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How to Overcome Butterflies in the Stomach

Hosting a business network meeting for 35 business professionals?
How to ensure the show run smoothly for the whole 90 minutes?
Can you remember your lines and say them without a glitch and naturally?

Those were the questions and more that ran through my head just before the meeting.
This is the business networking breakfast meeting of the BNI Rendezvous Chapter.
My role as the Chapter President is to chair the meeting and make sure we follow the agenda.

I have conducted such meetings before, every Friday morning, but this one was different.
This was our special Visitors Day where visitor count were more than members.
Yes, there were butterflies in my stomach the night before and right before the meeting.

I did everything I could to ensure my team and myself put on a good show.
Arranged and reminded key members to play their important role.
Discussed with our Vice President our coordinated speeches.

I went further to search online for speech templates. Did not use the templates as they …

Successfully Trained Another Batch of Basic Videography Course Students.

Look at the video they have created in just 2 days...

For 2 days I was tied up in the studio with 7 interested learners.
They were a mix of working adults and one polytechnic student.

This is one of the best lessons I have conducted.
The participants were so full of energy and ideas.

The video above was mostly their creative input working as a team.
I was only just the actor and content writer while they did the rest.

Day one was about using the camcorder and Day 2 the technique of video editing.
More than technical skills, there was also the art of creating compelling videos.

Video making skill is a requirement in most work places today,
Like knowing how to use the computer, one must know how to make a video.

I am now scheduling the next 2-day Basic Videography Course next month.
You can see the announcement at

Adrian Lee

 PS: Do you foresee video making skill becoming an essential requirement in the work place?


Ready for One More Basic Videography Course...

Tested audio video system, wifi connection and vacuumed the floor.
Mini studio is once agained transformed into a classroom.
All ready for tomorrow's 2-day Basic Videography Course.
Except as always, there's the last minute extra info to add.--
Adrian Lee
PS: Do you like the look of my mini studio?

61 Secrets to Great Video Making - Part 2

Watch the video...

61 Secrets to Great Budget Video Making - Part 1

Watch the Video...

One of the Best BNI Video I Have Ever Seen...

Will my Chapter do what BNI Hogarth have done? Coz we enjoy doing business while having fun. A classical example of online video marketing. Entertain your viewers with subtle selling.
Adrian Lee
PS: Do you have a fun business video? Post your link below.

Good Camcorder for Shooting YouTube Video?

I saw this ad in Digital Times today.
Something here that I want to say.
This is what most readers want to know.
Let me introduce the Toshiba Camileo.
"What is the best and cheapest video camcorder to buy?"
At such low prices from a reputable brand, give it a try.
HD recording on memory card is the way to go.
This camcorder is great for shooting YouTube video.
Adrian Lee
As Seen on YouTube...
PS: Have you used this camcorder? How is it?

Do You Know the Name of this Green Insect?

My kid found a leaf insect sitting on the side of our TV set.
She wanted me to capture it in a container to keep as pet.
The 1.5cm little creature could jump high indeed!
I caught it anyway and now wonder what to feed.--
Adrian Lee
As Seen on YouTube... Do you know the name of this leaf insect and what it feeds on?

Home Bento Set Made by Wïfey

This Weekend's Special Meal is home cooked Bento.
Honey garlic chicken with Black Sesame rice and potato.
Prepared and served by kids and wife.
This is what I call enjoying good life.
Adrian Lee
As Seen on YouTube... What's your special meal this weekend?

Make Better YouTube Videos for Business with 7 Things

Image by Robert Scoble via Flickr
Have you ever procrastinated making your first YouTube Video to promote your business because you are clueless where to start?  Are you holding back from a promising marketing opportunity because you think your video will look bad?

If you are an owner of a small business, you definitely have heard of the power of online video marketing and you know that entrepreneurs around the world are rushing to make marketing videos for YouTube.

It is easy to pick up any video camcorder and start shooting your own videos.  However after several tries, you may realize that your video is not professional enough to represent a respectable business like yours.

Did you know that you do not have to be a media graduate in order to shoot a professional looking video?

To make a better YouTube video, all you need are these 7 things.

1. Camcorder

What is the best video Camcorder?  This is the first commonly asked question when it comes to making video.  The truth is there is…

Clear Clutter, Feel Fresher.

Got rid of 2008 magazines & papers.
Rearranged office reception counter.
Tossed an old TV & wedding souvenirs.
The air is fresher after clearing clutter.--
Adrian Lee