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Purchased EZSTOR DVD Duplicator S$2400.

Demand for DVD Duplication is picking up. Cannot rely on PC DVD Copy anymore. This machine can do at least 20 DVDs an hour at the lowest speed on a full capacity DVD.

Type : DVD
No of Writers : 7
Supported Format : DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW CD-ROM, CD-R/RW
Speed : 4x DVD+R DL, 16X DVD-R, +R/RW, 8 X DVD-RW, 40X CD-R
Data Buffer : 8MB SDRAM
Input Disc Capacity : 4.7GB( DVD-/+ R ), 650/700MB CD-R/RW
Dimension : 120X300X300 mm
Weight : 20 kg
Automated : False
Power Source : 100 ~240 AUTO
Recommended System Requirement : STANDALONE SYSTEM

Mixing Pre-Recorded Video Speech With Powerpoint Slides on a Plasma Screen.

Recorded a speech on video and later played it back on a plasma screen side by side with the powerpoint slides on the same screen. The switching of the powerpoint slides was live based on the cues given in the recorded speech.

This picture in picture function is only available in the latest plasma models.

Ideal for exhibitions.

How to Convert PAL VCD to NTSC DVD.

Today's task. Not a good idea but that's the only source they have.

Four Fireworks in a Weekend.

I must call myself the fireworks chaser or maybe make myself a name as a 'fireworks videographer'.

Perfected the art of shooting fireworks on a digital video camcorder with 3 consecutive nights of fireworks, including 2 separate event on saturday. That makes a total record of 4 fireworks in 1 weekend.

posring from o2 xda2s with netfront.

Building new website

At Last, Heely's Roller Shoes!

Made a promise in the beginning of the year to get Cheryl a pair of Heely's roller shoes if she achieve top 3 in class.

She wanted it badly.

Never thought I will have to spend that money, but she got third in class for her mid-year exams.

A promise is a promise a good father shall keep.

(Actually wanted to get her an imitation, but could hardly find a store that sells them these days. The fad may be fading.)

Anyway the original Heely store still exist at Great World City. So off we went to get a pair.

I asked the store keeper for the difference between the original Heely roller shoe and the cheaper copycat roller shoe.

Here's the difference:
The sole is made of the same tough rubber they use to make airplane tyres.The wheel is rubber and not plastic.There is a thick protective liner in the shoe to for heel comfort.The whole shoe itself is tougher and padded to reduce injury.It's my daughter's feet. She deserves it. Original and safe.Got a pair 3cm longer than her feet so that …