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At Last! The Forgotten YouTube Video Downloader.

"Adrian, which software can I use for YouTube video download?" "...and how can I convert the YouTube video to other video formats?" I was asked these questions yesterday by my neighbour. My neighbour, a friendly family man,  is a financial planning trainer. He uses lots of high-tech tools and media to communicate his message. So he came across a YouTube video that might enhance his presentation. He wants the video downloaded so that he can play back from his laptop. I, the internet video expert, gave him the ultimate unexpected answer. "There is no need to download any software to download YouTube videos." "There is also no need for any software to convert the YouTube videos." "All you need is, an online video conversion service that is free!" Just Go to and follow the 4 easy steps: Step #1. Enter the YouTube video URL. Example: #2. Select the video format you want to convert to.…

Viral Video of Teens Smashing an iPad to Pieces

Uploaded to Youtube on 3 April 2010.  Over half a million views in just 2 days.  Senseless video of teens doing their thing. Bashing up a new Apple iPad in public. 
Observe other teens holding videocams.  Looks like some kind of flip video cam.  At least 3, shooting from different angles. 
Three Lessons learned from this video.  1. A viral video cam need not be expensive.  2. A viral video subject could be expensive.   3. Just smash or blend something popular.
Go ahead, promote your business online. Pick one of your most popular product. Destroy it in front of a cheap video cam. Then watch your website traffic spike.
Random Online Video Marketing Tip. Adrian Lee