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Sony Vegas Pro 9 Coming Soon!

I just received news that Sony Vegas Pro 9 is just around the corner!

The new tagline: "Professional Video, Audio and Blu-ray Disc Creation".

The Sony Vegas Pro 9 integrates two powerful applications that work together to provide an efficient environment for video professionals. It offers robust and progressive platform for content creation and production.

Get ready to buy Sony Vegas Pro 9 Professional Video Editing Software.

New features in Sony Vegas Pro 9 include:
New user interface for optimized color viewing and enhanced usabilityNative XDCAM EX reading and importOpen and edit RED ONE™ files on the timeline4K project support, up to 4096 x 4096New Gradient Wipe transitionNew Glint, Rays, Defocus, Starburst, Soft Contrast and Fill Light video effectsSupport for Gigapixel-size imagesIncludes native 32- and 64-bit versions of Vegas Pro 9 software
With broad format support, superior effects processing, unparalleled audio support, and a full complement of editorial tools, the Sony…

Event Pan/Crop Window Too Small… Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial

Here’s a sticky problem I get asked frequently by new Sony Vegas users. You may encounter it sometimes.Is your Event Pan/Crop window stuck in a tiny area with the rest of the Sony Vegas Windows?Do you want to make the Event Pan/Crop window bigger or open it in a new window?(You cannot do much with Pan/Crop effect in such a tight space.)Here’s how to get it out…

Flip a Video with Sony Vegas Pro 8 - Tutorial

In most video editing software, like windows movie maker, there is an effect where you can flip the video horizontally or vertically.This video effect option is either called the “Mirror” or “Flip”.However, in Sony Vegas, this effect is not as straight forward as clicking a button.Here is how to flip a video with Sony Vegas Pro 8...

Read My Photo Mode Review of the Sony HDR-SR12 and CX12 ...

Photo Mode Review of the Sony HDR-SR12 and CX12 After collecting my Sony HDR-SR8 (100GB High Definition Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder) from the Sony service centre, I stopped to test the new Sony HDR-SR12 (10 Megapixel 120GB High Definition Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder) and the Sony HDR-CX12 (High Definition Memory Stick PRO Duo Handycam Camcorder)I only had a few minutes of free time, so I tested these features I wanted to know:How long do I have to wait between snapping photos?How long do I have to wait for the photo flash to recharge?How many photos can I take during video recording and will there be flash?How long do I have to wait between snapping photos?I have bad experiences with slow consumer still cameras. You miss a lot of good candid moments if the camera does not react as quick as your eyes. I hesitate to buy a family still camera because of this. The Sony HDR-SR12 and CX12 seem to do fine, instant, though you need to get used to the half click focusing first.There is n…

Memory Card Camcorders Comparison for Professionals

Professional Memory Card Camcorders ComparisonI am in the midst of deciding the purchase a new professional video camcorder. Looking at the recent models, there is a clear trend towards recording on memory cards.This is great as I have always thought tape is so obsolete in the digital world and a waste of time when capturing video.Here are three professional video camcorders I have narrowed down. They differ in image sensors, video recording format and the type of memory card used.Panasonic AG-HVX200 vs Sony HVR-Z7 vs Panasonic AG-HMC70.Read More on my new blog...

Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial - Missing Keyframe In Text Generator

Missing Keyframe In Text Generator - Sony Vegas Pro 8 TutorialMissing keyframe control panel in your text generator? It was there yesterday and now it is gone?
Want to know how to set it back and turn it on again? Very easy. Here is how to turn back on the keyframe control panel in the text generator of Sony Vegas Pro 8. Watch Video Here...

Learn Videography in 5 Days

Success!My first apprentice videographer completed a S$700 event videography job in 5 days. That was a real live assignment while learning on the job.There was a little cheating though. I was there guiding all the time. What do you expect! I am the mentor.This is my very first mentoring experience as a Videographer.Read more here...Videography Course - Learn Videography in 5 Days

Voted Best Again at Yahoo Answers

How to Resize Video for Rendering - Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial Yay! Voted best answer again at Yahoo Answers.A question was asked on how to resize a WMV V9 format video for rendering using Sony Vegas Pro 8. Here is my quick answer…Resizing video for rendering to WMV V9 format.
1. Select “Render As”
2. Select “Save as type:” > “Windows Media Video V9 (*.wmv)”
3. Click button “Custom…”
4. Click tab “Video”
5. Select “Image size:” > “(Custom)”
6. Change Width and Height to desired size.
7. Click “OK”Enjoy!
Adrian Lee

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Blu Ray Is In, HD DVD is Dead!

The battle is finally over. No need to decide whether to produce Blu-ray or HD DVD Discs. The winner is Blu-ray!

"Sony and its Blu-ray buddies are going to make like VHS and party like it's 1989."

Here are the news. Read all about it...
HD-DVD Death Made Official - Wired
Toshiba Quits HD Format War Blu ray The Winner - Smart House NewsToshiba to Give Up on HD DVD - TheStreet.comR.I.P. HD DVD: Toshiba reportedly ends the war - CNETToshiba to exit HD DVD, end format war - ReutersToshiba finishing format war, pulling plug on HD-DVD - XboxNowOnlineGame Over For HD DVD; Toshiba To Cease Production of HD DVD - Gaming BitsBlu-ray wins HD DVD format wars as Toshiba exits market! - VideoGamesBloggerToshiba pulling HD DVD support, Blu-ray has won the war - Gadgetell
Toshiba to Withdraw HD DVD Format -TechtreeMicrosoft Planning Blu-ray For Xbox 360, Following Fall of HD DVD - dBTechno Toshiba To Halt HD-DVD Production - SlashdotHas Blu-ray won? HD-DVD R.I.P.? - ComputerworldToshiba sa…

Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial - Multicamera Editing

Sony Vegas Pro 8 makes it easier to edit videos from different cameras right from the timeline. You can capture and edit video for a single scene from 2 or more cameras or for a single scene shot a few times with one camera.

Here is a tutorial of a Multicamera Edit of a drama I shot. The drama was acted out four times to the public and being a non-profit organization, the client have budget only for one videographer. For each of the 4 acts, the camcorder (Sony HDR-FX7 High Definition Camcorder) was placed at 4 different positions and shot in various angles.

Multicamera edit is accomplished in only 8 steps with the Sony Vegas Pro 8.

Step #1: Capture Multicamera Video Clips

Use the normal Sony Vegas Video Capture function to capture recordings from each camera. Give each capture filename a unique name. Enable scene detection before capturing so that each segment is captured as a separate clip.

Step #2 : Layout Video Clips on Timeline

Drag and drop video clips over each other on the time…

Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial: New Installation Instruction

Finally, 2 weeks after winning the Sony Vegas Pro 8, I found the time to install the video editing software on my video production laptop.

Watch the video here...

Inside the Sony Vegas box, you will find:

1. Installation CD
2. Serial Number and
3. Four manuals.

Installation is quick and easy:

1. Insert installation CD.
2. Click "Install Vegas Pro 8".
3. Wait for Microsoft .NET Framework to install first (this took a very long time, more than 15 minutes).
4. Read and agree to the End-User License Agreement.
5. Wait for Sony Vegas Pro 8 software to install.
6. Go to Start and Run Vegas Pro 8.
7. Key in Serial Number.

That's it and the program starts.

Thanks for watching! :)

Adrian Lee

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Sony HDR-SR8 Review - Easy Camcorder for Kids...

Training younglings the fine art of videography. The elder one firmly gripping the Sony HDR-SR8 100Gb Handycam Camcorder and supporting one arm on the railing for a steady shot. The little one plans the perfect composition while waiting for her turn.This is our little England vacation where the Sony HDR-SR8 100Gb Handycam Camcorder came in handy.EASY TO USE
It is so easy to use that I don't have to shoot all of the time. My kids do it on my behalf. It takes less than 5 minutes to teach them how to operate the camcorder. The rest of the time is teaching them framing, composition and secret tricks that professional videographers do.STEP 1 : TURN ON FOR VIDEO OR PHOTO
The default is video when the power is switched on. Flicking the power switch again changes the the mode to photo. I discovered that the Sony HDR-SR8 100Gb Handycam Camcorder can also shoot photos while in video mode, except that the flash does not activate.STEP 2 : FLIP OPEN THE LCD SCREEN
The touch-screen LCD is crisp a…

Sony HDR-SR8 Review - Light on Eiffel Tower...

Give Me a Break

Being a Videographer by profession, a vacation to me means no holding on to a camera.

But hey, my two lovely daughters are coming along with me to Paris. How can a father think of not taking videos and photos of their children enjoying a holiday!

So to compromise, I thought of a way to bring a camcorder fully fitted as one unit, without having to carry accessories and spares.

Hence, November 2007, two days of vacation videography and photography in Paris, made possible with the Sony HDR-SR8 100Gb Handycam Camcorder.

No Video Tapes

100 GB of hard disk capacity built into the camcorder. That's 32 hours of recording in High Definition. I needed less than 4 hours. So much space left. No worries of running out of space. No need to run around with spare video tapes in the pocket. Video tapes are dead!

Long Battery Life

The Sony Handycam HDR-SR8 came with a battery that lasts only 1 hour and a half. So I bought the biggest one that could last over 400 minutes, that's over 6 h…

Francis Ng Chun Yu Meets Videopreneur AdrianLee...

One night in China... no, no... first night in Shanghai.

Slept well. Woke up early. Anticipating an exciting day ahead.

Breakfast at Yi Cafe, the hotel's 2nd floor restaurant.

Met an American-Korean girl alone next to my table. We chatted.

She said she has traveled to many places and this was one of the finest restaurant she has ever experienced.

Indeed it was a fine breakfast. The display of the food is an art by itself.Talking about 5-star, the power plug at the Pudong Shangri-la hotel room was international standard. Didn't have to use my universal travel power adapter to charge the camcorder's batteries last night.

Still have time after breakfast before the first official video shooting assignment.

Went back to the riverbank of Huangpu River. This time catpuring the day version of the same place recorded last night, the Bund and the Futuristic City.

Walked to the Pearl Tower and around it. Captured it from every good angle. Many local photographers were stationed around the Pe…

Shanghai Kiss - Videopreneur Needs Some Translation...

10am:The kids kissed me goodbye. Mixed feelings ran through my mind. I have never separated from my family for more than 2 days. Today, I leave for China for a 4-day business trip. Four days of intense videography schedule.

1130am:The plane took off from Singapore Changi International Airport. The weather was perfect. The service was great. It has been more than 10 years since I flew on Singapore Airlines, Asia’s leading airline. The gadget under my nose kept me occupied for most of the 5-hour flight. It was a movie player. a nintendo, a telephone and an information kiosk. I have been to Shanghai before, but this electronic device told me more about Shanghai than I knew (or never bothered to ask for the tour guide's translation 2 years ago).

5pm:Arrival at Shanghai (上海) Pudong International Airport. We were greeted by local representatives. With me were the organisers, the media people and my assistant. We were whisked away in a little van to the hotel.

What's the icon of Shangha…

Eight Days Video Shoot With Sony FX7 HD Camcorder...

Surfing here in the Cycle & Carriage customer lounge so cozy,
My car's getting serviced while I blog about my week so busy.
Woke at 2pm to catch up with 2 nights on stimulants.
2 sleepless nights editing a video of an 8-day conference.

The event again took place at sunny Sentosa.
Breath-taking scenery and buffet worth 5-star.
Companied the participants to every excursion.
Till the end of dinner and even every recreation.

Lugging my Sony FX7 HD Camcorder,
Every memorable moment I capture,
From lectures to sight-seeing and networking,
Make a souvenir for the foreigners to bring.

Tiring it may seem, nothing is more rewarding
Than the audience cheering and appreciating.
Shot in 8 days with two nights of intensive editing.
70 DVDs distributed to each person before leaving.

Sony HDR-SR1 HD HDD Camcorder on Adrian's Shopping List

Transferring and editing an 8-hour seminar video is too time-consuming...

Bringing a laptop to the seminar for recording is too cumbersome...

Getting an external Video Hard Disk Recorder is too costly...

The answer...

Sony HDR-SR1 AVCHD 4MP 30GB High-Definition Hard Disk Drive Camcorder

The 5 must-have features I look for in the HDHDD camcorder are:

Digital audio/video inputs: Yes (via USB)
Headphone jack: Yes (stereo mini)
Microphone input: Yes (stereo mini)
Photo Resolution: 4-megapixel; 2304 x 1728 (4:3)
Video recording system: AVCHD (HD) and MPEG2-PS (SD)
The 3 reason I want the Sony HDR-SR1 are:

Hard Disk Drive Recording for long-hours seminars.
Personal video recording in MPEG2 (DVD) format.
Photo Shooting at 4-megapixel quality.
Here are the rest of the technical specification...
Sony HDR-SR1 AVCHD 4MP 30GB High-Definition Hard Disk Drive Camcorder
Product Features

Record high-definition video on a HDD with AVCHD technology
ClearVidCMOS sensor for high-quality HD or SD images
3.5-inch widescre…