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Exciting Lifestyle of a Hamster.

Scampered around frantically in a netted. cage. Climbed tiny stairs. Crawled through tubes. Slipped down slippery slides. Squashed in a corner by other hyper active hamsters. Took a break... Sip some water... Munched on tidbits. Then back to scampering.All that really happened when I joined my children at the giant playground in Explorer Kids, Downtown East.We were invited to a birthday party over there. Perfect party venue for kids I would say. Even adults like me enjoyed the fun. Ferris wheel included.If you look at the playground, you will see stark resemblance of a hamster cage. At least now I know the exciting lifestyle of a hamster.Adrian Lee

CareCafe Juicy Hamburger Delight

Tried a new cafe for lunch. CareCafe near Lavender. I had curry vegie rice while Willie had the juicy looking hamburger. There were kimchi noodle and cold noodle. Why care in CareCafe? There are pictures of children on the wall. Children that they support from World Vision. A cafe with a big heart. Then there was a mural on the wall painted by its own staff. Impressive! Go eat at the cafe. Remember to ask for lavendar tea. You'll get a treat.Adrian Lee

Mooncake Cravings

Mooncake, mooncake.
Every sugary bite I take.
Floats me to a higher high.
No wings required to fly.Soft snow skin, yolk bright yellow.
Moonlight basking, lanterns glow.
My top 10 favorite food.
Mooncakes sets the mood.Adrian Lee Do you like moon cakes?

Videographer Shoots in HD, Delivers on Blu Ray

Most common question this week: "Do you shoot in HD (High Definition video)?" Of course I shoot in HD. That's the professional standards today. Home consumer videocams these days are HD. Professional videographers better be higher than that.Gone are the days of recording on tape. Gone are the days of DV. I am ebaying away all my tape machines.The next question you should ask is: "How do you deliver?"Tapes are replaced with memory cards and hard disks. A videographer will not give you a memory card or a hard disk. It will be blu ray disc. What's more: "Can I travel overseas to shoot?"Yes! My video cam can record HD in both NTSC and PAL. That means I can shoot in the US, in Europe, Japan, China, Asia... except underwater.So the next time anyone wants a professional HD videographer, here I am!Adrian Lee
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Lunch Date with Ika, Kakiyagi and Stella.

Ika is squiddy.
Kakiyagi is fishy.
Stella is happy.
Lunch at Sakae Sushi.Set lunch promo.
Nice mixed combo.
Mild wasabi.
3 cups green tea.Adrian Lee
HYPERLINK Http:// Hungry already? Lunch with me.

Internet Video Workshop - for Singapore Entrepreneurs

Are You a Starting a New Business? Do You Have a Desire to Create a Youtube Video to Promote Your Business? Are You Interested in Saving Time and Money by Learning How to Make Your Own Online Videos?

This 1-day workshop is definitely for you!

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Join me for a day of intense, comprehensive, entertaining and informational training at VideoLane Studio in Bukit Merah Central, Singapore.

Here’s what you will be able to do by the end of this 1-day workshop:
How to write a simple video scriptHow to shoot a talking head videoHow to make screen capture videoHow to do simple edit and text overlayHow to lay and mix music under videoHow to render to a video masterHow to upload video to YoutubeHere’s more of what you will get:
Video equipment and lighting all set up and ready to record.Mingle with other entrepreneurs to share and get feedback on your 60 second business video script…

The Piano On The Go...

The butterflies fluttered,
Tummy to the fingers.
Hitting the right notes.
Stumbled on others.The first live performance,
For a 6-week pianist,
Playing a Beethoven classic,
Four full pages of Fur Elise.All's well with humour.
A natural entertainer.
Make it part of the act.
Every moment is perfect.Appreciate my piano trainer.
11 year old grade 5 daughter.
Packed all stuff for my show.
With the piano ready to go.Thanks to the audience,
Who watched me play.
I love your reactions.
You made my day.Adrian Lee

Look at This Picture. Is this Beethoven or Mozart?

Quiz:1. Who composed the popular piano piece "Fur Elise"?2. Why did he create the piece?3. Who is playing "Fur Elise" Tonight LIVE on stage? (clue: see picture)Answer:
1. Ludwig Van Beethoven.
2. For his lover.
3. I am. My piano teacher is none other than my 11 year old daughter, Cheryl.Took 6 weeks to learn.Playing live on stage in a graduation ceremony tonight at the YMCA, to about 100 people.Butterflies in my tummy are fluttering all the way up to my fingers and brain!Good luck to me!Adrian Lee

Look at This Image, is it a Hotel, or is it the Matrix Doorway?

When you visit my office, VideoLane Studio, that's what you will see. Most people think it looks more like a hotel. I think it's more like the movie Matrix where each door leads you to a new dimension. My office door is somewhere in the middle down the corridor.Visit me someday. Have lunch. Adrian Lee

How to Share Your Youtube Private Video

Want to share a private video on Youtube?
Want to share that private video with someone who is not your Youtube friend?Here’s how to share a Youtube video with anyone PRIVATELY.Log in to your Youtube accountSelect the video you want to share privately.Select the Edit option.Go to “Broadcasting and Sharing Options” > “Privacy”.Select “Private (Viewable by up to 25 people)”Select “Limited access URL”.Copy and paste the private URL into your email message.A Limited Access URL lets you share your Youtube video by creating a special link that only 25 people can view. You can email the link to friends and family, and clicking it will take them directly to the Youtube video.
Adrian Lee
Video On The Move…
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Donated the First Bag of Blood! Painless!

Scared at first. How will it feel? What's the feeling of blood being sucked out of your body? The bloody needle was indeed really thick. It pierced right through my big vein on the right arm. Verdict? Painless. No curdling sucking feeling. The blood just flows smoothly into the bag from my arm.Painless also because of friendly staff, a beautiful donor beside me and friends all around.Thanks to Mathew Wong, my friend, who's also the organiser for the event, for encouraging me to make the move.Feels great to have save a life and renew my blood cells.I encourage all of you who hold back donating blood because of fear, to take the first step. It's painless!Adrian Lee