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Installed "Related Posts" Widget for Blogger Blogspot!

I never taught I would find this from a third party.
A "related posts" widget for my Blogger blogspot blog.
I always taught it will never be the same as Wordpress.
I am tired of wordpress blogs. They keep crashing on me!
My last wordpress blog got hacked and all my data lost!
I sticking with Blogger blogspot for personal journal.
My earliest posts in Year 2004 are still there!

Going to install more Widgets from Widgets for Free.

You need a little HTML knowledge to install this widget.
The instructions were very clear and straight forward.
Just copy and paste 2 sets of codes into the html template.
The number of related posts appearing can also be customised.
For the time being, I will let it run a few times before customising.

Though the default number of related posts appearing is set at 5, I am getting 15 in this post.

Still look good anyway, I will leave it as it is... tweak it later, maybe brighten up the blue texts.

Going to install more Widgets from Widgets for Free.

Adrian Lee

Blogging Without Killing Yourself - Tim Ferris

5 Things I learnt from this Tim Ferriss video:
Don't blog for money. There are faster and better ways to do it.
Pay less attention to RSS. Go more into Twitter and Facebook.
Delete negative comments from blog.
Use the word "Topic" instead of "Category".
Keep videos short and keep in mind that TEXTS are more important.

Adrian Lee

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