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Event Pan/Crop Window Too Small… Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial

Here’s a sticky problem I get asked frequently by new Sony Vegas users. You may encounter it sometimes.Is your Event Pan/Crop window stuck in a tiny area with the rest of the Sony Vegas Windows?Do you want to make the Event Pan/Crop window bigger or open it in a new window?(You cannot do much with Pan/Crop effect in such a tight space.)Here’s how to get it out…

VideoLane’s Business Goal 2009…

… in one poster.Adrian Lee Blog -
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Service - http://VideoLane.comPS: I made the poster here…

Joby Gorillapod as Video Camera Mini Tripod?

I have a multi-cam video assignment coming up that requires one video camera to be stationary all the time.No pan, no zoom. Just stationary.The problem is… there is no space for a tripod. This will be a party event swamped with people dancing all over the place.So the idea is to fix my camcorder onto any overhead fixtures.The best solution is the JOBY Gorillapod, a mini flexible camera tripod...

Flip a Video with Sony Vegas Pro 8 - Tutorial

In most video editing software, like windows movie maker, there is an effect where you can flip the video horizontally or vertically.This video effect option is either called the “Mirror” or “Flip”.However, in Sony Vegas, this effect is not as straight forward as clicking a button.Here is how to flip a video with Sony Vegas Pro 8...

Extracting Videos From a DVD to MPG

Do you want to edit a DVD or maybe take out a part of the DVD to be edited with other video footages?Do you know that you do not need to buy any software to extract video clips from a DVD?You can even do it yourself. All you need is your PC with a DVD drive.In this video tutorial, you will learn how to extract video from a DVD using a PC running on Windows XP.Steps to extract videos from a DVD...How to Extract Video from a DVD for Editing