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Teaching Kids Leadership Skills

What is an Effective Leader?Skilled in group dynamics Can inspire others Relates well to a wide variety of people Able to communicate well Able to lead groups in problem solving Able to structure goals and objectives for a group Able to evaluate group progress in achieving its goals Induces a group to pursue a goal
So how do you go about teaching children leadership skills?Here are some Great Resources:Developing leadership skills in young gifted students. For Kids - Blend But Don’t Bend. to Teach Leadership Skills Children Leadership Skills!

Adrian Lee"Do you know the secrets to raising s…

How to Plan a Successful 70th Birthday Party for Mother.

The party went smooth or at least it looks well planned...

Arrived at the restaurant 1 hour earlier... asked for a dvd player... bought a S$30 10m av cable... hooked the cable from the dvd player to the larger tv screen near the vip table... now we have great sound and big video... invited mother out to greet guests so we can test our surprise video montage...

Guests trickled in... relatives, in-laws, neighbors... videography starts... that is I am the event videographer for the night... everyone invited turned up... actually only 4 tables...

Dinner begins with an thank you announcement by second sis and an invitation to watch mum' surprise video...

The audience watched with joy as the video showed mum's younger days photos progressing to the present day... some video speeches and song by her daughters and grandkids... the show ended with a loud applause...

10-course Dinner begins... peach buns, sharks fins, cold dish, steamed fish, braised duck, sea cucumber mushrooms, drunken …

Sunday SWF to DVD 16:9 looped... Making of Surprise Video Broadcast... New Blog for the Kid...

Sunday SWF to DVD 16:9 looped...

Sunday morning and back to work. Not the usual routine but when a client needs help, here I am.

For the first time AVI created a widescreen 16:9 DVD. The SWF flash file was also made in that same aspect ratio.

The conversion from SWF to DVD went smooth except for client's last minute content changes.

Making of Surprise Video Broadcast...

Being the Professional Videographer in the family, I am tasked to do a surprise birthday montage video for Mum-in-law's 70th Birthday Celebration.

Interviewed siblings and grand kids. Collected old photos. Got the song and the script. BUT WAIT... I am overwhelmed with backlog editing work in the office.

Where do I find the time to edit this non-profit video!

This is the time to train my 8 year old kid to Edit Videos. She was really excited when I told her that.

What software is she going to use?

Ulead VideoStudio of course.

New Blog for the Kid...


Video Footages and Music Clips by VideoLane

Video Footages and Music Clips by VideoLane
Have been neglecting this biz for a long time.
Will be revived soon.

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork... SODA... SWF to DVD Wide Screen

It's Friday, time to clear all accumulated paperwork for the week. Open letters, tally cheques and invoices, pay bills...

This is the day when creative videography work will be interrupted.



Simplfy Organize Delegate Automate.

So much for being self-employed! You have to do everything yourself.

So I am calling for help. Have anyone seen my ads in the papers and on the internet?

If you know anyone interested to join me, please refer them to the link above.

Then there is a last minute job to convert a flash SWF file into DVD Wide Screen.

Yes DVD Wide Screen (16:9) for plasma TV playback. We can do that.

Want to do it yourself? It's easy, just buy Ulead VideoStudio from here...

CloneDVD mobile Update

A new version of CloneDVD mobile has been released.

Here the list of fixes and improvements:

Version 2006 06 12
- New: Changed MP4 and GP3 encoding from ffmpeg to mencoder. Requires
changes to all profiles, make sure to check the new devices.ini file.
- New: Added support for the Nintendo "Play-Yan" cartridge for the
Nintendo GameBoy Advance
- New: Added subtitle support for all MP4 and GP3 profiles, including
Apple iPod and Sony PSP
- New: Improved picture quality
- New: Added profile for the Arcos AV320 (untested!)
- New: AVI files can now be created with libavformat (Archos AV320)
- New: The profile for the Sony PSP has been split into two - one for
PSP firmware version 2.6 or better supporting better playback of
progressive scan NTSC movies, and one for older firmware versions.
- New: Added "Please wait..." dialog while Apple iPod
postprocessing is done
- Change: iPod postprocessing is now done, even if encoding is
aborted. Handy if you want to check output quality by c…

Business Lessons Today... THINK BIG ...Recruit

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"Think big, and muscle your way into success on a grand scale." - By Robert Kiyosaki , Fear Factor.

"After taking a long, hard look at the state of your business, you decide to expand by hiring additional employees. But what do you have to take into account and do when adding a new position and a new hire? First, you need t…

Back to Work... Catch a Play!

Back to work... Feeling dazed... Holiday hang-over... Piles of backlog editing to be completed...

Then a last minute request for a shoot.

I had the honour to preview the final rehearsal of "Play on Earth". The transcontinental world premiere of Station House Opera’s major new work, opening across the globe tomorrow, a work that in every literal sense transcends time and space.

This first time, three-continent work is a collaboration between Station House Opera (UK), TheatreWorks (Singapore) and Philarmonia Brasileira (Brazil).

This is a MUST SEE production.

I was captivated by how the actors interact and perform live with each other from 3 far-away continents. Thanks to internet broadband videoconferencing technology, this play is made possible.

I was more impressed by the fine work and steady hands of the live video camera man, which I think play a very important role. He is the one that control what the audience see. The cameraman is always visible on the stage too.

I have a feel…

Genting... Themepark... Casino... Roulette

3 solid days of cool crisp mountain air.

That's the school holiday family vacation.

The kids had unlimited rides at the theme park.

The adults made money at the casino.

Refreshed? Yes. Time away from videography work.

But not totally. There is a videocam on my O2 PDA phone. I cannot help but video the kids enjoying the rides.

For the small one. Most of the rides was her first experience.

For the elder one, at 8, sadly she is too tall for some kiddy rides and too short for most adult rides.

And yes there were wild monkeys in this cold climate.

When the kids go to sleep at night with their Grandma, the parents sneak to the casino.

Haven't been here for more than 2 years. The whole place have changed.

My favourite winning Horse Racing Derby Machines are all gone.

The whole floor are mostly Jackpots and Roulettes. That's boring.

I hate Roulettes. But the next time you go up, read up and learn how to win Roulettes...

Bruno Roulette Secrets
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Digital Watch
1 Cosmetic Tote A birthday gift to my sis now residing in Europe.Also my first purchase transaction at Amazon.

AnyDVD Update

SlySoft does it again.

A new version of AnyDVDhas been released.

Download AnyDVD

Here the list of fixes and improvements:, 2006 06 05
- New User Interface, easier to navigate through various settings
- Information window is now integrated into the settings dialog
- Option to set DVD Navigation and drive speed, if a Video DVD is inserted
- Option to set copy protection removal and drive speed, if an Audio CD is inserted
- Many minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

The update is free for all registered customers.

Just install the new version on top of your current version,regardless which version you have installed.

Download AnyDVD

Have fun with AnyDVD! - AnyDVD: "AnyDVD is a driver, which unprotects DVD-Movies automatically in the background. This DVD appears unprotected and region code free for all applications and the Windows operating system as well. With AnyDVD's help copy tools like CloneDVD, Pinnacle Instant Copy, InterVideo DVD-Copy, etc. are able to …