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You Won't Believe What I Saw Yesterday

I was on a webcast yesterday that Mike put on for Social  Media Marketing Machines and I was SHOCKED.  Mike  interviewed people that had created multiple six figure  businesses in less than a year, and you can see it too... Stories like: A mother of triplets with a half-million business while working from homeTwo guys from Florida, no prior experience, a multiple six figure business in less than a yearA seven figure business in lake and pond care, SERIOUSLY So if you're really looking to see what Mikes system can do,  best to learn if from the people doing it.  I've got a  replay link Mike sent me, and you're not going to believe  how powerful the system is. Make it happen, Adrian Lee P.S. Seriously these people blew my mind, and I got choked  up at a couple of points.  This is real, and may offend  you at some points.  It's uncut and sincere, see it here:  http:/…

Business Idea: 5.6 Billion Mobile Phones Worldwide!

Check out these stats:

5.6 billion mobile phone accounts in use worldwide.

96% open rate for text messages.

1 in 14 people on the PLANET have a FaceBook account.

Almost 200 million Twitter accounts.

1.8 billion desktop and laptop computers.

Over 29.6 million small businesses in the US.

There are over 200 million small businesses worldwide.

Know what virtually all of them need help with?

- Mobile Marketing

- Social Media Marketing

- Lead Capture

- Follow Up

This video explains how you can tap into a huge market:

(it's under 15 minutes)

Adrian Lee

Social Media Marketing Machines Review #1... Unbelievable!

What I just saw and did after watching this video is  one of the coolest things I've seen since I got started.
What if I told you there's a completely NEW way of  thinking about getting referrals and leads with what  you already know about the Internet and Social Media...
Heck, with this, your business can grow fast even if  you just got started on the Web.
It's true!
This puts YOU in control of your Social Media Marketing for your business.  Your competitors don't have a clue where to even start.
Seriously. Go check it out. Watch ALL THE WAY to  the end and when you're asked to play along to see  how the system works, make sure you do...
See the results I got below.
Talk's cheap. Best if you go see this for yourself...

Adrian Lee
P.S.: If you're ready to GROW your business  almost immediately, follow what you learn in this  video to t…

ASAP: Videographer Jobs in Singapore |

Videographer Job in Singapore
Professional Videographer ASAP – Full Time Singapore Crew Required to Record, Edit and Share Videos on Facebook, Youtube & Other Social Media Sites. Submit Your Resume Now!Videographer Jobs in Singapore |

Online Video Marketing for Any Business

YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business You might like to know that YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business will be released on August 29, 2008.Here is how Amazon describes the book…To any businessperson or marketing professional, YouTube’s 20 million viewers are a tempting target.
How can you tap into the potential of YouTube to promote your business and sell your products or services?
The answers in YouTube for Business show you how to make YouTube part of your online marketing
plan–and drive traffic to your company’s website.
In this book you’ll learn how to:
• Develop a YouTube marketing strategy• Decide what types of videos to produce• Shoot great-looking YouTube videos–on a budget• Edit and enhance your videos• Create a presence on the YouTube site• Manage a video blog• Generate revenues from your YouTube videos• Produce more effective YouTube videos
Includes profiles of successful businesses:• Blendtec• Charles Smith Pottery• Annette La…

8 Rules To Make Your Video Go Viral

7 Surefire Viral Video Rules - 1 Black Hat Here’s a video that teaches you how to make viral videos. The video summarizes everything you need to do to make a video viral. I know they work because I have applied them myself except for Rule #5 which I consider as black hat.
Here are the 8 Rules summarized from the video: Rule #1: Make Video With Pass-it-On Effect.Rule #2: Get on Youtube’s MOST VIEWED Page.Rule #3: Title Optimization.Rule #4: Manipulate the Thumbnail.Rule #5: Have a Conversation With Yourself.Rule #6: Release Videos Simultaneously.Rule #7: Tag OptimizationRule #8: Track and MeasureHow do you make a video with Pass-it-On Effect?Make it Short.Design for remixing.Don’t make an obvious ad.Make it shocking.Make viewers investigate further.Appeal to SEX.What’s the real secret to jumpstart a viral video?Share your video with Bloggers, Forums, MySpace, Facebook, Friends and Email Lists. Remember to tell others to share the video with others.

Adrian Lee

Blog - http://Adrian.Vide…

Men Like YouTube, Women TV Shows

It is found that women prefer watching online streaming tv shows, while men want to watch consumer-generated content from sites like YouTube.

Here's the news...

Adrian Lee

6 Steps to Make Money Sharing Videos on WeShow

I have just created another passive income website. A social media site that makes money while sharing other people's videos. Here are the six steps I went through. Step #1 : Sign up an account at .
This is quick, only a minute. No need to reply to any confirmation email. Just enter your email, user name, password and birthdate.
Step #2 : Set up your personal profile and photo.
Describe yourself. Submit a photo. Add your website URL.
Step #3 : Create a video community.
This is the social thing. Create a group and share your passion or rather share videos that relate to your passion.
Step #4 : Add videos to your video community.
Start adding videos. I suggest using the search function. When you want to add a video to your community, just click the "Plus" button.
Step #5 : Setup "Make Money" with Google Adsense Account Information.
This is how you make money. WeShow will share 50% of income generated from Adsense. You got to have a Google Adsense acc…

Make Money Sharing Videos Using Social Marketing

I have been making money posting videos online to: is some work involved though to get people to watch my videos.

That's where Social Marketing comes in:

Click here...

This resource guide contains:
Over 180 Video Sharing Sites (i.e. YouTube, AOL, etc..)
Over 100 Social Networking Sites (i.e. MySpace, Squidoo, etc..)
And Over 150 Social Bookmarking Sites (i.e. StumbleUpon, Digg, etc..)

With three categories of Social (Web 2.0) Sites, you can create Your
Very Own Streams of Income in 2008 and Beyond!

Very useful.

Click here...

Thanks for watching! :)

Adrian Lee

3-Minute Video Tip On How To Get Rich Online...

Hope you enjoyed the above video. Did you feel you were part of it?
Adrian Lee


Get tips to making money with dvd and internet video production, sign up now...

Make Money with Online Viral Video...

Big businesses and Internet gurus still haven't figured this out...

... and most never will!

YouTube has demonstrated that online video is where it is at.

But most people have no idea how to create viral videos.

So what if you could learn how to make viral videos from one of the world's leading experts?

What if I told you that expert is a 23-year-old who has over 32,000 subscribers to his YouTube video channel was now sharing his secrets and techniques with you?

If you have any desire to succeed with video online, you'd want to find out more about this right away!

The good news is that Charles Trippy, a YouTube superstar, has now released his system for getting started with your own viral videos. It's called...

~~~Viral Video Fever ~~~

With Viral Video Fever, you can be on your way to becoming a video star on the Internet.

Do you want to...
- become more famous?
- make people laugh?
- make more friends?
- gain more publicity?
- drive more tra…

Do Not Use Copyright Music in Viral Videos

Viral videos help spread embarassment
Bochco felt that television, the traditional entertainment model he had always worked in, wouldn't work for online video, in part because young people mostly use Internet entertainment as a distraction -- something to do, say, between classes

Copyright cops step it up
Audible Magic technology scans online audio and video content to make sure it's authorized for free distribution.

Online Video Advertising's Breakout Moment
"But it's not clear precisely what we mean by "online video." There are several species in this environment. We need to be specific because each one's different in terms of technology, abilities, pricing, and control. Online video can mean streaming video, downloadable video, rented video, video on your site, video on a social n…

Viral Video Experiment Day 5, Viral Video #2 overtakes #1...

Viral Video #1 views up 3354 to 7,935 from 4,581.

Viral Video #2 views up 5670 to 8,898 from 3,228.

Viral Video #2 overtakes Viral Video #1.

10 Things You Need to Make a Viral Video

10 Things You Need to Make a SUCCESSFUL Viral Video

How to Make a Viral Video to Increase Website Traffic

Video + Humor + Viral = Lead-Gen Success for Data Backup Firm

"Discover what one company in the humorless document storage and data protection industry did to stand out from the crowd: an Internet video effort with English straight-man John Cleese. They've had more than 1 million downloads."

-> Step #1. Create a funny plot relevant to the industry
-> Step #2. Hire a celebrity who will attract viewers
-> Step #3. Write a script that makes the best use of your star
-> Step #4. Orchestrate a viral launch
-> Step #5. Use the video for targeted lead generation

The Video:

"I had to press the third button..." - Adrian,

Using YouTube to Drive Traffic to Your Site

1. Create a full-fledged profile and include a link to your blog or website.

2. Write a detailed description for the content you are submitting and a way for people to g…