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AVCHD to DVD Editing Workflow with Sony Vegas

I am making the transition from mini-DV tape recording to AVCHD recording.

I will be abandoning tape recording once and for all and move to memory recording.

I say transition because currently my AVCHD recording is on hard disk inside the camera.

I prefer memory card recording for maximum convenience, which will arrive soon on my new camcorder.

AVCHD recording is the way to go for an Event Videographer who shoots long hours.

I have been shooting 2-hour long seminars for the past two months and edited them to DVDs successfully.

The editing is done on Sony Vegas Pro 8 and converted to DVD-compliant MPEG2 files.

Here is the AVCHD workflow with DVD as the final product:
Connect AVCHD camcorder (hard disk type) to PC via USB cable.
Transfer AVCHD videos (.MTS files) to PC hard drive.
Open Sony Vegas Pro 8.
Drag and drop MTS files into Sony Vegas timeline.
Edit. Add titles, cut scenes, add music, adjust sound quality, etc.
Render project as DVD-compliant MPEG2 files (Use DVD bitrate …

To Choose DV Video Encoder Type 1 or 2 ?

DV Video Encoder Type 1 OR Type 2 When it comes to rendering video to DV format, sometimes we face a delimma of choosing between DV Video Encoder Type 1 and DV Video Encoder Type 2.Here’s a quick answer for video makers using miniDV tape format. Choose DV Video Encoder Type 2.If you want to know why, read the following explanation taken from microsoft site.DV Video Encoder Type-1 MethodThe native DV interleaved stream that is produced and consumed in I/O with a DV device contains DV compressed video and pulse code modulated (PCM) audio data. This single interleaved stream can be stored in an AVI file as “ivas” stream (for interleaved video/audio stream). Microsoft refers to this format as a type-1 DV AVI file.Because the type-1format stores data as a single AVI stream, type-1 DV AVI files are not compatible with VfW. DirectShow, however, easily handles type-1 data streams by routing the streams to a DV Splitter filter that produces a DV-encoded video stream and one or more PCM audi…