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Instant Christmas Log Cake Recipe

I had to do this. Wanted to do this for a long time.
Do what? Another stop motion animation greeting card video.
The last one was the million-hits "Rats Steal Tarts".
Let's see how viral this video will go.

Entirely done in the VideoLane mini studio.
With the creative inputs from colleague WeiYng.
Mini Log Cake was bought this morning from Suhana.
Met her at BNI Premiere when I visited the chapter.

Shot in HD with Sony HDR-SR8. Within 20 minutes.
Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 8. Within 120 minutes.

Produced by: AdrianLee and WeiYng

Mini Log Cake by: Suhanah

Nothing was wasted. The cake was gobbled up after the shoot.

Merry Christmas! :)

Adrian Lee

Rat Video Featured on YouTube Front Page - THANKS ALL!

Here is a short note to thank friends and readers for passing around my Youtube "Ratty" Chinese New Year (CNY) Video Greeting card.

The Youtube editors featured it on the Front Page of Youtube 2 days ago.

Click on picture to have a closer look.

Here's the video...

LOOK at the stats!

The web TRAFFIC to my site surged!

Got to go... The busy Chinese New Year festivity is still going on. When I get back tonight, I will report on the detailed steps and what I did to get the video worthy to be featured on Youtube.

In the meantime, keep updated by subscribing to this blog feed.

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Thanks for watching! :)

Adrian Lee

Shot with Sony HDR-SR8. Edited with Sony Vegas Pro.

Image presents...

"Rats Steal Tarts" - A stop motion animation for the Chinese New Year 2008 celebration, the year of the rat.

Produced by Adrian and Cheryl Lee. Shot with Sony HDR-SR8. Edited with Sony Vegas Pro. Edited on Acer Laptop. Starring chinese new year food stuff, chocolate rats and pineapple tarts.

Thanks for watching! :)

Adrian Lee

How to Draw Spiderman with MS Paint and Mouse...


How to Draw Spiderman With MS Paint...


Great Valentines's Day Idea.

Great Valentines's Day Idea.

Look what Jeffrey Paul did...

"I produced this animation as a way of proposing to my girlfriend (now wife) Natasha. I assembled a team of 20 animators to assist me, including co-workers, as well as students from my 3D character animation class at the Art Institute of California-San Francisco. We created more than four minutes of animation in just three months. When it was completed, I surprised Natasha by bringing her to the Parkway Movie Theater in Oakland, where they played the animation on the big screen in front of over 100 of our friends and family. " - Jeffrey Paul

All animation was done in Maya and edited together in Adobe After Effects.

How to Draw Anime/Chibi Using ONLY a PC and a Mouse.

Just did a web research last friday on how I can use the PC to draw anime characters, or rather chibi characters (big head small body).

Most of the tips given over the web require you to draw on paper first, then scan it and finally touch up with photoshop.

Why go through all that hassle, when you can draw it directly onto the PC.

That is what I did over the weekend.

Boy! Was I surprised. why didn't anyone tell me this trick earlier.

Can you believe it? I drew "Robin and Marian" using only the PC, MS Paint and the mouse. No extra equipment was used.

YES! MS Paint! The under-rated program that come free with every PC!

Email me if you would like to know how it was done.

UPDATE: 18 months later...

Look what I did with amazing MSpaint and mouse.
Watch how I draw a manga, not anime or chibi.