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Printing Passport Size Photos at Home in Less than 15 Minutes

"How to print passport size photos at home?"

That's the question I asked myself, when my wife requested me to print out 3 copies for a friend.

Yes! "For a friend" means for FREE! Oh man!

I am an expert in printing great photo quality images on DVD faces and DVD case inserts.

HOWEVER, printing passport photos is a different ballgame!

I do not have the proper software. No Photoshop! ...AND passport photos have fixed size.

I was given the photo in JPEG format. A very huge photo.

Passport photo size in Singapore is 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm.

The photo given to me was not even that size nor that proportion.

I have to size it down and crop it to exact proportion.

Fortunately, the photo is already well framed for ID cards. Taken in a proper studio.

After some quick experimenting with whatever software I have, I was amazed I got it printed in less than 15 minutes using only 2 free software! Paint.NET and Google Doc!

For my own record, here are the steps in detail …