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Event Pan/Crop Window Too Small… Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial

Here’s a sticky problem I get asked frequently by new Sony Vegas users. You may encounter it sometimes.Is your Event Pan/Crop window stuck in a tiny area with the rest of the Sony Vegas Windows?Do you want to make the Event Pan/Crop window bigger or open it in a new window?(You cannot do much with Pan/Crop effect in such a tight space.)Here’s how to get it out…

Flip a Video with Sony Vegas Pro 8 - Tutorial

In most video editing software, like windows movie maker, there is an effect where you can flip the video horizontally or vertically.This video effect option is either called the “Mirror” or “Flip”.However, in Sony Vegas, this effect is not as straight forward as clicking a button.Here is how to flip a video with Sony Vegas Pro 8...

Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial - Missing Keyframe In Text Generator

Missing Keyframe In Text Generator - Sony Vegas Pro 8 TutorialMissing keyframe control panel in your text generator? It was there yesterday and now it is gone?
Want to know how to set it back and turn it on again? Very easy. Here is how to turn back on the keyframe control panel in the text generator of Sony Vegas Pro 8. Watch Video Here...

Voted Best Again at Yahoo Answers

How to Resize Video for Rendering - Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial Yay! Voted best answer again at Yahoo Answers.A question was asked on how to resize a WMV V9 format video for rendering using Sony Vegas Pro 8. Here is my quick answer…Resizing video for rendering to WMV V9 format.
1. Select “Render As”
2. Select “Save as type:” > “Windows Media Video V9 (*.wmv)”
3. Click button “Custom…”
4. Click tab “Video”
5. Select “Image size:” > “(Custom)”
6. Change Width and Height to desired size.
7. Click “OK”Enjoy!
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Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial : 7 Special Effects

Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial : 7 Special Effects Here is a Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial for the beginner created by Youtuber dnuorgrednu2. I feature this video here because it demonstrates in 8 minutes all the basic special effects from Sony Vegas Pro 8.7 Special Effects With Sony Vegas Pro 8:How to Cut, Speed Up and Slow DownAdding Video EffectsAdding Transition EffectsHow to Use Chroma Keyer EffectOverview of Protype TitlerHow to Use 3D EditorAdding Sound Effect Enjoy!
Adrian Lee
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Packed with all the necessary materials, including video footage, sequences, and detailed instructio…