 steps with the Sony Vegas Pro 8.

Step #1: Capture Multicamera Video Clips

Use the normal Sony Vegas Video Capture function to capture recordings from each camera. Give each capture filename a unique name. Enable scene detection before capturing so that each segment is captured as a separate clip.

Step #2 : Layout Video Clips on Timeline

Drag and drop video clips over each other on the time…

Shooting Singapore Flyer with Sony HDR-FX7 High Definition Camcorder

Am I the first videographer to board the Singapore Flyer even before its opening?

I was just staring at the Singapore Flyer last week from the 46th storey of One Raffles Place, wondering how best to film the the whole observation wheel if they were to have fireworks there.
Strangely, the next moment, I was invited to board the giant ferris wheel for a videography assignment. The first thing that came in to my mind was to shoot in high definition, Full HD in HDV, using my Sony HDR-FX7 High Definition Camcorder.
To ensure I get the best shots during the 20-minute ride, I planned the shots way in advance. Studied the best London Eye commercial videos on the web. All I needed was my camcorder, wide angle lens, tripod and my must-shoot checklist. ND filter set to 2. No sound required.
21 January 2008, 10am: A bright sunny morning with passing clouds over Singapore Marina Bay.
The capsule climbed to the tip of the wheel and paused there for about 5 minutes for the photographers to snap away. The…

Wedding Videography - Singapore Wedding Videographer is Back

The Singapore Wedding Videographer is BACK.
- He's built a bigger company with more staff.
BADDER - He does not answer calls and never reply emails.
BOLDER - He serves only those who appreciates the best in wedding.

This is Adrian. I have left the wedding industry for the whole year of 2007 for two reasons. The first reason was that I want to spend quantity time with my kids. (I never seem to be with them when most of my weekends were fully booked with wedding shoot committment). The second reason was I wanted to build up my corporate videography department.

Now, I had a great time with my kids. My corporate business is now running on its own, with dedicated staff. Next, I will be moving on to my new "DVD Production" project.

In the mean time, I would like to apologize to those whom I have ignored request for wedding videography, and by popular demand, I have reserved some weekends this year for weddings again.

OK, this is not all about me. This is about you and your…

Build a Website With Free Online Tools and Video Widgets

Building a professional website have become so easy with new free tools and free widgets.

I have my own website since 1998 and it has undergone many changes and face-lifts with 100 pages and over.

The 2008 web site revamp was in line with my new business direction as well as clients' feedback.

Simple Content Management System

Clients found the website navigation hard to follow with difficulty finding what they want.

So I changed the whole template from a 1-column website to a 3-column website, from a top-menu drop-down navigation system to a side-menu navigation system. The side-menu bar is always visible as compared to a drop-down menu.


Thanks to CMSimple, a simple online content mangement system, the change in template was done within 1 hour, though the site has over 100 web pages.

Everything is done online. Nothing to upload except new graphics and widgets.

Free Online Logo Design

Since the size of the graphic header is changed due to a different template, I had to redesign a new on…

Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial: New Installation Instruction

Finally, 2 weeks after winning the Sony Vegas Pro 8, I found the time to install the video editing software on my video production laptop.

Watch the video here...

Inside the Sony Vegas box, you will find:

1. Installation CD
2. Serial Number and
3. Four manuals.

Installation is quick and easy:

1. Insert installation CD.
2. Click "Install Vegas Pro 8".
3. Wait for Microsoft .NET Framework to install first (this took a very long time, more than 15 minutes).
4. Read and agree to the End-User License Agreement.
5. Wait for Sony Vegas Pro 8 software to install.
6. Go to Start and Run Vegas Pro 8.
7. Key in Serial Number.

That's it and the program starts.

Thanks for watching! :)

Adrian Lee

Learn the secrets of dvd and internet video production, sign up now...

Night Photography with the Sony HDR-SR8...

With another flick of the same power button in the same direction as turning it on, the Sony HDR-SR8 100Gb Handycam Camcorder becomes a still camera at 6 megapixels. Here's my quick review of its still photography function when taking pictures at night.

In this video, you see a montage of christmas lights photos I have taken at night,

Here are some night photography tips I discovered with the camcorder.
When taking pictures of lights, turn off the flash function. The lights will appear brighter.When shooting outdoors at night, there must be plenty of light on your subject. CMOS cameras do not respond to low light very well.Turn on the flash when the subject is within 5 metres from the camcorder.I am not a master of photography, but my Sony HDR-SR8 high definition camcorder come in handy when I need to take photos.The photos are saved in the same hard disk drive as the videos, though you can change the settings to save the photos in the SD card. One thing…