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Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial: New Installation Instruction

Finally, 2 weeks after winning the Sony Vegas Pro 8, I found the time to install the video editing software on my video production laptop.

Watch the video here...

Inside the Sony Vegas box, you will find:

1. Installation CD
2. Serial Number and
3. Four manuals.

Installation is quick and easy:

1. Insert installation CD.
2. Click "Install Vegas Pro 8".
3. Wait for Microsoft .NET Framework to install first (this took a very long time, more than 15 minutes).
4. Read and agree to the End-User License Agreement.
5. Wait for Sony Vegas Pro 8 software to install.
6. Go to Start and Run Vegas Pro 8.
7. Key in Serial Number.

That's it and the program starts.

Thanks for watching! :)

Adrian Lee

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Video Clip Featured On Front Page of

It is a joy and honour when you see your video being featured on the front page of a video sharing site.

Here is my christmas video featured on the front page of

Here it is again in a subcategory page.

How to get your video featured? I have no idea. Probably it is a "how-to" video related to the holiday season.

You get extra website traffic when your video gets featured on Youtube.

BUT you get EXTRA MONEY when your video gets featured on Received 400 views in one week. Not much but worth it. is one video sharing site that is not often talked about.

Hence competition is not tough and you get a good share of advertising money. pays you based on the number of times your videos get played. puts 80% of the it's ad revenue in a cash pool. Video publishers get to share this 80%. So the more videos you have and the more they get played, the bigger share you will get.

I like this system. No need to click on any ads to make money.

Thanks for watchin…

Night Photography with the Sony HDR-SR8...

With another flick of the same power button in the same direction as turning it on, the Sony HDR-SR8 100Gb Handycam Camcorder becomes a still camera at 6 megapixels. Here's my quick review of its still photography function when taking pictures at night.

In this video, you see a montage of christmas lights photos I have taken at night,

Here are some night photography tips I discovered with the camcorder.
When taking pictures of lights, turn off the flash function. The lights will appear brighter.When shooting outdoors at night, there must be plenty of light on your subject. CMOS cameras do not respond to low light very well.Turn on the flash when the subject is within 5 metres from the camcorder.I am not a master of photography, but my Sony HDR-SR8 high definition camcorder come in handy when I need to take photos.The photos are saved in the same hard disk drive as the videos, though you can change the settings to save the photos in the SD card. One thing…

Get Listed On Google With Video Sitemap

Google introduces video sitemap. It is created to help get your videos indexed on Google Video Search, that is, videos that are hosted on your own website, not embedded from video sharing sites.
By submitting this video-specific Sitemap together with your standard Sitemap, you can specify all the video files on your site, along with details such as the video player location, thumbnail preview location and the URL of the page where the video is.

Google can crawl the following video file types: .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .mov, .wmv, .asf, .avi, .ra, .ram, .rm, .flv.

Search results will contain a thumbnail image, title description. In addition, your video may also appear in other Google search products.

If you have some video in your own webhosting server now, this is the time to get it listed on Google and get some additional exposure for your website.

Here is how to submit a Video Sitemap to Google.
Create a Video Sitemap and save it at a publicly accessible URL.
Sign into Google webmaster tools wit…

How to Make a Youtube Christmas Video Greeting Card

Would you like to create a christmas greeting card that is unique, unforgettable and viral?

Are you still sending ecards, paper cards or those boring standard multimedia cards.

In this day and age, sharing Youtube online video is the way to go. I'm not talking about the boring looking into a webcam and speaking a message to your friends and family.

Hre's my idea. Record and edit a time lapse video of the progressive construction of your christmas tree. Watch the video here...

All you need is your video camcorder and a computer OR just the computer alone if you have a webcam.

Next, you need all your family members to be present and all dressed up.

Finally, you need your christmas tree and the decorations, disassembled. Already fixed your christmas tree? Take it down.

Then follow these steps...

Decide the location where you want to fix your christmas tree. Mine is in the corner of the living room. Place all …

Setting Business Goals for the New Year 2008

My staff will be taking their year-end holiday break from work next week onwards. I know that after a week of holiday from work, anyone will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. So I thought before they go, this would be the best time to meet up with them to review the year 2007 and to come up with new ideas for year 2008.

So here are our 5 business goals for the new year 2008.

DVD Video Product Creation. All these years, we have been helping clients to make videos that promote their business or videos that sell very well. Next year, we will also be making our own videos. It will not be short films, but more like instructional and educational videos.
Event Videography Course. I will personally be imparting my skills for the first time to anyone who would like to start a business and make money making videos. This course will not be the same video production course that they teach in media study schools. This will be a one-to-one training to equip the individual with a valuable skill and a bus…

Download DivX Pro Converter and Codec Free... Holiday Offer

DivX Pro holiday download is available for a limited time.

To begin your download, click DivX Pro holiday download.

Step 1: Click the "Download DivX" button below to begin.

Step 2: Click "Run" and install DivX for Windows.

Step 3: Enter your email address during the software installation to receive an email with a free serial number for DivX Pro.

Note: During installation you will be given the option to add the Yahoo!® Toolbar to your download for one-click access to DivX sites and Stage6 videos as well as protection against spyware and pop-ups.

Step 4: You will receive an email containing your serial number for DivX Pro for Windows (this should happen within minutes) .

Step 5: To activate DivX Pro for Windows, open the DivX Converter and click “Enter Serial Number”.

Enter the serial number you received through your email.

That's it – you're done. Enjoy DivX Pro for Windows.

See you on Youtube!
Adrian Lee

9 Year Old Girl Learns How to Make Money Blogging

VideoPreneur cannot resist but teach his 9 year old kid the right way to blog (ie. monetized and optimized for Google traffic).

My 9 year old kid is a natural when it comes to computers and internet.

She has figured out for herself how to setup accounts in yahoo email, gmail and Not to mention other accounts at Club Penguin, Barbie, Winx Club, etc.

It's the school holiday and as a parent, I want her to do something useful. I know she has been reading books from the library, so I thought why not ask her to blog about book reviews. This will definitely improve her language and writing skills (and make some pocket money recommending the book).

Last night, when I got home from work with a tired face, my kid bounced on her feet and said:
"Daddy daddy, I want you read and correct by book review before I publish it!" (She meant hit the PUBLISH POST button in

I said: "Ok but after my dinner."

Anyway, I read through her draft. The book review was too …

Sony HDR-SR8 Review - Easy Camcorder for Kids...

Training younglings the fine art of videography. The elder one firmly gripping the Sony HDR-SR8 100Gb Handycam Camcorder and supporting one arm on the railing for a steady shot. The little one plans the perfect composition while waiting for her turn.This is our little England vacation where the Sony HDR-SR8 100Gb Handycam Camcorder came in handy.EASY TO USE
It is so easy to use that I don't have to shoot all of the time. My kids do it on my behalf. It takes less than 5 minutes to teach them how to operate the camcorder. The rest of the time is teaching them framing, composition and secret tricks that professional videographers do.STEP 1 : TURN ON FOR VIDEO OR PHOTO
The default is video when the power is switched on. Flicking the power switch again changes the the mode to photo. I discovered that the Sony HDR-SR8 100Gb Handycam Camcorder can also shoot photos while in video mode, except that the flash does not activate.STEP 2 : FLIP OPEN THE LCD SCREEN
The touch-screen LCD is crisp a…

How To Shoot and Edit a Film Festival Awards DVD Video...

I just completed and uploaded my latest video assignment.

Please watch it here...

It is a star-studded Awards Ceremony for the Asian Festival of First Films organized by Teamwork Productions in Singapore on 4 December 2007 at Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel.

Here is what I have to do as a videographer working alone.

I like to arrive 2 hours before the event starts. This gives me ample time to survey the place, watch the last minute rehearsals and find out the exact flow of the event. For recording stage shows, I will also need some time to plant my tripod on the best spot and hook up the sound feed to my camcorder.

Getting the sound feed means hooking up my camcorder audio input to the hall audio system's output. That is, instead of recording ambient surrounding noise, I have crisp clear sound recording from every microphone setup on stage. Got to do this early because I know lots of press media people will b…

Camtasia Studio Free Download with Serial Key

Here is an excellent software to convert your powerpoint presentations to video.

Camtasia Studio is a computer screen capture software that records your screen activities on video.

With this video , you can convert it to DVD or VCD using another software.
Camtasia Studio usually costs US$299, but now you can download it for free!


STEP 1:Download the free trial version of Camtasia Studio 3 here.

STEP 2:Get the serial key by filling up your details here.

STEP 3: Install the software and fill in the serial key.

STEP 4: Start converting your powerpoint presentations to video.

Adrian Lee

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3-Minute Video Tip On How To Get Rich Online...

Hope you enjoyed the above video. Did you feel you were part of it?
Adrian Lee


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Douglas Spotted Eagle Gives Adrian Lee Sony Vegas Pro 8


I went to the Sony Vegas Pro 8 showcase event this afternoon intending to buy the US$300 upgrade version of new Sony Vegas.

Instead I left happily with a US$500 full version of the Sony Vegas Pro 8.

It's the lucky draw first prize and I WON it. :D

Adding to the experience, the prize was presented to me by none other than Douglas Spotted Eagle himself, whom specially flew in to Singapore for the showcase event.
Thanks to Derek of for taking this photo and thanks to for organizing the event.So, why did I want to get the new version in the first place?

You can place like 3 or more video tracks on the screen and choose the shots to be edited just by watching in real time. It makes editing so quick and easy for seminar videos and concert videos.

The text generator is now more exciting. No need to use another software to create titles an…