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HostGator Review - Unlimited Disk Space Really?

Adrian Video Image has posted a new item, 'HostGator Review - Unlimited Disk Space Really?'

I never cared about HostGator’s “Unlimited Disk Space” feature until recently.  I use the web hosting provider for my blog and lately I have been uploading huge video files.  The files are 300MB to 2GB in size.  I have uploaded more than 50 files and there are more to go.  These are videos for my clients to download after I have finished editing.As I continue to upload huge files, I am anticipating Hostgator to send me a warning message.  To clear the doubt, I researched truth behind HostGator’s claim for giving ”Unlimited Disk Space” web hosting.Will uploading huge files slow down the server for everyone?How can I prove that I can store any realistic amount of data without penalty?“Yes, you truly get unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Of course, this is not the same as infinite disk space and bandwidth, which would be impossible to believe.Since we do not limit disk space and bandwidth…