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Best Places to Watch New Year Celebration Fireworks in Singapore.

Marina Boulevard Open FieldMerlion ParkEsplanade BridgeEsplanade TheaterMarina East
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See you there!
Adrian Lee

Image by voux via Flickr Related articles by ZemantaWhat is There to do in Singapore? ( Videography Allowed at the Marina Barrage... ( Fireworks Contributes More Than $30,000 to Help Haiti Earthquake Victims (

Risk Music Copyright Infringement for Wedding Montages

...or cough up between $100 and $200 for each song.

It's in the news today. Be careful what songs you use in weddings.

"It (Composers and Authors Society of Singapore ) has sent letters to wedding photographers and videographers asking them to buy the licences for songs they wish to use - on their corporate websites and in their works - while stopping short of suggesting active enforcement."

(Where's my letter? They missed me!)

"They should state clearly who they represent, which are the copyrighted songs, and how much one has to pay for different uses - for example, on a website or for a photo montage... That way, businesses will be more willing to pay for the licences because we can then prove to customers there's a reason for raising our charges."

COMPASS should create some sort of online shopping cart for us to buy licences. Just make it easy to purchase and…

Chocolates in the Grind...

Boxing Day was a working day.
Got a wedding video to edit.
Shot on the same Saturday.
Given only 3 hours to do it.With a plan and script in mind,
fingers quickly cut and splice.
Deleting ruthlessly in the grind,
Powered by chocs with spice.Gobbled the pack in 3 hours.
A birthday present from office.
Better than decos and flowers.
Chocolates for me is a feast.Adrian Lee

A Touch of Madness - 2010 Here I Come...

I finally have time to read a book... on Boxing Day!

Mini Book Review - Warrior of the Light: A Manual by Paulo Coelho.

My favourite phrase from the book - "A Touch of Madness"

"A Touch of Madness" appears three times in the book.
"The warrior knows that he is free to choose his desires, and he makes these decisions with courage, detachment and - sometimes - with just a touch of madness.""If he waits for the ideal moment, he will never set off; he requires a touch of madness to take the next step.""The warrior uses that touch of madness. For - in both love and war - it is impossible to foresee everything."In other words "Acts of Courage". The very formula for any major breakthrough in life.

2010, here I come.

Adrian Lee

Merry Christmas! Enjoy this cheery video and pass it on!

I made this video greeting card for you. Click to play. Merry Christmas!

Remember to pass it on. Share the cheer!

Adrian Lee, mobile:93865301

Secrets to Explode Your Business via YouTube - 10 jan 09...

Image via Wikipedia

Instant Christmas Log Cake Recipe

I had to do this. Wanted to do this for a long time.
Do what? Another stop motion animation greeting card video.
The last one was the million-hits "Rats Steal Tarts".
Let's see how viral this video will go.

Entirely done in the VideoLane mini studio.
With the creative inputs from colleague WeiYng.
Mini Log Cake was bought this morning from Suhana.
Met her at BNI Premiere when I visited the chapter.

Shot in HD with Sony HDR-SR8. Within 20 minutes.
Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 8. Within 120 minutes.

Produced by: AdrianLee and WeiYng

Mini Log Cake by: Suhanah

Nothing was wasted. The cake was gobbled up after the shoot.

Merry Christmas! :)

Adrian Lee

How to Create Fake Miniature Photos with the Tilt Shift Lens Effect

Have been toying around with creating fake miniature photos.
In this blog I will explain how I did it.

First take a look at some photos I have done...

Fake Miniature Toy Houses with Tiny Solar Power Panels.

Fake Miniature Toy Boats in the BathTub.

Fake Miniature Stones in a Bonsai Pot.

"Fake Miniature" means it's actually the real thing that's made to look like a tiny model or plastic toy.

Now, look at the original REAL photos which I took myself with my Samsung Omnia 2.

Here's how to create Fake miniatures from real Photos.
(This works only with photos taken from high angle)

1. Create a gaussian gradient blur mask.
2. Select upper portion of image to blur.
3. Select lower portion of image to blur.
4. Ensure the subject remains clear.
5. Enhanc…

Watch This Video Created by My Students

May not be professional but I know they learnt something. It's a pleasure to watch the works of my students.
This time round the course participants were young schoolers. It's a challenge keeping their attention.
I might rename the course Holiday Videography Workshop for Beginners instead of Basic Videography Course.

Adrian Lee
PS: Look out for the announcement on the next Internet Video Workshop for business people. :)

8 more days to Christmas

The trees are set in the office.
Eight more days to Christmas.
While others are holidaying.
I am still here busy working.Adrian Lee

Raw Lunch Treat For Birthday Boy

Sashimi, Fresh squiddies, raw octopus and more.
A sumptuous treat for myself as I turn Forty four.
At Sakura Downtown East,
where buffet is a feast.Adrian Lee

Birthday Gift for Dad

Every year I celebrate birthday with father.
For four decades, we wish each other.
He'll wish me wealth.
I'll wish him health.Happy Birthday Dad!

Easy Video Project Ideas - YouTube

Wanna create your own video and need some inspiration? Here are some creative ideas that could work for anyone, gathered from and inspired by the YouTube community.

Very special thanks to those whose clips appear in this video. They are:

1. maddogza - "make YouTube your voice" -

2. GiR2007 - "take a camera into the kitchen" -

3. ArtieTSMITW - "make strange noises and faces" -

4. thecomputernerd01 - "interview your grandparents" -

5. jaaaaaaa - "pick up an instrument and play an original tune" -

6. Urgelt - "recite a spooky story" -

7. NeilCicierega - "put on a puppet show" -

8. kamapazzo - "create art in unlikely places" - http://www…

Asian Festival of 1st Films 2009 - Nominees and Winners

Maybe I will submit my first film to the festival in 2010. - Adrian Lee,

Wonder Girls - Nobody But You

Been living in a cave for too long.
People around me know this song.
Posted on Youtube for a year.
Only last week I got to hear.

Heard it on a wedding day.
For the groom to dance and play.
The tune is rather catchy.
The beat is so very lively.

The chorus got stuck in my head.
Kept singing it till I went to bed.
"I want nobody nobody but you."
"I want nobody nobody but you."...

Adrian Lee