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15 SWF to MPG DVD With Sound In Less Than One Hour

While rushing for a client to compile 15 animated SWF flash files with sound to a DVD, I discovered that software encoders were way too slow.

Spent the whole afternoon figuring out the fastest way to do it.

Then it hit me.

It was just a near impossible thought, but I experimented anyway.

It worked!

The requirement was to convert each SWF file to MPG, then edit them to fit the TV screen safety margin and finally rearrange the sequence before putting them on DVD.

Using traditional methods, this will take a few hours! Manually editing and rendering.

So I thought... why not play the SWF file full screen, output it via the S-video out from the PC into the DV camcorder (at the same time connect the PC audio line out to the camcorder line in), then from the same camcorder firewire out back to the PC. Finally at the PC end, capture straight to DVD.

It's a LOOP. Screen capture out from PC then back again. Impossible?

No. It worked!

The sound was great too. Further, there were no dropouts.

All I neede…

How to Convert AVI to MPG then to VCD

Here's another freeware to convert AVI to MPG... - Downloads: AVI2VCD

This is a continuation to the PPT to AVI article...

Avi2vcd is an mpeg encoder with only one purpose: Encoding VideoCD 2.0 compliant mpeg streams. Avi2vcd can create all 3 valid VideoCD streams: FILM (23.976 fps), PAL (25 fps), and NTSC (29.97 fps). The horizontal resolution must be 768 pixels or less, the vertical resolution must be 576 pixels or less. Audio need not even be present, and if it is, can be stereo or mono, 8 or 16 bit, and any of the following sample rates:

8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, or 48 KHz.

(as long as the audio is NOT compressed, if it is, use the utility "decompress.exe" included to convert to uncompressed audio first).

If your source video is longer than can fit on one CD, than avi2vcd can split it into multiple .mpg's during encode. It can also shut your PC down f…

Guess This Grand Venue And Win a Free Fireworks Footage

These are abstract shots of the Grand Venue which I will be doing video recording of an event.

Can you guess the name of this place?

Breastfeeding in Style...

Yes, that's the subject for today's videography work.

Don't you envy my job, my business, as a videographer?

Visit my client's website for more...
Celebrate Breastfeeding & Babywearing with Moms in Mind!

The Birth of

It's high time to build a separate website for the CD DVD Duplication part of the videography service.

Though CD DVD Duplication is the final phase of the whole video production process, it is the most important.

It is the TANGIBLE part of the business where clients get to touch their final edited videos... and make copies for distribution.

It is the part of the business that has nothing to do with video production, like getting the right media, designing and printing the label, designing and printing the cover inserts, choosing the right casing, wrapping and packaging. A whole separate business by itself.

To keep up with the ever changing duplication technology, I am opening up my research notes to the public at

The Most Beautiful Beach Side Wedding I Have Done

Unlike the usual wedding banquets in hotel ballrooms, this party was held outside a bungalow next to the beach.

You see huge ships passing by. Planes flying low. Waves lashing against the shore. Coconut trees standing tall.

Best part of all... the drinks. Sampled all of them! Red wine, white wine, rasberry vodka and lemonade.

I won $42million...

Image my dream last night.

I was in a live online competition where participants compete to design the best web site within a time limit.

I won, but did not know the prize was so big.

Doubtfully, I questioned the organizer whether I should purchase anything from them in order to claim my prize.

They said I don't have to, it's mine.

Upon claiming, it wasn't a $42million cash prize, but $42million worth of software.

Just one software. They gave me a container load of the same software. They come in shiny brown boxes. I couldn't make out the title.

I thought to myself. Hmmm... how am I going to sell them all?

...a night in the dreams of a Videographer.

Anyway, the dream was a follow-through to what I was doing last night. Creating a website to catch a current hot topic.

Football or soccer? Whatever. Catch the fever. Be part of the game. Make big money. View the world's top sites and searches for football, FIFA and the World Cup.

Eating Best of Singapore's Favourites and Drinking Absolut

It's all in a day's work.

From 9am to 5pm, videography of cooking instructional DVDs for Prima Food.

6pm till late, videography for for the launch event of Absolut Apeach , a new flavour by my favourite vodka.

At Prima, we filmed the process of preparing 8 local dishes.

I get to savour all of them after shooting each dish. Yummy!

Absolut vodka? Irresistable. Gulped a few shots. Vodka shots not video shots.

I love my business.

That's what you get in a day in the life of a Videgrapher.

Coconut Islands Video

Image in other languages. in other languages: Chinese Simplified. Chinese traditional, Japanese, Korean, French.

Take a look!

The Coconut Islands Adventure

6am. Started queing for ferry ticket at harbourfront.

7am. Boarded ferry Penguin 16.

730am. Penguin 16 departs harbourfront. 1 hour journey. A cool ride with can playing on tv.

830am. Arrival at Sekupang Batam. A man at the landing platform was holding a sign board with my name. He helped me cleared customs while I waited at the platform where I could see the speed boat waiting for me.

This is by far the fastest speed boat I have ever experienced. Look at the double engines. It is practically flying... With plenty of air pockets. It was a bumpy ride. I was told this will be a 2-hour journey.

Indeed it was a 2-hour bumpy ride on a flying speed boat. I hear only the engine roar and smell diesel. Passed by about 10 other islands before arriving at the 1st coconut island, Pulau Burung.

1030am. Like in james bond movies. You are greeted by security that don’t speak english and waits for you to speak first.

This coconut plantation is humongus. Bigger than the size of 2 Singapores. Another boat rid…

Videography in the coconut islands

Have a last minute videography assignment for tomorrow.

Got to leave the country by boat.

Upon reaching the destination, I will be whisked off in a speed boat to the first coconut island where the shoot will take place for 3 or more hours.

Then the speed boat will take me to the 2nd coconut island.

This is going to be exciting.

New Links Added - Unlimited Movie Downloads

Download all your favorite movies to your PC and then transfer them to DVD in a very easy manner. All titles available in DVD-quality video and audio with no loss of quality.

FREE Movie download software, DVD Copy Software, Movie Players, CD Burning Software.

New Download file Added - PowerPoint to DVD software

The 1# PowerPoint to DVD software.

Since the 1st generation of the PPT2DVD(Previous PowerPoint2DVD) series released in the year of 2003, it has been in the continuously updating and enhancing, and still under ongoing development.

Wondershare PPT2DVD offers a direct conversion between PowerPoint presentations and videos which are ready for burning or viewing on PC without the MS PowerPoint installed on.

Download the 15-day trial version here...

Output in MPEG, DVD/MiniDVD
PPT2DVD enables you to convert your PowerPoint presentations to MPEG movie, or burn to DVD/MiniDVD disc for permanent data backup or sent to others as gifts. Since the wide spread use of DVDs, a dvd_based presentation is becoming more and more acceptable and desired by people.

Perfect Duplication of the Original PowerPoint Presentations
Highly preserves the texts, graphics, audio tracks, videos and transitions of the original, with a qua…

Noise Singapore 2006 TVC completed

The final version of Noise Singapore 2006 television commercial is ready. You can view it online here...

The Launch of this National Arts Council event is tomorrow evening at the Rierwalk. See you there.

New website announcement:

Talking about internet marketing in the previous post, I am actually having information overload with conflicting business strategies coming from different Gurus.

So now, I will be focusing on building websites with topics I am passionate about.
Successful Online Stock Trading Strategies.
Adrian's Tips How To Create, Convert and Copy videos and DVDs.

An honour to video tape Internet stars Johan Mok and Ewen Chia

Finally they found me on Google, though I have been in top 10 ranking for over three years for search term "seminar video Singapore".

They hired me to video tape their weekend internet marketing seminar, The Internet Goldmine.

Participants paid thousands to attend the seminar. I get paid to shoot it.

Did I learn anything new from the course? No. It is more a refresher for me.

Little did they know that I am on their subscriber list for than 3 years.

Anyway it was a pleasure meeting Johan and Ewen.

"Can I clarify if your wedding videography includes editing down the footage to a DVD of a certain length? What else would it include?"

Today's Wedding Video DVD question...

Q: "Can I clarify if your wedding videography includes editing down the footage to a DVD of a certain length? What else would it include?"

The full raw (uncut) video footage of a wedding day ceremony and a wedding banquet will be around 2 hours.

The edited (with cuts, effects, music and title) video will be slightly over an hour.

Un-advertised Bonus! You will also get a highlight version (5-minute movie trailer) in your DVD.

Adrian Lee

Rhapsody Hits 1.8 Million Songs! And... Giving Away Free MP3 Players!

Rhapsody now has 1.8 million songs on file! That's 300,000 more tunes that have been added. With 1.8 Million songs its easy to see why Rhapsody truly is the #1 Rated digital music service!
Unrestricted access to over 1.5 million songs
Complete Music Jukebox Software to manage your entire collection
Unlimited pre-programmed and customizable ad-free radio stations
Direct Web access to music right from your browser

AVI or DV? Which is more popular?

From Overture...
DV =8592 searches
AVI =44395 searches

The clear winner is AVI.

AVI = Adrian Video Image.

The new website shall be named

All my free video tips will continue from here.
Adrian's Tips on How to Create, Convert and Copy Digital Videos with only a Camcorder and a Computer.

DVD Extraction Day

Today, everybody wants to extract a segment of a DVD then transfer to another DVD. This can be done within an hour.

Infinite DVD Looping

Today's new enquiry: "Can you loop a DVD for an hour?"

This is for an in-store video where it will play over and over again for shoppers to watch.

Answer: "We can make your DVD loop infinitely!"

No need to rewind or press start everytime the video ends.

Auction: Panasonic AG-DP200E SVHS Camcorder

My old camcorder is up for sale.


Model: Panasonic AG-DP200E SVHS Camcorder

Zoom lens. 1CCD. Analog Video Format: PAL. 6 x camcorder battery. Power Adaptor/Charger with cable. Carry Case. 3rd party Wide Lens.
This is the Professional version of the Panasonic AG-455.

Interested? Please bid...