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Do Not Use Copyright Music in Viral Videos

Viral videos help spread embarassment
Bochco felt that television, the traditional entertainment model he had always worked in, wouldn't work for online video, in part because young people mostly use Internet entertainment as a distraction -- something to do, say, between classes

Copyright cops step it up
Audible Magic technology scans online audio and video content to make sure it's authorized for free distribution.

Online Video Advertising's Breakout Moment
"But it's not clear precisely what we mean by "online video." There are several species in this environment. We need to be specific because each one's different in terms of technology, abilities, pricing, and control. Online video can mean streaming video, downloadable video, rented video, video on your site, video on a social n…

Viral Video #22 Hit 11,000 Viewers in 5 Days on YouTube...

Viral Video #2 views up 2512 to 11,410 from 8,898 .
Honors for This Video:
#97 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Film & Animation - All

Viral Video Experiment Day 3, TRAFFIC...

The viral effect has started!

Viral Video #1 achieved 5 external links and favourited 6 times at 4,581 views.

Viral Video #2 (made 1 day later) achieved 2 honours, 4 external links and favourited 4 times at 3,228 views.
#56 - Most Viewed (Today) - Film & Animation - All#34 - Most Viewed (Today) - Film & Animation - English
VideoLane Channel achieved #69 - Most Viewed (Today) - Directors.

Lessons Learned:
Female figures attract faster and higher viewership than male figures.Spoofs attract higher viewership than serious content.Most viewers pay attention to the song used.
The experiment so far discovers what it takes to attract viewers and compel them to share the video or embed the video into thier websites/blogs.

But what about ClickThroughs?

The 2 viral videos contain a link to this blog,, in the description. Though there is no call to action in the video, CTR was about 8 percent.

Amazing! Traffic generated without any marketing message.

Viral Video Experiment Day 2

Viral Video Experiment Day 2:
Lessons Learned...

How to make a Viral Video that attracts 2000 viewers in one day?
Do something amazing. Like drawing and painting a fantastic picture with an under-rated MS Paint software. Ride on a current tidal wave of viral video topic by doing something similar with a twist. YouTube traffic beat MetaCafe 20 times.

My First Successful Viral Video Attempt...

LOST - John Locke - Speed Drawing With MS Paint - Click here for more blooper videos

My first successful viral video attempt...

1060 Views in a day. Not very high but...
If you like it, please pass it on...

Man Makes Money Posting Videos Online

Man Makes Money Posting Videos Online
Earned more than $12,000 since October 2006
Made most of his money from
Posted videos of...

His cat
Computer how-tos
Riddles he’s known since childhood

Also popular on MetaCafe...

Feats of strength
Magic tricks

Qualifying for Payment in MetaCafe...
Over 20,000 views
The poster owns all rights to the content
The content is suitable for all audiences
The video is interesting to total strangers Online Video Search Tool
Not a video hosting site like youtube
Points to videos posted on other sites
Moving thumbnail videos

How to Make a Viral Video to Increase Website Traffic

Video + Humor + Viral = Lead-Gen Success for Data Backup Firm

"Discover what one company in the humorless document storage and data protection industry did to stand out from the crowd: an Internet video effort with English straight-man John Cleese. They've had more than 1 million downloads."

-> Step #1. Create a funny plot relevant to the industry
-> Step #2. Hire a celebrity who will attract viewers
-> Step #3. Write a script that makes the best use of your star
-> Step #4. Orchestrate a viral launch
-> Step #5. Use the video for targeted lead generation

The Video:

"I had to press the third button..." - Adrian,

Using YouTube to Drive Traffic to Your Site

1. Create a full-fledged profile and include a link to your blog or website.

2. Write a detailed description for the content you are submitting and a way for people to g…