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Blogging Without Killing Yourself - Tim Ferris

5 Things I learnt from this Tim Ferriss video:
Don't blog for money. There are faster and better ways to do it.
Pay less attention to RSS. Go more into Twitter and Facebook.
Delete negative comments from blog.
Use the word "Topic" instead of "Category".
Keep videos short and keep in mind that TEXTS are more important.

Adrian Lee

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How to Use Windows Movie Maker - Tutorial for Vista!

A friend wanted me show him how to edit a simple yet decent video with a free software.
Did you know that all PCs with Windows Vista come with a free video editing software?
It's called Windows Movie Maker!
Vista even comes with a free DVD Maker!
You don't need to hire expensive videographers like me to edit your videos anymore.
I am about to show you how to edit videos yourself on your own PC EASILY!
Please take your time to watch this video made by "czh88".
AND PRACTISE hands-on... Pause the video on every step and do the step.

Not good enough? Here's another by "cccccarlossss"...

Ok ok, here is a full 30-minute tutorial by "diddyman4real"...

If you are still puzzled how to edit a video for free, ask me... leave your question in the comment box below... maybe I will create a better tutorial.

Adrian Lee

Buy Dell Mini 9 Netbook - Used Set for Sale at Ebay

Interested in buying a used Dell netbook?
I have a Dell Inspiron 910 about a month old.
It's put up at ebay - for Singapore buyers only.

Buy Dell Mini 9 - Inspiron 910 Netbook For Sale... Click here!

Buy Dell Mini 9 - Inspiron 910 Netbook For Sale... Click here!

I will miss the webcam with a built-in flash light.
This is the same webcam we used to make the
"Dog Singing Happy Birthday Song" on Youtube.

Here's a slide show with all the accessories...

Dell Inspiron 910 Netbook Specifications:Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor1GB DDR2 RAM8GB SSDIntel GMA950 chipset8.9" LCD (1024x600)1.1KG Built-in 802.11B/G WIFIBuilt-in BluetoothBuilt-in WWAN
Dell Wireless 5530 HSPA 3.75G Mobile Broadband Module Starhub SIM cardWindows XP Home SP3Accessories included:
AC Power AdaptorOperating Manual4 Recovery DiscsOriginal PackagingFor more details on the Dell Mini 9... Click here!

Adrian Lee

PS: Get it! It's still very new!

Speaking to an Audience of Business People

Spoke to an audience of business people at the Singapore Management University today.

The presentation topic was on "5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business with Youtube!".

Sharing my Youtube Marketing Tips with just a mindmap, the talk completed on time.

Jittery at first, but soon calmed down after engaging the listeners with interactive questions.

Thanks to Willie Yeo, the Professional Photographer for snapping the pictures.

Adrian Lee

PS: This talk is part of the BNI (Business Network International) weekly networking session, where business people and professionals meet to share referrals with each other.

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Compare Panasonic AG-HPX170 with HMC150 While Having Beer

Enjoyed bubbly Carlsberg beer served in wine glass.
Thanks to Panasonic at Broadcast Asia 2009.
Caught up with old Panasonic colleagues and media friends.
Most importantly, compared the HPX172 and HMC152.


First, the HPX172 and HMC152 are the PAL version of the NTSC counterparts HPX170 and HMC150.

Then there is the in-betweens HPX171 and HMC151 that can switch between PAL and NTSC.

When it comes to HD video recording, I think NTSC is better because it is 30fps instead of 25fps, while width and height are both the same at 1920 by 1080 pixels.

The Panasonic HPX172 and HMC152 look exactly the same, except for the P2 and AVCCAM logos.

HPX172 records on expensive P2 cards in DV, DVCPRO and DVCPRO HD formats.

HMC152 records on widely available SDHC cards in AVCHD format, no SD.

Both have very wide 28mm lens. No need to buy adaptors.

Both have good low light performance. No undesirable CMOS grainy effect.

Looks like Panasonic finally beat their closest competitors.

For me, the Panasonic AVCCAM AG-HMC15…

Breakthrough! Create a 30-second Video Ad in Half an Hour...

The objective was to promote a website.

To generate traffic to

Text and graphic content were all from the website.

Here's the whole process done in half an hour.
Use Corel VideoStudio.Copy and paste the headlines and sub-headlines.Copy and paste the ebook 3D cover graphic.Copy and paste 5 points from the list of benefits.Copy and paste the call-to-action texts for the last scene.Re-arrange and resize texts. Use black and white for simplicity.Select and add a catchy music track. VideoStudio comes with some automatic music that resize itself to fit the duration of the video.Select and add sound effects of a crowd cheering in the background.Animate the texts.Animate the ebook cover graphic.Fine tune the overall video so that the music beat syncs with the visuals.Render to WMV in high resolution.Finally the video clip was uploaded to 30 over video-sharing, social and bookmarking sites using Traffic Geyser.

Writing this blog article took longer than creating t…

Quick and Easy Traffic Generation With Video!

Video is a quick traffic generation tool for any sales web page.Simply create a descriptive video of the actual product itself.If the product is physical, use a camcorder or a good phone video camera.If the product is an ebook, make a screen capture video by using a program like Camtasia.Script the video around a "Here is what you can have" idea. Call it a "tour of our product".It is very simple to do and it works all the time!Here, I will give you a quick outline of how this can be done on an ebook product.1) Start the screen capture software.2) Welcome the viewer to the product tour video.3) Show the download page, discuss the bonuses, etc... Talk about everything they receive when they order.4) Show them the chapters in the ebook. Read some of the paragraphs. This shows the viewer that the product is real, shows how it is presented, and they get a quick taste of exactly what is inside.5) Thank the viewer for watching the video and remind them that they can have …

Dog Singing Happy Birthday to My Sis...

I made a dog sing the happy birthday song.
Recorded on video and posted to Youtube.
Shared the URL on my sis Facebook wall.
The web 2.0 way to say "Happy Birthday Sis!"

Can you hear the dog grumbling after the song?

Adrian Lee

HTC Magic (3G, Google Android Phone) Review

HTC Magic (3G Google Android Phone) Review

Experienced the new HTC Magic at Starhub's SMB Hub.

There was only one real unit on display.

I was the only visitor there at 7pm.

So I had plenty of time to test the 3G Google Andriod Phone.

First Impression

It's shiny white, it's light weight and the trackball feels good.

Touch Screen and Buttons

Only 6 buttons in front. Very useful navigation buttons though.

Used mostly the "Home", "Menu" and"Back" buttons to navigate.

The rest is "touch-screen".

The screen is responsive to my fingers sliding over the smooth surface.

Maybe a little too responsive, as I keep activating icons unintentionally.

The screen did not respond to my fingernails though.

That means I cannot draw fine pictures with a pen.

On-screen Keyboard

Need a little more practice on the screen keyboard.

Kept hitting the wrong letters and had to backspace many times.

Internet Browser

Uses its own internet browser, not Opera.

Takes at least 3 second…