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Great Valentines's Day Idea.

Great Valentines's Day Idea.

Look what Jeffrey Paul did...

"I produced this animation as a way of proposing to my girlfriend (now wife) Natasha. I assembled a team of 20 animators to assist me, including co-workers, as well as students from my 3D character animation class at the Art Institute of California-San Francisco. We created more than four minutes of animation in just three months. When it was completed, I surprised Natasha by bringing her to the Parkway Movie Theater in Oakland, where they played the animation on the big screen in front of over 100 of our friends and family. " - Jeffrey Paul

All animation was done in Maya and edited together in Adobe After Effects.

HD HDD Camcorder

"Which camcorder should I get?"
A stranger wants to know.
"Look for one you'll not regret."
I said HD HDD is the way to go.

Forget about shooting on video tapes.
They're like when humans were apes.
Why waste time transferring videos to the PC.
Recording on Hard Disk Drive makes it easy.

"I thought HDD videos are highly compressed."
"Not if you use a HD HDD camcorder." I stressed.
"Which is better, Panasonic or JVC?"
Spend a little more, get a Sony.

I recommend the Sony HDR-SR1 AVCHD 4MP 30GB High-Definition Hard Disk Drive Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom

- Adrian Lee

Happy New Year! Back to Work!

First day of work for 2007.
Not really actually...
I have been working over the holidays.
Many backlog videos to complete.
Yet many new projects received today.
Even had a complaint that I didn't return call last week.
Hey! It was a holiday week, no business entertaintment.
Completed a wedding, attended a meeting, collected a new conversion job...
More quotations to go...

But wait... got to send my kids to piano class.