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Adrian’s Journal #191231

Goodbye 2019. Hello 2020.From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Adrian’s Journal #191230

Feeling grateful for that glass of Japanese sake to celebrate the closing of 2019.What happened today?PROMOTED a year-end gift. Would you like to copy this discount code? 30offdiscount – It’s the 2019 Year-end Discount Code for Animaytor, the Video Animation Software … Check it out… Facebook Eventbrite page for upcoming Videography and Video Editing Course for BEGINNERS… 5 types of videos that do well on tiktok. Silly, Dance, Tricks, Pranks, and Challenges. PLUS Other types of videos that work. Show your Talent. Document interesting moments. Useful life hacks.How’s your day?From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Adrian’s Journal #191229

Accomplished 2 days of adventurous family time away from home.Consumed lots of good food and Star Wars 9 along the way.In a nutshell…Took the train into Johore Bahru from Singapore for the first time.Ventured outside JB Sentral Mall for the first time after a long while.Visited MidValley Megamall JB for the first time.Checked in and checked out of SouthKey Serviced apartment within two hours.Book a hotel last minute on the same afternoon.Endured a 2-star hotel with its 2-star quality for one night.Watched Star Wars 9 and got emotional with Star Wars for the first time.Ok, this will be a trip to be remembered.Looking forward to the next adventure.From the Journal of Adrian Lee – Megamall Johore Bahru Malaysia

Adrian’s Journal #191228

I am grateful right now for the wonderful family time over the causeway.It’s still Christmas at the malls there… and that feels good.What went wrong today?Both my phone and power bank needs to be charged.What did I learn?I should have brought along the multiple USB socket charger.What can be done better?Bring along the Multi USB Wall Charger to all my travels next time… And buy some more the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Adrian’s Journal #191227

It’s Friday. Woke up at 6.45am. Feeling excited about tomorrow’s trip to JB.A guest walked in. Gooes to the table. Took an object out from his bag. Placed it on the table. It looks like an electronic device. I welcomed him. Asked him his name. It was long and foreign Indian name. Yes he is Indian based on the accent… So I guessed. The name was difficult to pronounce so he shortened it to Mr Aruna Rin Ra. I introduced myself as his buddy for the one-day project. Then I introduced the other 3 project team mates. I pointed to the house opposite the road and told to go settle down at his lodging and come back here at 3.15pm to start our work. The work seems like an assignment of some sort. Also feels like a competition. The house and environment feels foreign to me, like somewhere in a quaint american town. What’s the project all about? I don’t know. Coz I woke up before it started.Earlier in the night… The words flashed in my head… “Keyword hoarding. Google is hoarding keywords.” That’s …

My Annular Solar Eclipse 2019 in Punggol Singapore

Did you catch the solar eclipse today? At around 1.22pm.I did not or maybe I did.At least I caught the crescent sun from a challenging spot… Somewhere in Punggol Singapore.The crescent sun at around 1.30pm after the moon has passed the sun.From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Done my #Thursday #Run. 3.29km in 25 minutes with #nikerunclub #nikerunplus #Spotifyplaylist. Feeling great! 😅

Adrian’s Journal #191226

It’s boxing day.There were multiple dreams last night. They were ao emotionally unimpactful that I can’t even remember what they were all about.What happened in real life is even better.Completed editing the KSL travel vlog… Things To Do Around KSL Hotel JB – A Travel Vlog Using Samsung Galaxy S10.Played mahjong at home with wifey and kiddos.Sang Christmas songs karaoke at home.A wonderful cozy Christmas day at home it was.This our DIY Christmas tree.From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

iPhone 11 Pro vs Pro Max

What are the differences in specs, size, battery life, and camera?Between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, I want the Pro, because of the third camera with ultra-wide lens.Now between the iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which one should I get?Let’s break down the essential specs that a YouTube Vlogger like me must have.SizeiPhone 11 Pro: 5.8” display, 2436‑by‑1125-pixel resolution at 458 ppiiPhone 11 Pro Max: 6.5” display, 2688‑by‑1242-pixel resolution at 458 ppiBigger screen, clearer image. A good point to consider. Not for human eye viewing, but for screen shot capturing which I do very often.WeightiPhone 11 Pro: 6.63 ounces (188 grams)iPhone 11 Pro Max: 7.97 ounces (226 grams)Weight is a concern when is comes to smartphone gimbal. The Zhiyun Smooth 4 can take a load up to only 210g. So the Pro Max won’t do.Battery LifeiPhone 11 Pro: Video playback (streamed) Up to 11 hoursiPhone 11 Pro Max: Video playback (streamed) Up to 12 hoursJust a mere 1 to 2 hours makes no difference a…

Adrian’s Journal #191225

Merry Christmas!Am I an invited wedding guest? Am I a hired wedding videographer? Arrived Early. In a hotel room. Many People moving around busy preparing. Had early dinner with the photographer. 5 pm. Why am I having dinner with the photographer? Am I the wedding videographer? Did my friend invite me as a guest or videographer? I don’t have the right camera with me. Actually I have 3 cameras in my luggage. However they are not prepped to shoot a night of wedding. Anyway, I’ve lost touch with shooting weddings. It’s been a long time. Should I give an excuse to leave? Am I even invited to the wedding? My daughter is going through the guest list. Is my name on the list? I asked. Yes I am. Fear. Doubt. Stress. So in the end, I asked the groom. Did you hire a videographer? Sigh. Relief. I am a guest. He has hired the videographer provided by the venue for cheap. $150.Thank goodness! It’s just another recurring nightmare.What are 3 challenges accomplished yesterday?SHOT, EDITED, POSTED a v…

Best Smartphones in 2019

Here’s MKBHD smartphone awards 2019… Best Big Phone… Asus ROG Phone II
Runner-up… Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +
Best Compact Smartphone… Samsung Galaxy S10E
Runner-up… iPhone 11 Pro
Best Smartphone Camera… iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max
Runner-up… Google Pixel 4 (except for video) and Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +
Best Battery Life… Asus ROG Phone II
Runner up… iPhone 11
Fastest Charging Phone… Oppo Reno Ace
Best Design… Samsung Galaxy Fold
Runner up… Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Best Budget Phone… Redmi K20 Pro
Runner-up… Google Pixel 3A
Worst Phone… Google Pixel 4
MVP Smartphone of the Year… One plus 7 ProI am only interested smartphone camera, so iPhone 11 Pro is the best.From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Adrian’s Journal #191224

Christmas Eve. Still thinking of work. Feeling relaxed. Yet feeling accomplished.What happened in my dreams last night?24 Dec 2019…
Walked outside from a room. Something else happening in the room. A party. A gathering of people. Happy mood. I’m Bored. So I walked outside. Fly. Up. Float. Push my hands down and float. See the distant street lights and houses lights. At night. In the backyard garden. Small square garden. Green grass. Look around neighbors on the right to see if anyone is watching me fly. Good if they see. Not good if they see. I might become aware and fall. Lets float towards the window on the second floor on the left. Had to use my arms to push my way there. Willpower doesn’t work. Just like swimming. Floated to the windows. Light green yellowish walls. Very clean being the walls exposed to outside. Cleaner than I expected. There is a box. Floating near me. Small hand sized. Transparent. Like plastic. Inside is brown. Cork color. Like Coasters. 2 inches thick.…

My desk on Christmas eve... #videocreator #vlogging #videocontent #videocreation #youtubevideo #vlog #video #contentcreation #camera #gimbal #gopro #macbookpro #sony #zhiyun #moza #xiaomi #joby #minion

How to set up the GoPro as a high quality webcam? 🤔 Here's my configuration... Which webcam do you use? Comment. #videocreator #vlogging #videoproduction #videography #videocontent #videocreation #youtubevideo #vlog #video #contentcreation #camera #media #creating #content #tutorial #youtube #gopro #hero7 #webcam

GoPro as Webcam? How?

How to Use GoPro Hero7 Black as a Webcam on a Mac?Here’s how I use my GoPro as a webcam.Connect the GoPro micro-HDMI out port to a USB HDMI Capture Device HDMI input.Connect the USB HDMI Capture Device USB output to the Computer USB port.On the computer webcam application, select the Capture Device camera input.Here are the settings required in the GoPro to make the video quality better.Turn off stabilizationTurn on low light performance.Switch HDMI to live.Here are the items required. Click the link to get the items.Micro-HDMI to HDMI cableUSB HDMI Capture DeviceUSB to USB cable (not required if you use the Elgato)Does it work on all GoPros?This method works for GoPro Hero5 Black, GoPro Hero6 Black, and GoPro Hero7 Black.The Hero8 does not have the HDMI output. An extra unit is required called the Media Mod.This method does NOT work for non-“Black” versions.Side Note:Hero5 and Hero6 have better light sensitivity in a dimmer environment than the newer Hero7. Sad, but it’s true.Leave a…

Adrian’s Journal #191223

A Philips 4k smart TV and a Sony home theatre system. Enough for me to enjoy staying at home.What are 3 challenges accomplished yesterday?It wasn’t a productive Sunday. Just quality time with family… Enjoying wifey’s decorative dinner…What 3 challenges will I complete to make today great?Next on my YouTube topic planner is…Zhiyun Smooth 4 Firmware UpdateZhiyun Smooth 4 Slow MotionZhiyun Smooth 4 vs Q2 Part 2: Functional differencesHow to Use GoPro Hero7 Black as a Webcam on a MacFrom the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Adrian’s Journal #191222

Wifey prepared Tang Yuan soup in the morning.The purple one is tang yuan with sweet potato filling. The two big ones are tang yuan with red bean filling. The three small yellow ones are just lotus seeds.Tang yuan (汤圆; literally: ‘soup ball’) is a Chinese dessert made from glutinous rice flour mixed with a small amount of water to form balls and then either cooked and served in boiling water, or sweet syrup. Tangyuan can be either small or large, and filled or unfilled. They are traditionally eaten during Yuanxiao in the Lantern Festival,[1] but also served as a dessert on Chinese wedding day, Winter Solstice Festival. – Winter Solstice Festival (Chinese: 冬至; pinyinDōngzhì; literally: ‘the extreme of winter’) is one of the most important Chinese festivals celebrated by the Chinese, during the Dongzhi solar term (winter solstice) on or around December 22. – are 3 challenges accompli…

Posted a new video to Youtube... Zhiyun Smooth 4 vs Q2... Enjoy!... #videocreator #vlogging #videoproduction #videography #videocontent #videomarketing #youtubevideo #vlog #video #camera #contentcreation #media #creating #content #youtube #contentmarketing #iphone #smartphone #gimbal #zhiyun #smooth4 #smoothQ2

Zhiyun Smooth 4 vs Q2 [Youtube Video]

Posted a new video to Youtube… Zhiyun Smooth 4 vs Q2… Enjoy!… From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Adrian’s Journal #191221

It’s the start of the weekend. Time to relax. 4 days to Christmas.What are 3 challenges accomplished yesterday?Posted VL blog… Zhiyun Smooth 4 vs Q2… affiliate links to Gopro Hero8 Black YouTube video… TV movie. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. Starring John Travolta and Danzel Washington.Visited City Square to get into the Christmas mood… Not the same as last year… Much less deco, but ok still happy… there’s snow… A Soapy one…What 3 challenges will I complete to make today great?Nothing. Relax.From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Can you monetize product reviews on YouTube?

How to review products on YouTube and get paid? Here’s what I did today.Go to Amazon to get the product links.Insert the links in one of my popular YouTube videos where I mentioned the products.Place the links at the top of the description so that viewers can get access quickly.Check it out… the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Can you monetize product reviews on YouTube? 🤔... I just inserted the links to the products I mentioned in one of my popular YouTube videos. The links are placed at the top of the description so that viewers can get access quickly... #videocreator #vlogging #edit #videoproduction #videography #videocontent #videoediting #videocreation #videomarketing #youtubevideo #vlog #video #camera #contentcreation #creating #content #tutorial #youtube #contentmarketing #socialmedia #howto #digitalmarketing

Get Shit Done | Adrian’s Journal #191220

What am I thankful for right now?A quiet me time recovering from a bad throat.What are the 3 challenges I accomplished yesterday?Researched the topic for a new YouTube video… SmarterTime time management app. It automatically tracks how I use my time. Does it work? Will it solve procrastination? Don’t know yet. We shall see… Try it yourself… https://www.smartertime.comTested GetShitDone app. It pushes you to get things done using accountability. Does it work? Did I get something done? No for me… Try it yourself… 3 challenges will I complete to make today great?Shoot and post a new YouTube video… a downloadable gear list bonus… Complete Davinci Resolve Course… the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Thinking of getting a GoPro?

Watch my reaction before buying the GoPro Hero 8 Black… It’s about…The Flip-up Display Screen for Vlogging.Better Stabilization without Gimbal.Built-in mount without using a frame.Thinking of getting a GoPro?From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Thinking of getting a GoPro? Watch my reaction before buying the GoPro Hero 8 Black... Thanks Ray! It's about... 1. The Flip-up Display Screen for Vlogging. 2. Better Stabilization without Gimbal. 3. Built-in mount without using a frame. Thinking of getting a GoPro? #videocreator #vlogging #videoproduction #videography #videocontent #videocreation #youtubevideo #vlog #video #contentcreation #camera #creating #content #youtube #gopro

Is Zhiyun Smooth 4 the Best Smartphone Gimbal?

My Zhiyun Smooth 4 smartphone gimbal is getting dusty  … Have it for more than a year… It is still a popular electronic stabilizer though… My 3 favorite features are… 1. Zoom / Focus wheel.
2. Menu setting dial.
3. Convenient Record button.Let’s take the Smooth 4 out for another review video… before the Smooth Q2 arrives.What review or tutorial should I make? Please reply.From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

My Zhiyun Smooth 4 smartphone gimbal is getting dusty 😱 ... Have it for more than a year... It is still a popular model though... My 3 favourite features are... 👍 1. Zoom / Focus wheel. 2. Menu setting dial. 3. Convenient Record button. Let's take it out and create another video review... What review or tutorial should I make? 👉 #zhiyun #zhiyunsmooth4 #gimbal #videocreator #vlogging #videoproduction #videography #videocontent #videoediting #videocreation #videomarketing #youtubevideo #vlog #camera #video #contentcreation #creating #content #iphone #smartphone #samsung #android

How are you celebrating your year-end holidays? | Adrian’s Journal #191219

Birthday… Chistmas… New Year… Celebration after celebration. That’s what life should be over 50.How am I celebrating today?Do what I have always wanted to do. Be what I love to be.That’s geeking out with technology.So today is tech Thursday, and so will 2020.Getting back to my roots, let explore this electronic device.My dusty gimbal.How are you celebrating your year-end holidays?From the Journal of Adrian Lee – may be my last public daily journal. It’s started 27 days ago…

Have you seen the best tutorials for Zhiyun Smooth 4 on Youtube? 😱... Thanks @JDmaniac #Zhiyun #zhiyunsmooth4 #smartphonegimbal #iphone #samsung #android #tutorial #youtube #videocreator #vlogging #edit #videoproduction #videocontent #videoediting #videocreation #youtubevideo #videomarketing #video #vlog #camera #contentcreation #creating #content #smartphone

What do affiliate marketers do daily? | Adrian’s Journal #191218

Back from vacation. Resume routine function.Where do I start? That’s the tricky part.First, let’s audit my daily tasks. Am I doing what a successful affiliate marketer would do every day?Search: A day in the life of an affiliate marketer!Basically my schedule is the same…Check traffic and sales stats.Tweak and optimize sales pages.Check industry news and trend.Check followers comments and questions.Create and post content.Share content everywhere.Repeat.Are you an affiliate marketer? What do you do daily?From the Journal of Adrian Lee –’s talk tech.What happened?M1 offer: Check this Samsung Note 10+ M1 offer today……

How’s your December 2019 Going | Adrian’s Journal #191217

Had a relaxing 3 days 2 nights short vacation with my parents.Feels really good to spend time with them like I did under their care.The video of the trip is coming out soon.How is your December 2019 coming along?From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

Thanks Sonia!

Day 2 in KSL Hotel JB | Adrian’s Journal #191216

Second day of vacation in KSL Hotel.What to do first thing in the morning?Go to the gym.More holiday report and video coming up shortly.View from my room.From the Journal of Adrian Lee – sun is rising shortly… from our 20th floor KSL hotel… A Samsung Galaxy S10 night shot… #sunrise #city #hotel #nightshot #samsunggalaxys10

The sun is rising shortly... from our 20th floor KSL hotel... A Samsung Galaxy S10 night shot... #sunrise #city #hotel #nightshot #samsunggalaxys10

Super delicious #birthday #chocolate lava #cupcakes baked by my kiddos.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Promo | Next IT Fair in SG

When is the Next IT Fair in Singapore?88 days to…IT SHOW 2020 | 12 – 15 March 2020 | 11 am to 9 pm | Suntec SingaporeIn the meantime, let’s check out these time-limited online deals.Week #50 Bestsellers and Promo Nintendo Switch BEST 30 GAMES CollectionS$199 S$129 | Aukey NEW 10000mAh Small and Light PowerbankS$30 S$20 | HP Deskjet Copy Print Scan ALL-IN-ONE PrinterS$80 S$60 | Amazon Basic Kindle 2019 4GB Tablet ReaderS$190 S$129 | Sony PlayStation 4 Original DualShock 4 Wireless ControllersS$80 S$60 | Apple AirPods Gen 2 Wireless Bluetooth EarphonesS$299 S$200 | NEW Nintendo Switch ConsoleS$500 S$389 | SanDisk Extreme Portable 1TB SSDS$229 S$149 | SAMSUNG Micro SDXC EVO PLUS 256GB Memory SD CardS$89 S$59 | Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GbS$1299 S$969 | DJI Osmo Mobile 3S$159 S$139Check out more IT promotion and deals here…Enjoy!Adrian Video Image
Next IT Exhibition in SG

It’s My Birthday and I Have a Gift for Me | Adrian’s Journal #191214

A birthday present for me from me?Here you go… Take a day off and enjoy every moment today.Thanks!From the Journal of Adrian Lee – balance in the essence of my birthday cake .Thanks, kids, for the cake.Thanks for the cool weather.

Finding balance in my birthday cake ingredient. #vanilla #bottle #balance

Guess what seeds are these? #garden #seeds

Look up! What do you see? An urban jungle, or just a tree?

One More Day to My Birthday | Adrian’s Journal #191213

One more day to go… it’s my birthday tomorrow… time to recap my achievements… and make some new commitments.What tasks am I going to complete today ? Finish what I’ve started then go out to play.Let’s go outside.What do you do the day before your birthday?Reply in the comments below.See you tomorrow!From the Journal of Adrian Lee –’s challenges…Personal.And many many more…Update my Video Marketing Strategy: While taking the time to create a 5-minute video, do the intro and outro first and post it on social media as a teaser. Include magic. Tik Tok loves magic… Linkedin too surprisingly… Create 5 posts per week on VIDEOLANE.COM including a DaVinci resolve training, Zhiyun smooth 4, DVD Creation, and Smartphone tricks. Also Google News. YT Q&A. Documentation.Complete ATEM Mini Review part 4. Preview monitoring.Post ATEM/HDMI set up Videos on …. It WORK$!Po…

Minecraft Earth SG Pt1 – How to Play

So today I installed Minecraft Earth on my Samsung Galaxy S10.Started playing and… I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M SUPPOSED TO DO…One chicken drowned and became “raw chicken”… WHAT’S GOING ON?Let’s stay calm… And learn how to play Minecraft Earth.Minecraft Earth in my house.What is Minecraft Earth?Minecraft Earth is an all-new augmented reality game for your mobile device, that lets you bring Minecraft into the real world. … Minecraft Earth is available on iOS 10+ and Android 7+ devices… how do you play Minecraft Earth?Reply in the comments below.See you tomorrow!From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

#MinecraftEarth in my house... What am I'm supposed to do? Help! ...

It’s 12.12 sale 2019… Are you buying? | Adrian’s Journal #191212

It’s 12.12! Time to buy the things I want. Let’s see what’s on sale…My favorite shopping destination is none other than Qoo10 first thing that caught my eye is this 10000mah Aukey powerbank… Only $10… Usually $50… (the price has gone up just 2 hours later… Sorry… But still check it out at the lower price…)What did you buy today?Reply in the comments below.See you tomorrow!From the Journal of Adrian Lee – happened today?Posted this…One gimbal for all your cameras? I just shot a video showing the 4 reasons why I might buy this stabilizer…

One gimbal for all your cameras? 🤔 I just shot a video showing the 4 reasons why I might buy this stabilizer... 😋 #videocreator #vlogging #videoproduction #videography #edit #videocontent #videocreation #videoediting #videomarketing #youtubevideo #vlog #video #contentcreation #creating #storytelling #content #youtube #contentmarketing #socialmedia #smartphone #iphone #samsung #feiyu #feiyutech

Sometimes the #view is better from down here... So it's good to have a lens that's a little wider... Shot with #samsunggalaxys10

I met Mr #GrassHopper, inside my apartment elevator... I left at the ground floor, but he stayed a little longer.

How to improve my video presentation? 🤔 I missed this comment made 7 months ago 😱... it is one of the many comments that appreciated the way I presented this video tutorial... so moving forward I will be doing more videos with this style... 😎 #videocreator #vlogging #videoproduction #edit #videography #videocontent #videocreation #videoediting #videomarketing #youtubevideo #vlog #contentcreation #creating #video #content #storytelling #youtube #tutorial #contentmarketing #socialmedia #iphone #smartphone #howto #digitalmarketing #samsung

Is this #cool or not?! 23 degrees at 11.30am in #Singapore!!! 🙃

Do you own more than one camera? 🤔 I do... here's one gimbal I might consider getting... one gimbal for my iPhone, GoPro, and my mirrorless camera... 😱 check it out... is this something you want? #videocreator #vlogging #videoproduction #videography #videocontent #videocreation #videoediting #videomarketing #youtubevideo #vlog #video #contentcreation #media #creating #content #storytelling #youtube #contentmarketing #socialmedia #smartphone #iphone #camera #feiyu #feiyutech #gimbal

Which is the best smartphone for video and vlogs? 🤔 My personal #2 choice is the iPhone 11 Pro Max... my personal #1 choice is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus... 😱 And I just spotted a limited time offer... #videocreator #vlogging #videocontent #videocreation #videoediting #videomarketing #youtubevideo #vlog #contentcreation #video #creating #content #storytelling #youtube #contentmarketing

The #smiling #turtle in my #garden

How can you fully enjoy the moment? | Adrian’s Journal #191211

How can you fully enjoy the moment?
What are you bringing to expression?
What if you communicated and exchanged more freely?These are the 3 key questions for me to start the day.“Exchanged more freely”… That’s what I am doing every day and want to do more?The question is “what if”… Is there an ROI? … Of course, I am already experiencing it.So create more, document more, post more, upload more… Every hour of the day!Did I say every hour of the day? Yes, why not? I want fast results, right?Let’s do it.How can you fully enjoy the moment?Leave your answer in the comments below.See you tomorrow!From the Journal of Adrian Lee – smiling turtle in my garden.

#Tuesday #run 3km in 25 minutes with #nikerunclub #nikeplus

My favorite #collection

Back to the 5-Day Video Challenge | Adrian’s Journal #191210

My long weekend Monday is over. Had a good break. Now I am overwhelmed all over again.So many things to do on the list. Which should I do first?I just watched an Elon Musk documentary… …about how the Tesla factory have to produce 20,000 cars a year.That’s like almost 100 cars a day!If one can make so many cars a day, one should be able to make so many videos a day too… Just thinking.…BUT why not. Tesla has robots. We have software.Let’s say I have 10 working hours A day. Each hour 10 videos. Make 1 video every 6 minutes.That’s not too bad, but let’s backtrack… And think…Elon has to make one car for one customer.I have to make 1 video on YouTube for how many?Unlimited.Let’s rekindle the 5-day video challenge.Would you like to join the 5-day video challenge?Leave your answer in the comments below.See you tomorrow!From the Journal of Adrian Lee – favourite collection.Today’s challenges…YouTube Q and A.And many many more…Update …

Updated my web page...

How can I reach my goal sooner? | Adrian’s Journal #191209

Happy Birthday, Dad! On this day, we celebrate Dad’s birthday every year. I’m sorry I had to work over the weekend and cannot join in for dinner. Let’s party at JB this weekend instead! :) So looking forward to it.I have been conducting the full-day video creation class for 3 consecutive days, from Friday to Sunday. So I declare today, Monday, my official long weekend day (3 into 1). Time to relax and reflect…Reflect? What have I done? What worked? What did not work? How can I reach my goal sooner?“It will serve you better to focus with clear intention on what you’re moving towards, rather than what you’re reacting against.” ~ Unknown“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and focus on what could go right.” ~UnknownUse “The BUT Technique” to Reach Your Goals Faster
I am not (something I want to achieve)… but… but… but…Source: would you reach your goal sooner?Leave your answer in the comments below.See you tomorr…

That #frog in my #garden on #Monday .

What are you doing this Sunday? | Adrian’s Journal #191208

Sunday. Workday. Nothing much to say… Except it’s Day TWO of the 2-day of the Videography and Video Editing Course in Singapore. .., participants will learn how to edit awesome videos!How to cut videosHow to add musicHow to add textHow to superimposeHow to mix photos and videos…and more.What are you doing this Sunday?Leave your answer in the comments below.See you tomorrow!From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

What are you doing this weekend? | Adrian’s Journal #191207

So yesterday I conducted the 1-day Smartphone Video Class, I run Day ONE of the 2-day Videography and Video Editing Course in Singapore can think of nothing right now in the morning, except to give my best to the participants.Every participant must end up not just learning but actually shooting and editing a video worth sharing.It’s going to be a long weekend of teaching.What are you doing this weekend?Leave your answer in the comments below.See you tomorrow!From the Journal of Adrian Lee –

When is the Next IT Fair in SG

When is the Next IT Fair in Singapore?96 days to…IT SHOW 2020 | 12 – 15 March 2020 | 11 am to 9 pm | Suntec SingaporeIn the meantime, let’s check out these time-limited online deals.Week #49 Bestsellers and PromoNintendo Switch Mariokart 8 Deluxe PcakageS$419 S$379 | Nintendo Switch Game BEST 30 GAMES CollectionS$80 S$52 | Xiaomi 10000mah Powerbank S$20 S$10 | SanDisk Extreme Portable 1 TB SSDS$229 S$158 | Xiaomi Mi Band 4S$55 S$29 | Samsung EVO Plus U3 4K 100MB/s 256GB Micro SD CardS$96 S$55 | | Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 LTE Android Tablet $1,028.00 -6% | DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Foldable Gimbal for Mobile Phones $155.00 -8% | Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431-C8RC $229.00 -60% | Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (CC9 Pro) 108MP Penta Camera Phone Global Version S$820Check out more IT promotion and deals here…Enjoy!Adrian Video Image
Next IT Exhibition in SG

How to turn stress into excitement | Adrian’s Journal #191206

The fifth run, a new program, and long hair. How would participants react?I will find out in today’s Smartphone Video Class’ve rearranged the class program to be intensively more hands-on and interactive, aka action-packed.This is the first time I conduct the class with my new pony tail hair. Will it work?All 12 participants are corporate video creators. I don’t know what they want to learn. My heart is racing to find out.Time to calm myself down.How to turn stress into excitement. Turn stress from threat to challenge (a game).
. See anxiety as excitement.
. Scientifically proven to improve performance.
. See hidden potential benefits of a situation.
. Remind yourself of your strengths.
. Get into the habit of thinking like an optimist.
. Notice the resources you have to help you deal with the situation.
. Good stress makes you productive and creative.Do you have your own way to eliminate stress and anxiety?Leave your answer in the…

How to get more comments on YouTube | Adrian’s Journal #191205

Something’s wrong! I’ve been documenting and posting videos, BUT there’s little engagement. What can I do better?How to get more comments on YouTube?This is the subset to a bigger question about how to make a more engaging video.Make an intentional error on unimportant data.Shoot your video in a different environment from the usual.Shout out your viewers in the video.Pronounce words wrong intentionally.Instead of just telling the viewer to leave a comment, make it easy for the viewer by asking a question and telling the viewer to leave the answer in the comments.Highlight and include comments in your video. Show viewers that they matter.Use another social platform to tell people to leave a comment on your YouTube video.… five is the biggest actionable takeaway.From now on I am going to change the way I end my videos…Why? When there is engagement, YouTube will show your video to more people. It works on LinkedIn and Faceb…