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Risk Music Copyright Infringement for Wedding Montages

...or cough up between $100 and $200 for each song.

It's in the news today. Be careful what songs you use in weddings.

"It (Composers and Authors Society of Singapore ) has sent letters to wedding photographers and videographers asking them to buy the licences for songs they wish to use - on their corporate websites and in their works - while stopping short of suggesting active enforcement."

(Where's my letter? They missed me!)

"They should state clearly who they represent, which are the copyrighted songs, and how much one has to pay for different uses - for example, on a website or for a photo montage... That way, businesses will be more willing to pay for the licences because we can then prove to customers there's a reason for raising our charges."

COMPASS should create some sort of online shopping cart for us to buy licences. Just make it easy to purchase and…