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Wedding Videographer Tip: Do Not Be Punctual!

Wedding Videographer Tip:
Do Not Be Punctual!Do Not Be Late!BE 30 MINUTES EARLIER!© by Adrian Lee,

How to Design DVD Cover

We call the printed paper cover wrapped around the rectangular DVD casing the "DVD cover". To date, we have been relying on NERO Cover Designer to create and print it. It is so far the easiest to use as it allows resizing of images, accurate placement of texts on the spine and convenient cutting lines.

NERO Cover Designer comes packaged with Nero Burning ROM.

CD Care: Do NOT Stick Anything On Your CD

Some clients send me CDs with notes saying "Please duplicate 100 copies of this CD. Will collect tomorrow morning."

What scares me is not the 100 copies, BUT the note. The note is attached to the CD with a sticky tape stuck on the CD face itself. THIS IS HIGHLY DANGEROUS. I have to remove the tape carefully. If the sticky tape is strong enough, it might peel part of the surface away. AND the the surface is where the data is.

There is a misconception that the data on the CD is in the shiny side where the laser reads. Nope! The data is on the printed side. If a tiny piece of the printed side peels off, there goes your data.

Rhapsody Hits 1.5 Million Tracks

Rhapsody has officially hit the 1.5 million song mark! With 1.5 million songs on file and growing, Rhapsody is the most comprehensive streaming music service on the web.

Get Unlimited Access to all your Favorite Music
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Zone Alarm for Videographers

Get $20 off ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite and the chance to win big prizes

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How to Convert SWF Flash Animation File into MPG Video File.

How to Convert SWF Flash Animation File into MPG Video File.

Flash files are getting popularly used for corporate presentations. You see flash animations all over the internet. Most are so good that it looks like video. In fact most people think it is video... and they want me to put their flash animation on a DVD so that they can show it to others on TV!

Flash animated files are computer animation files that end with ".SWF". They can only be played back on a computer with a web browser or a flash player. They cannot be played with Windows Media Player.

So, can you convert a SWF flash animation file into a DVD?


But first you have to convert the SWF flash file into an MPG video file.

Here are two ways to convert your SWF flash file into an MPG video file:

Save your precious time and pay a videographer to do it...
Buy the software and do it yourself...

IT Show 2006: Go get your stuff at bargain prices. PLUS free gifts.

This is the time to get new video editing PCs, notebooks/laptops, CD printers, PDAs. I got most of my video production stuff from IT show and PC show. Everything discount PLUS free gifts.

Need a handy trolley? Buy a printer and get one free.

IT Show 2006
9th - 12th March 2006
Entire Suntec City Exhibition Centre
Level 3
Level 4 (Halls 401 - 404)
Level 6 (Halls 601 - 603)
12 noon to 9pm Daily

Video Shooting Tip: Record 1 Minute Black or Color Bar

If you are shooting video on a new miniDV tape, you will sometimes notice that in the first few seconds of recording, there is 1 or 2 picture/audio annoying skips or drop-outs.

Tip: To prevent this, record the first one minute of the tape with black or blank or color bar. Start your actual recording from the second minute.
As of today, I recommend Panasonic mini DV tapes.

Keeping track of the latest CD and DVD Duplication tools, I have decided to create a blog. Please visit...

Video Shooting Tip: Choosing a Video Light

Two is better than one. That is, get a light that has 2 built in lamps. When one blows, you still have the other. Turn on both for maximum power. You can choose to turn on only one lamp, which is sufficient for my regular wedding and event videography with a Sony camcorder.


There are 2 versions. One powered by the L series batteries and the other by the M series batteries. Choose the M series battery type as it is the newer version and has built in power indicator.

I just purchased another set of video light yesterday. Anyway it is compatible with my future Sony HDR-FX1.

Video Editing Tip: Improving Picture Quality

If a high resolution image appears "jagged" in a rendered video, use an image editor to reduce the image size to nearly the size of the video frame.

Ulead Image/Video SW