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How to Set Up a Mini Green Screen Studio

In this video, I reveal the process of setting up a mini green screen studio in our office.

The studio size is good enough for one person, filmed at mid shot neatly from the waist up.

This studio was actually created for our videography class training. However, we do have clients using it as a service to create welcome message videos for their websites.

So here is how to set up a mini green screen studio in seven steps...

What is Replacing DVDs - Top Trends in 2011

What is Replacing DVDs - Top Trends in 2011

Do you shoot your own videos? If you do, how are you distributing them to your audience?

If you are still using DVDs to store your videos, there is one bad news and some good news.

The bad news… DVD is dying.

Look up Google Trends and you will notice the demand for DVD is seriously declining.

Read the annual report of a disc manufacturer and they will tell you they are losing money even in a rising economy.

Observe some of the latest laptops… They do not have DVD drives built in!

If DVD is disappearing, then what is replacing it as a medium for storage?

Did you say BluRay? Wrong answer.

The good news… There are 3 trends that are taking over DVDs as a storage and distribution platform for videos.

1. Flash Drive

Flash drives come in different forms, the most common being Thumb Drives and Memory Cards. An average flash drive the size of a finger nail can store over 32 GB of data. Compare that with the tiny 4 GB on a DVD! Transferrin…

Help Japan and Learn from the Experts at the Same Time…

Saddened by the recent disaster in Japan, a group of trainers have joined ‘voices’ to conduct over 40 hours of content-rich LIVE workshops in Singapore to help raise money to help the affected. The workshops were filmed on video for sale online to raise more funds. The “Help Japan 2011″ workshop series include: How To Maximize Your iPad (and iPhone) For Productivity, Knowledge And Fun! Trainer: Roger LohBuilding Websites with WordPress Trainer: George CheongHow to Teach So Your Child Can Truly Learn and Achieve His/Her Capabilities Trainer: Leny PainanDetoxifying Your Body For Great Health Trainer: Veronica LimCaring For Your Voice Trainer: Iris Koh3 Simple Ways To Increase Sales Trainer: James WeeOptimize Your Website for First Page Google!Trainer: K C TanProfiting from the Forex, Stock Index and Commodity Markets Trainer: Clarence Chee10 Tools You Should Have For Windows 7 To Increase Your Productivity! Trainer: Chan Kum CheeHow…