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Free Media Player for MTS Video Files

Finally, the free media player for MTS video files is here!  Isn’t this what AVCHD camcorder users have been waiting for?  I have written a tutorial on how you can get the MTS video player now.  Here’s the 5 steps to start playing MTS video files in less than 5 minutes.
Enjoy! Adrian Lee

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Playing Bee Hive at a Business Networking Event

24 March 2010, 7 pm: Business Networking. Organized by Mike and Joseph, Directors of BNI Eastern Region Singapore.   Assisted by Adrian Lee, the Ambassador, helping the Directors run the show.  The energy was high in the presence of 60 business owners and professionals. Joseph, a proficient speaker, successfully roused the crowd with activities. Participants wasted no time to network with one another and exchange name cards. The hot favorite item for the night was the busy bee hive game. Everyone's faces was full of enthusiasm as they ran all over to collect business leads. Winners having the most name cards and giving the most leads walk away with prizes.

Passed My Car Inspection with Vicom

24 March 2010 1 pm: Car Inspection.   Even a car needs an annual health check up.   Sent my Kia Spectra to Vicom at Kaki Bukit.  Went through a series of tests as mentioned here...
The inspection completed in less than 15 minutes. Took this picture while driving off. Everyone who drives benefits from regular vehicle safety inspection.  Regular inspection ensures road safety for all.

Shooting Video Interviews with YOG Young Ambassadors

24 March 2010, 11am:  Fairmont Hotel.  Videography assignment for YOG (Youth Olympic Games). The first ever event to be held in Singapore from14 August 2010.  30 young people from all over the world represented their country.   Specially selected by their National Olympic Committee (NOC).    The Young Ambassador role is spread the message to athletes back home.  To promote the Culture & Education Programme.   Aged 18 to 28, some of them are former Olympic champions. I could feel the enthusiasm in each of them.

Final Photo Opportunities in Macau Venetian Casino Hotel

18 March 2010, 10.00 am: Zhuhai to Macau to Singapore
Today it's all about packing and going home to Singapore. Let's cherish the last few hours and enjoy the journey back.
Breakfast at Zhuhai Guotai Hotel was better than I expected. Chinese pastries, fresh fruits and free flow of hot coffee. Checked out of Zhuhai's Guotai Hotel and walked to the customs. They have a name to the Zhuhai-Macau border customs. It's called the Gong Bei Barrier Gate. Stamped our passports. Re-entered Macau. Again the Venetian Hotel free shuttle bus was waiting for us. This time we were greeted by the Gondola man. What a different feeling! We felt so protected again.
Back at Macau Venetian Hotel, we claimed our luggage we left at the storage. Then we claimed our free welcome drink at the Fogosamba Pub and Restaurant. Adults ordered mixed cocktails. Kids had a smoked salmon treat. The bartender was a Filipino. Had a nice chat with him. More photo opportunities in Macau Venetian Hotel. Here's the very impr…

Squirting Live Seafood in Zhuhai China

17 March 2010, 7.00pm: Live Seafood market in Zhuhai China
The real adventure begins here. The next destination was deeper into Zhuhai. The concierge of Zhuhai's Guotai Hotel were upfront with advice. Bargain with taxi drivers. Look out for fake change. Bargain with the live seafood hawkers. Beware pickpockets!

We took the plunge. The concierge hailed a taxi and bargained on our behalf. RMB20 to RMB15. The taxi driver disagreed and proposed meter reading. We agreed to meter reading and paid RMB16 only in the end.
From a tourist map we hunted earlier, we picked a recommendation. We were going to Huan Zai Hai Xian Jie, a popular live seafood street. It was a 10-minute ride from Guotai Hotel.
We got off the taxi and restaurant staff rushed to usher us in. We realized there were more than one restaurant on the street.
I was amazed when they brought us to where we choose our seafood.
Vendors lined up in a long row. The line was so long you could not see the other end. As you walk pass a store the vendo…

Walking and Shopping in Zhuhai China

17 March 2010, 3.00pm:  Shopping in Zhuhai China.
No need to travel far from where we were. Shopping centres surround Zhuhai's Guotai hotel. We hopped from one store to another. Eating and shopping along the way. The biggest mall was just opposite the hotel. It is comparable to the size of Carrefour. Impressive range of food products. We used local currency RMB (Ren Min Bi).
Don't you think the photos look impressive? I think they are fantastic. I took them myself.
Enough shopping! Let's conquer the next attraction of Zhuhai!

Let's go dine on live seafood! NEXT...

Crossing from Macau to Zhuhai, Guangdong China

Day 3, 17 March 2010, 11am: Zhuhai
Checked out of Macau Venetian Hotel. Left behind a large luggage of souvenirs for collection later. Took the free Venetian bus to Gongbei barrier gate. Crossed the border customs to Zhuhai China. Zhuhai! A totally different world compared with Macau!  Unlike Macau, no information was researched on Zhuhai. So we desperately hunted down tourist maps. In the midst of touting tour agencies, we stride to our Hotel. Thank goodness, the Guotai Hotel staff were outstanding. The rooms were equally impressive with super king size beds. The bed is so huge it could sleep six adults side by side. Again we requested for non-smoking high floor joining room. From our 10th floor (the highest in the hotel), we could see the checkpoint. It's only a 3-minute walk from the customs checkpoint to Guotai Hotel. We had the back view of the hotel though. So the nearby building look a way bit shabby. Here's a better view of Guotai hotel.
Zhuhai is famous for its shopping centres and li…

Climbing 66 Steps up to Macau's Ruins of St Paul

16 March 2010, 7.30pm: Ruins of St Paul.
Public bus number 3 took us from A-Ma Temple to the Ruins of St Paul. From the bus stop, we maneuvered crowded intertwined streets. Passed by rows of shops filled with locals and tourist alike.

The sky was dark when we arrived, city lights flashed from a distance. Though late, the ruins were brightly lit and buzzing with visitors.

The Ruins of St. Paul's (大三巴牌坊) refer to the façade of a Cathedral. A 17th century Portuguese cathedral originally known as the Cathedral of St. Paul. It was destroyed by a fire during a typhoon in 1835.

Today, the ruins are one of Macau's most famous landmarks. The ruins now consist of a stone facade sitting on a small hill. You have to climb sixty six stone steps leading up to it. 

That's all the time we have to explore Macau. Shopped for souvenirs from the rows of shops. Bought plenty of Macau's famous Almond Cookies. Riding on public bus number 2, we headed back to Macau Sands Hotel. From Sands Hotel, we were d…