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Adrians Journal 200715

Today, I am conducting a day of physical classroom teaching for the first time since the circuit breaker. 
I miss the Zoom meeting days.
So yesterday I shot a video.
Today I will edit the video... But after class.
What the score?
Gumroad 1000 Visitors Goal
Yesterday.  208. This morning. 205.
Amzn 300 clicks 10 orders Challenge
Yesterday. 185 clicks. 4 orders. $9 earned. This morning. 4 orders. 
YTVL 17000 Subscribers Challenge
Yesterday. 16757. Up 0. I have a bad feeling about this. This morning. 16768. Up 11.New daily challenge...
1 FBVL LIVE, 1 VL , 1 YTVL, S$10,000
Do these In a recession...
What's trending in tech? One Plus Nord

How's your day?
Adrian's Journal

Businesses and Products That Will Do Well in a Recession

What Business Will Do Well And Thrive In A Recession Accountantimg servicesHealthcare providersFinancial advisors and economists Car maintenance servicesDIY and repairsRental agents and property managementGrocery storesBargain and discount stores 🤔Freight and logisticsDebt collection agencyResume writing servicesFreelance Temp work 🤔Tutoring services 🤔Food truckSin businesses Computer systems design and services 🤔Restoration servicesTattoo artist Fast FoodsEducation 🤔
Products In Demand During The Recession
Candy is one of the most recession-proof industries to be in. Cadbury’s profits went up by 30% in 2008 and Nestle’s went up by 11% at the same time. Can’t make this stuff up! Candy 🤔Consumer staplesCamping gearCar partsCoffee, tea and energy drinksCosmeticsClothingTupperwarePet care productsMovies, TV amd video gamesFood and drinkHigh-end luxury itemsSaltAlcohol Tobacco CondomsGuns and ammunitionLong term storage foodGold and silverWedding itemsDisposable diapersVideo conferencin…

Hohem iSteady X Review bullet script...

Hohem iSteady X Review bullet script... The story... Big gimbals, then q2, mini mx, and now...Lightweight foldable smartphone gimbal stabilizer.The ultra-lightweight smartphone gimbal stabilizer that folds to fit in your pocket, with only four simple control buttons, and an APP to unlock more possibilities. Made for YouTubers and vloggers.Official Store: US$79 US$69 (as at July 2020)Black - -'s outside the boxWhat's inside the box...iSteady X, Mini Tripod, Storage Pouch, Power Cable, Wrist StrapAPP ...Hohem ProGoogle Play Store: App Store: lightweightFoldableCarries heavy phonesOne-handed operationFace tracking modeInception modeDolly Zoom vertigo modeTime-lapse modeMotion time-lapse1-tap templates1-…

Adrian's Journal 200714 - Facebook Live Unboxing

Two parcels arrived yesterday. Which one should I unbox first?The isteady gimbal orThe Yolobox live stream deviceFirst come first served I guess?
Should I go live to unbox?
Very tempted to go live but I'll be going against my decisions to make video faster using this smartphone.
But then again, there are two reasons why I should go live now. I have a Final Cut Pro plugin to review... therefore I need to start using FCPX for video editing instead of the smartphone.I have the yolo box to review too... So I need to go live because it's a live streaming device.Just Do it. Go live! ...after I prepare the bullet script.

Now let's track some results...

Gumroad 1000 Visitors Goal
Yesterday. 209.This morning. 202. No ad no add.Noon. 205.Evening. 208. 
Amzn 300 clicks 10 orders Challenge
Yesterday. 180 clicks. 0 orders. $0 earned.This morning. Three orders. With one above $100. Unisheen video capture card.Yay orders are back. But I still need to double down.Noon. Same 3 orders. Evening. 185 …

Blackmagic Design ATEM 2M/E and 4M/E Advanced Panel.

I received an alert about two new Blackmagic Design products.
Blackmagic Design announced two new control panels for its switchers.
The ATEM 2 M/E Advanced Panel features 2 M/E rows with 20 input buttons and 2 independent system control LCDs for each row. The ATEM 4 M/E Advanced Panel features 4 M/E rows with 40 input buttons per row and 4 independent system control LCDs for each row. This large panel includes 24 LCD’s for custom labelling of every button on every row. 

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Adrian's Journal

Adrian's Journal 200713 - Another Parcel Arrived

This is one wet Monday morning. Love the sound of the rain. Love the cool sensation on my skin. Love the grey skies.
It was a lazy weekend...
Uploaded Part 2 of my MOZA Mini MX review... new slides for Smartphone Video Class... Today? Standby for the delivery of 2 parcels.Shoot two new unboxing videos.Let's align with my goals...
Gumroad 1000 Visitors Goal
Night. 212.This morning. 207.  Merge this promo with my YouTube videos.Evening. 209.
Amzn 300 clicks 10 orders Challenge
Night. 136 clicks. 7 orders. $1 earned. Many returned goods.This morning. No orders! For the first time! Panic. Press the red alert button. Something is not right. Is there traffic to the website and  YouTube channel?Traffic is good for the website. Same traffic. Amazon links are working. It must be this. The product is not required anymore to turn your GoPro i…

Sony Wearable Air Conditioner

Sony released the Reon Pocket. A personal air conditioner that fits into t-shirt collarsName: Reon Pocket. about the size of a smartphone. looks like an Apple Magic Mouse. cools your body by up to 23 degrees Fahrenheit. warms you up during the winter at an additional 14 degrees Fahrenheit.slips into a pocket inside a special T-shirt.control how cold or warm the temperature gets with a smartphone app.Download from Google play store.Download from Apple App store. built-in lithium ion battery lasts about two to four hours. takes about 2.5 hours to charge the battery back up with a USB-C port.Price: US$172Availability: only in Japan

Alternative personal air-conditioner