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Adrian’s Journal #191130

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo PicassoIt’s a Saturday. Put the phone to Do Not Disturb mode. Time to clear the clutter and spend time with the family.No challenges to report. Not feeling competitive today. Just let my hair down and relax.Here are yesterday’s top 3 things that I am feeling grateful for.Grateful #1: Black Friday BuyGot a Bradford leather key pouch wallet for S$39, down from S$109. Thanks to the Black Friday sale at Robinsons, JEM.Grateful #2:Four Finger DinnerSpent dinner time with the family last night AT JEM’s Four Fingers. I don’t know why fried chicken wings taste so good in soy garlic sauce.Grateful #3: Youtube Video UploadTried out another method of creating a video on a spur without wasting time planning and posing. Thanks to a question from AZ… happened today? What went well? What did not work? What did I learn? How can I do it better?From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Adrian’s Journal #191129

End of the week. Nearly the end of the year. Time to wrap up. Wait! Not so fast. I haven’t finished my work.I had only 4 hours of sleep last night, but I’m feeling great and grateful for a smooth functioning web page.What 3 amazing challenges have I accomplished yesterday?Yesterday’s accomplishments were not planned tasks but were the struggles with little things that didn’t work.I struggled the whole night optimizing my IT Fair web page for a traffic surge coming from SITEX 2019. New WordPress themes have given up on the Next-Previous navigation buttons in media attachment pages. I need them. I had to switch back to the Asteroid theme, but Adsense Auto Ads don’t work very well. ROI: Trickles of Adsense revenue.I struggled with trying to get my social media apps the post MOV files on my Samsung Galaxy S10 Android phone. MOV files, I discovered, cannot be read by most Android apps, like Facebook, Instagram and Adobe Premiere Rush, though they can be played back with Google Photos. Less…

Adrian’s Journal #191128

Let’s go to the post office. Mail an item to England. Then go back to work. Tonight, visit SITEX 2019 and collect brochures.That’s my plan for today in a nutshell.Had a good 5-hour slumber last night. Thanks for the cool rainy weather. Thanks for the nice warm hash brown at breakfast.What 3 amazing things happened yesterday?Filled up email campaign with 7 follow ups for Zhiyun Smooth 4 smartphone gimbal subscribers (98 subscribers up to date). All value. No selling. ROI: Building my list of smartphone YouTube bloggers.Announced on social : “The 2-day Videography and Video Editing Course is happening on 7 and 8 December 2019… ticket sale ends 12 noon on Friday, 29 November 2019… Please share this with someone who can benefit from it… “. ROI: Nothing yet, sending another announcement today.Prepared SITEX 2019 blog post ROI:…

SITEX 2019 is here! | Next IT Fair in SG

SITEX 2019Here are the dates, opening hours, and floor plan… hmm it seems the area has shrunk by 1 floor…SITEX 2019 | 28 Nov to 1 Dec 2019 | 11 am to 9 pm | Singapore EXPO | Floor Plan Also, check out these time-limited online deals.Week #48 Bestsellers and Black Friday DealsNintendo Switch Pokemon Sword And ShieldS$80 S$70 | Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness WatchS$55 S$29 | Nintendo Switch Lite Console SystemS$267 S$239 | AirPods Pro Wireless Bluetooth EarphonesS$366 S$333 | Apple AirPods Gen 2 Wireless Bluetooth EarphonesS$230 S$222 | Samsung Micro SD Card 128GBS$89 S$10 | Nintendo Switch 2019 Gen2S$489 S$379Check out more IT promotion and deals here…Enjoy!Adrian Video Image
Next IT Exhibition in SG

I can't ignore this! 207k views 😱 on my smartphone gimbal YouTube tutorial... ... I thought I must do something about it. So I compiled a series of more gimbal tutorials. Viewers can sign up and access them all. 👍Total value for free. I don't know why I am doing this. What else should I do? 🤔 #videocreator #vlogging #edit #videocontent #videocreation #digitalvideo #videoediting #videomarketing #youtubevideo #video #vlog #contentcreation #media #creating #content #storytelling #youtube #contentmarketing #howto #smartphone #marketing #course #training #zhiyunsmooth4 #smartphonegimbal #smooth4 #gimbal #tutorial #value #whatelse

Adrian’s Journal #191127

What’s my challenge on a Wednesday? Black Friday! Yes, I have some stuff to buy… and sell.What will I buy? What will I sell? Let’s find out.First of all, thanks for the fresh morning air. feeling good today.What 3 amazing things happened yesterday?Created and shared a social media teaser video… … ROI: Got 2 followers on Tik Tok from that video. New Idea: While taking the time to create a 5-minute video, do the intro and outro first and post it on social media as a teaser. Include magic.Completed InVideo review– part 1 of 7 demo videos... … ROI: 2 confirmed signups. No sales yet. I received an email from InVideo that they will work hard to convert the signups. Keep monitoring.Done my Tuesday run 2.6km in 25 minutes. A slow one. Must keep fit for the mountain trip.What will I do to make today great?Announce Black Friday sales for my video courses… and some affiliate products.Edit BMPCC 6K review part

Done #Tuesday #run 2.6km in 25 minutes with #nikeplus #nikerunclub and #Spotifyplaylist

Adrian’s Journal #191126

Quiet week ahead. Good time to clear backlogs. My challenge today is to complete 2 product reviews and 1 online course. No time to waste. Let’s begin.First, thanks to the morning Vietnamese coffee given to me by my brother… Great taste to start the day.What 3 amazing things happened yesterday?Posted the mount Faber video on YouTube and Facebook. Got good comments… For a video without any planning.Hit the 10000 YouTube subscribers milestone. Feeling motivated to do more.Scripted InVideo review part 1. Ready to record a video today.What’s will I do to make today great?Create InVideo review– make 7 demo videos before Black Friday.Edit BMPCC 6K review part2Complete Davinci Resolve video editing online Course.And much more…Promote upcoming class… 1-day Smartphone Video Class, 6 December 2019.Promote upcoming course… 2-day Videography and Video Editing Course, 7 & 8 Decemeber 2019.This Wednesday, send IT Fair Black Friday deals.Transfer the 5 daily challenge videos to YouTube and WP blo…

Climb Mount Faber – Be One with Nature [VIDEO]

Wear your headphones… Turn up the volume… Join me climb Mount Faber… and be one with nature… ENJOY!︎ See you in the next post.From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Adrian’s Journal #191125

It’s Monday. My to do list is overwhelming. Where shall I begin. I remember… Focus on high-valuetasks… Tasks that result with me having more time… and money.What 3 amazing things happened yesterday?Climbed Mount Faber and clocked 8000 steps Plus 6000 steps of shopping immediately after that. Watch the immersive video here.Cleared some admin and digital clutter. Feeling fresh on the start of a new week.Watched a thrilling Chinese movie, Kung Fu Jungle, starring Donny Yen, on TV with the family at home.Weekend Video Creation Thoughts and Feelingson Saturday I shot a cooking video at home. On Sunday I recorded our Mountain trekking video.For both videos, I gave myself the challenge to document the event fast.Use a smartphone camera onlyShoot on the go with no posingEdit and upload to Youtube on the same day.Also, both videos do not require any voice over. Only background music and ASMR sounds.The videos turned out well… at least for me. What do you think? I shot the footage with my Samsun…

It's party time! 🎉 🎈 🍕...Still a small fry... but a big milestone for me! 😄 Thanks for your support... I will continue to create valuable video content... and maybe feature your products and services... 🤔 ⏩ #videocreator #vlogging #edit #videocontent #videocreation #digitalvideo #videoediting #youtubevideo #videomarketing #video #vlog #contentcreation #media #creating #storytelling #content #youtube #contentmarketing #smartphone #howto #marketing #course #training #zhiyunsmooth4 #smartphonegimbal #5dayvideochallenge #gimbal

#Workout today is climbing stairs... Up Mt Faber... Twice... Up, down, up and down...

Adrian’s Journal #191124

It’s a Sunday. Relax. No tasks planned for today… Except to climb a mountain…twice!Today, we conquer Mt Faber… Twice… Up, down, up and down…What 3 amazing things happened yesterday?Recorded wifey preparing DIY Nasi Lemak dinner for guests.Emailed AVI IT Fair Newsletter with this week’s promo and deals.Put Back The One-To-One Video Editing Course For Final Cut Pro X.What to do today?Climb mountain… Then…Clear admin and digital clutterCreate InVideo reviewmake 7 demo videos before Black Friday.Edit BMPCC 6K review part2And more…Transfer the 5 daily challenge videos to YouTube and WP blog.Complete 5 blog posts on VIDEOLANE.Com including a DaVinci resolve training, Zhiyun smooth 4 vs q2, and other content posted on LinkedIn.Look out for Black Friday Deal (less than S$180): Zhiyun Smooth Q2 at Qoo10 or Lazada.Complete Davinci Resolve video editing online Course.Complete ATEM Mini Review part 4.Coming up next… What happened? What did not work? What did I learn?See you in the next post.Fr…

Homemade DIY Nasi Lemak Recipe with Sambal

It’s the weekend. What’s cooking?Guests are coming for dinner. How about Nasi Lemak? DIY style. Let’s do it! #videocreator#vlogging#edit#videocontent#digitalvideo#videocreation#videoediting#videomarketing#youtubevideo#video#vlog#contentcreation#media#creating#content#storytelling#smartphone#youtube

Time to party in a short while... 😄 #videocreator #vlogging #videocontent #digitalvideo #edit #videocreation #videoediting #youtubevideo #videomarketing #video #vlog #contentcreation #creating #media #storytelling #content #youtube #contentmarketing #smartphone #howto #marketing #course #training #5dayvideochallenge #smartphonegimbal #zhiyunsmooth4 #gimbal #zhiyun

4 Days to SITEX 2019 | Next IT Fair in SG

When is the Next IT Fair in Singapore?4 days to go…SITEX 2019 | 28 Nov to 1 Dec 2019 | Singapore EXPOIn the meantime, here are some time-limited online deals.Week #47 Bestsellers and DealsNintendo Switch Lite Console SystemS$267 S$239 | Nintendo Switch 2019 Gen2S$489 S$379 | Nintendo Switch Game BEST 30 GAMES CollectionS$80 S$52 | Nintendo Switch Pokemon Sword And ShieldS$80 S$57 | Nintendo Switch JOYCON ControllerS$120 S$93 | SAMSUNG Portable 500GB SSD T5S$399 S$209 |  Samsung 128GB Micro SD CardS$30 S$13 | Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2S$399 S$300 | Samsung Galaxy Tab S6S$998 S$920 | Acer Aspire XC-830 Desktop ComputerS$799 S$568 | Acer ED273 27 Inch (16:9) Curve Gaming MonitorS$568 S$248 | Apple AirPods ProS$409 S$339 | Apple AirPods Gen 2S$229 S$179 | Xiaomi Handheld Gimbal StabilizerS$120 S$97Christmas Gift Idea: Sup X Game Console EmulatorS$30 S$9Check out more IT promotion and deals here…Feel free to share… Enjoy!Adrian Video Image
Next IT Exhibition in SG

Adrian’s Journal #191123

It’s a mess! Equipment everywhere… And It’s my home studio… Guests are coming for dinner…Thank goodness, it’s the weekend. It’s Family time. Clutter clearing time.What happened yesterday?Done my first public journal. ROI: Clarifies my thoughts, knowing that what I write is available for others to read.Completed my personal 5-day video challenge. ROI: developed a habit to create more content to share.Researched and blogged about InVideo online video editor. ROI: a new affiliate product to recommend.…much more. Read about it here.What to do today? What will I do to make today great? Clear the physical mess at home.What is my weekly challenge? I will set this tomorrow, likely the 5-day smartphone vlogging challenge.What 3 tasks would I complete today? (1) Email IT Fair newsletter, (2) Clean up digital clutter, (3) Edit BMPCC 6K review part 2… And much more… See picture.Plus… Do these when time allows…Transfer the 5 daily challenge videos to YouTube and WP blog.Set a reminder that the orig…

Robots taking over human video editor jobs | an InVideo Review

The Terminator is here. It’s taking over human video editor jobs.This software does it all. The human simply writes the script.It’s called InVideo. There’s a lot to talk about it, but let’s go to it’s main strength.It creates video content fast! Like in less than 10 minutes.You write the script or article and feed it to InVideo.InVideo will automatically digest your script and create the video.The final edit is complete with dynamic stock images, animated text graphics and royalty-free background music.That’s not all! It can also read out, aka voice-over, your text.If you don’t like how the voice-over sounds, you can record your own voice.If you don’t like the images that it selected, you can upload your own.Hack! If you don’t like everything, you can switch to professional mode and manually edit yourself.It’s not just a dumb AI software which I initially thought it was.You must try it for yourself to understand what I mean.Click here to try the free version which includes a watermark…

Determination conquers 5-day video challenge – Journal #191122

I am stuck. I’m getting nowhere. Write a Daily Journal they say. It will change your life.Yes it’s true. I have been journaling. Privately.Not anymore. At least for today. My journals are going public.Let’s begin.What’s today’s challenge?Answer the three 5-minute journal morning questions…What will I do to make today great / awesome?Should an upload day 5 of my personal 5 day video challenge.What is my weekly challenge?The 5-day video challenge.What 3 tasks would I complete today?Task#1. Explore and document an online video editing app that helps you create video content fast… Like in 10 minutes.Task#2. Complete 3 more blog posts on VIDEOLANE.Com including a davinci resolve training, zhiyun smooth 4 vs q2, and other content posted on LinkedIn.Task#3. Write and Release the Tech Fair newsletter. Target Black Friday.Optional questions:What am I thankful for right now? The sweetness of my morning coffee.What do I need to hear today? Kaching.What am I really good at? Procrastination.What d…

Installed Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) WordPress Plugin

I want a 17% increase in mobile Adsense revenue. I want to increase mobile traffic. I want consistent fast pages across devices and platforms.So Google Adsense recommends installing the AMP WordPress Plugin to automatically create AMP versions of my pages to make them load almost instantly… I installed and activated it on VIDEOLANE.COMIs it any faster? Let’s test on my phone.Hmmm… it feels the same. 4 seconds to load a page. That isn’t fast.Maybe I will check again tomorrow.Feel free to leave a comment and share this post.Adrian Lee |

BMPCC 6k Review Part 1: Maxing Out ISO to 25600

What's the best camera to buy for video creation? That's the MOST DANGEROUS question to ask!!! Are you sure you are ready for the best camera? Technically, "CINEMA" cameras beat all other cameras specs-wise... I had the honor to review one of them... the BMPCC 6K...  Check it out...

Done #Tuesday #run 3.3km in 25 minutes with #nikerunclub

The Tech Show 2019 | Next IT Fair in SG

Done #Tuesday #Run 3.3km in 25 minutes. Feeling great! 😎

Next IT Fair in SG and ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q2 Promo

When is the Next IT Fair in Singapore?17 days to go…SITEX2019 | 28 Nov to 1 Dec 2019 | Singapore EXPOIn the meantime, there is…The Tech Show | 14 to 17 November 2019 | Suntec Singapore…and some time-limited deals online.Week #45 Bestsellers & 11.11 Deals Nintendo Switch 2019 Gen2S$489 S$379 | Acer KG271 27” (16:9) Full HD Monitor S$498 S$210 | Nintendo Switch Game BEST 30 GAMES CollectionS$80 S$50 | Nintendo Switch Pokemon Sword / ShieldS$124 S$60 | Acer Predator XB271HU IPS Gaming MonitorS$1399 S$810 | Samsung EVO Plus U3 4K 100MB/s 256GB Micro SD CardS$199 S$45 | Apple AirPods PROS$449 S$400 | OnePlus 7T Pro / 7T / 7Pro / 7S$888 S$600 | PROLiNK (Dual USB) PROLiNK® QC3.0 10000mAh Power bankS$70 S$40 | Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm LensS$1469 S$1?69 | ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q2 Pocket size Gimbal for SmartphoneS$270 S$190Check out more IT promotion and deals here…Enjoy!Adrian Video Image
Next IT Exhibition in SG

Had a Spicy Prawn Pasta

Interview completed...

This is where my luggage fit in...

25 Days to SITEX 2019 [Next IT Fair in SG]

When is the Next IT Fair in Singapore?25 days to go…SITEX 2019 | 28 Nov to 1 Dec 2019 | Singapore EXPOIn the meantime, let’s enjoy some time-limited deals online.Week #44 BestsellersNintendo Switch BEST 30 GAMES CollectionS$80 S$50 | Nintendo Switch Luigi’s Mansion 3 GameS$66 S$56 | Xiaomi Redmi AirDots True Wireless Bluetooth EarphoneS$99 S$20 | Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Android Smartphone S$399 S$89 | Nintendo Switch 2019 Gen2 (Longer Battery) ConsoleS$440 S$349 | Samsung T5 Portable 1TB SSDS$249 S$190 | Nintendo Switch Ring Fit AdventureS$150 S$95 | Acer Aspire XC-830 (i5005M41T) Desktop PCS$799 S$568 | Xiaomi FIMI A3 Drone with 1080P CameraS$627 S$397Check out more IT promotion and deals here…Enjoy!Adrian Video Image
Next IT Exhibition in SG

I'm about to record an overdue online course lesson. The course is about video editing for beginners using a free powerful desktop software. Leave a comment if you want to sign up for the free course while the promotion lasts. #video #videocontent #videocreation #contentcreation #videoediting #onlinecourse