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7 First Time Golfing Tips - Golf for the Beginner

Since five years ago, my friend Ken have been inviting me to learn golfing with him.  I have put off this sport from my schedule because I felt this game is not for me.  I used to think that golfing was a boring sport... you hit a ball with a stick... walk long distance... hit the ball again... continue to walk a longer distance...

This week, Ken invited me once more.  This time, my view of golf evolved.  I am actively engaged in business networking these days and golfing is a great way to build relationships. (How's how my young daughter described golf when I mentioned that I will be playing for the first time.  Based on what she watched on TV dramas, there is always 2 power characters casually discussing sports... which leads to a game of golf... and eventually penning a business contract!)

Great! So I am a Virgin Golfer here playing with 7 other business owners.  Three of them are seasoned golfers with their own set of clubs.  The rest of us are beginners being coached by Ken …

Shooting Video Interviews with YOG Young Ambassadors

24 March 2010, 11am:  Fairmont Hotel.  Videography assignment for YOG (Youth Olympic Games). The first ever event to be held in Singapore from14 August 2010.  30 young people from all over the world represented their country.   Specially selected by their National Olympic Committee (NOC).    The Young Ambassador role is spread the message to athletes back home.  To promote the Culture & Education Programme.   Aged 18 to 28, some of them are former Olympic champions. I could feel the enthusiasm in each of them.