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How to Choose a PC for Video Editing

How to Choose a PC for Video Editing.
By Adrian Lee ©2004

August 2004 marks the arrival of the 6th video editing PC into our
studio. She will also serve as a VCD and DVD churning machine.

Here's what I look for in a PC for video editing:

(1) Fast and Supported Processor: Intel Pentium4 3.2ghz HT.

Get the fastest available. Don't let the PC salesman tell you that
there is not much difference between a 2.8ghz and a 3.2ghz. Get the
3.2ghz. Get an Intel brand processor as most editing programs are
optimised based on Intel. Better if you can get dual processors (2
processors in 1) or the Hyper Threading (HT) type.

(2) Firewire/IEEE 1394 Port: at least 2.

You will not hear me talk about video capture cards. They only tie me
down to 1 PC and give endless troubleshooting between card
manufacturer and PC manufacturer when things go wrong. A firewire
port is enough to do video editing and conversion jobs as long as you
have a digital camcorder with a firewi…

Teaching Kids About Video Making.

The OEPS kids surprised me today. Thought I was going to spoon feed them again. Last week 4 teams were given homework to write video scripts. I expected hopeless jobs. Instead they completed their scripts and require only some touch ups. The topics were captivating too, especially from 2 of the teams. One is a documentary about chickens and the other about plants. They are so eager to win the competition.