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How to Quickly and Easily Tap into Free Website Traffic

Check out this new video tutorial from Jeff Johnson.
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Jeff Johnson is one of the top website traffic expert. He's been around for 7 years and people love his free content. It's crazy. But I am his affiliate, and the links in this blog are my affiliate links so if you ever decide to join one of Jeff's training programs I may get paid a commission for sending you o…

How to Use Windows Movie Maker Software - Video Tutorial for XP

Image via WikipediaHere's a free video tutorial on how to use Windows Movie Maker on the XP.

If you already have Vista, please go here.

This video tutorial is for beginners, totally basic, and a great way to understand the step-by-step workings of Windows Movie Maker.

To learn faster, please pause the video at every step and do the step on your own Windows Movie Maker. Taking action and experiencing first hand is the best way of learning.

Thanks to AnasiraProductions for making this video tutorial.

If you have further questions, please type your questions with the comment link below.

Adrian Lee
Video On The Move...Related articles by Zemanta Windows 7 to Skip Photo, Mail, Calendar and Movie Editing tools ( Right cable can work with old camcorder ( Portable Windows Movie Maker Resurrects Missing Features [Downloads] ( Windows Live Movie Maker Due Later This Year. Top Feature Request: Windows XP Support (techcr…

How to Use Windows Movie Maker - Tutorial for Vista!

A friend wanted me show him how to edit a simple yet decent video with a free software.
Did you know that all PCs with Windows Vista come with a free video editing software?
It's called Windows Movie Maker!
Vista even comes with a free DVD Maker!
You don't need to hire expensive videographers like me to edit your videos anymore.
I am about to show you how to edit videos yourself on your own PC EASILY!
Please take your time to watch this video made by "czh88".
AND PRACTISE hands-on... Pause the video on every step and do the step.

Not good enough? Here's another by "cccccarlossss"...

Ok ok, here is a full 30-minute tutorial by "diddyman4real"...

If you are still puzzled how to edit a video for free, ask me... leave your question in the comment box below... maybe I will create a better tutorial.

Adrian Lee

Event Pan/Crop Window Too Small… Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial

Here’s a sticky problem I get asked frequently by new Sony Vegas users. You may encounter it sometimes.Is your Event Pan/Crop window stuck in a tiny area with the rest of the Sony Vegas Windows?Do you want to make the Event Pan/Crop window bigger or open it in a new window?(You cannot do much with Pan/Crop effect in such a tight space.)Here’s how to get it out…

Flip a Video with Sony Vegas Pro 8 - Tutorial

In most video editing software, like windows movie maker, there is an effect where you can flip the video horizontally or vertically.This video effect option is either called the “Mirror” or “Flip”.However, in Sony Vegas, this effect is not as straight forward as clicking a button.Here is how to flip a video with Sony Vegas Pro 8...

Extracting Videos From a DVD to MPG

Do you want to edit a DVD or maybe take out a part of the DVD to be edited with other video footages?Do you know that you do not need to buy any software to extract video clips from a DVD?You can even do it yourself. All you need is your PC with a DVD drive.In this video tutorial, you will learn how to extract video from a DVD using a PC running on Windows XP.Steps to extract videos from a DVD...How to Extract Video from a DVD for Editing

How To Convert Video File To PAL DV Format

Convert Any Video File To PAL DV How To Convert Any Video File To PAL DV format using Ulead VideoStudio 11.Do you want to record a video file onto your camcorder but it says your video is NTSC and cannot be done?In Singapore and in most European countries, our TV operate on the PAL system. In the USA and Japan, thier TV operate on the NTSC system. NTSC and PAL are not compatible.
So you will have to convert your NTSC video file to a PAL DV format file.Here is how to convert your NTSC Video File To PAL DV format using Ulead VideoStudio 11.Drag and drop video clip on the time line.Click “Share” from the top menu bar.Click “Create Video File” .Move and hover cursor over “DV”.
Depending on how your VideoStudio was installed… You may see PAL DV (4:3) and PAL DV (16:9)Or you may see NTSC DV (4:3) and NTSC DV (16:9)
If you see PAL DV (4:3) and PAL DV (16:9), great, click on one of them.If you see NTSC DV (4:3) and NTSC DV (16:9), then do the following.Move the cursor from “DV” down and click…

Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial - Missing Keyframe In Text Generator

Missing Keyframe In Text Generator - Sony Vegas Pro 8 TutorialMissing keyframe control panel in your text generator? It was there yesterday and now it is gone?
Want to know how to set it back and turn it on again? Very easy. Here is how to turn back on the keyframe control panel in the text generator of Sony Vegas Pro 8. Watch Video Here...

Reverse Video in VideoStudio 11

Editing Reverse Video Effect in VideoStudio 11 - Tutorial Want to make your video play backwards?
How to reverse video using VideoStudio 11?Here is how to reverse video in Corel Ulead Video Studio 11 Plus.Click here to watch video...

Slow Motion Effect in VideoStudio 11

Editing Slow Motion Special Effect - VideoStudio 11 Tutorial Want to change the playback speed of your video? How to edit slow motion effect on your video?Slow motion effect is great to emphasize a movement.Here is how to edit a slow motion effect with Corel VideoStudio 11.Click here to watch video...

Voted Best Again at Yahoo Answers

How to Resize Video for Rendering - Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial Yay! Voted best answer again at Yahoo Answers.A question was asked on how to resize a WMV V9 format video for rendering using Sony Vegas Pro 8. Here is my quick answer…Resizing video for rendering to WMV V9 format.
1. Select “Render As”
2. Select “Save as type:” > “Windows Media Video V9 (*.wmv)”
3. Click button “Custom…”
4. Click tab “Video”
5. Select “Image size:” > “(Custom)”
6. Change Width and Height to desired size.
7. Click “OK”Enjoy!
Adrian Lee

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Ulead VideoStudio 11 Plus Tutorial : Adjusting Volume Level

Adjusting Audio Level in Ulead VideoStudio 11 - Tutorial There are two methods to adjust audio level in Ulead VideoStudio 11. Below are the step by step tutorials for the two methods. Method One: Using Clip Volume ControlAdjusting audio level with Clip Volume Control changes the volume of the entire clip at once. Select a clip in the timeline by clicking on it.Select Clip Volume control in the Options panel.Adjust the Clip Volume control upwards for louder sound.Adjust the Clip Volume control downwards for softer sound.Minimum is 0% which is silent and the maximum is 500%.The original level is 100%. Method Two: Using Volume Rubber BandAdjusting audio level with Volume Rubber Band allows you to change the volume in any part of the clip.Click Audio View. You can now see the audio waveform in the timeline.Click on the video clip which you want the audio adjusted. The volume rubber band is the red horizontal line in the middle of the track.Click a point on the volume rubber band to add a …