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Singapore Sony Service Centre Excellent as Products

Pleasant surprise.

Sony completed the repair of my 2 camcorders in less than a week.

I should say the Singapore Sony Service Centre here is as great as the Sony Products.

Sony may be a little more expensive, but it is worth the satisfaction.

D8 camcorder replaced drum head at S$320.

VX2000 camcorder replaced tape drive parts at S$$159.

Great! They will be back at work in tip top condition after Chinese New Year.

Camcorders and Computers in Festive Mood

Like humans, my camcorders and computers seem to be in a festive mood.

They have decided to breakdown together in this period.

Trusty Fosa notebook computer got a mechanical on/off switch problem which no one can repair. Fosa support don't exist anymore. So I have to figure a way to turn her on. (Because of this, a new notebook was purchased)

HT, The Acer Desktop PC just hanged and shut down in the middle of a video editing session. She refused to turn on again. She is now hospitalised and is expected to recover after Chinese New Year. Diagnosed with a suspected motherboard problem.

D8cam, the Sony Digital8 camcorder, has finally given way. She has been working very hard for more than five years converting D8, Hi8 and V8 video tapes to VCDs and DVDs. Diagnosed with broken drum head, she will undergo drum head transplant operations.

Finally, VX, the Sony VX2000 3CCD MiniDV Camcorder, developed hearing problem. Video recorded did not have perfect sounds. Diagnosed with broken interal par…

Opera for Pocket PC

Yippee! Opera, the internet browser is now available for pocket pc.

I just downloaded it into my O2 XDA IIs.

It works with adsense admin page. Whoopee!

Didn't work with adwords admin page though. Will try again later.

Best of all! it works on This blog is wriiten on my O2 XDA IIs with Opera. if you can read it, it works. Hooray!

I will be testing more sites later.

Though it is only a 45 day trial, I will not be buying Netfront anymore.

I have been waiting for this day since I last used Opera on my former pda phone, the sony ericsson p800.

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Just set up a collection of informational products.


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Take a look. Would love a feedback.

The Bull is Running. Time to Get Back Into Stock Market Investment.

The news is hot now. The outlook for the stock market is extremely positive. Especially in Tech Stocks.

But I have not been monitoring the market for three years. What do I know which counter to enter?

So google-searched the web for guides, tips and tricks.

Finally, I found what I was looking for!

A Stock Market Analysis Free Software that will scan all the index stocks in the market and alert me with Buy/Sell Signals!

No need scan through each counter individually anymore. It's all done by the computer in a few seconds.

The program is based on established proven Technical Analysis.

I showed this to my neighbour. He is a financial guy in training. He was impressed but would rather stick to his Warren Buffet style of long term stock market investing based on studying and reading the companies' fundamentals.

For me, I am looking for short term quick profits. The computer will do all the studying, reading and analysis. Automatically and quickly.

A word of caution though from my friend. Bu…

Meet Sam. The Wedding Photographer.

Last week end, I got the opportunity to work with a young and upcoming wedding photographer.

There are more and more wedding photgraphers entering the market these days, but not all deserve my mention.

But Sam caught my attention as a detailed, creative, quick thinking and approachable person.

His camera angles and framing produces the effect of space and depth on a flat piece of photo paper.

His rates? Still half of the more experienced wedding photographers of equal style.

Visit his site at
(look out for the semi-nude pre-wedding shoot)

Searching for Low Cost Business Broadband for a Staff of 3.

It's time to fix broadband internet access in the office.
Here are the rates I found today.
512kbps Business Broadband Ultimate(Single User) @
$173.25/mth(UP $315/mth)
One time charge ?
256kbps LAN (Dynamic IP)
One time charge $100.
SingNet Business Broadband (Dynamic IP) PlanUnlimited: 256kbps
One time charge?

And the winner is.... STARHUB!

Speed Up Your PC. Get a FREE Diagnostics tool.

Help! My admin PC is slowing down by the day. I uninstalled many useless programs, but that didn't help. I defragmented my drive but that didn't help too. So I searched the web and found this free diagnostic tool.

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Manual Cleanup
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Here is how I look like in South Park

I was searching for tips on how to draw South Park characters and found this site that made it so easy. - South Park Studio

I created a character of myself.

Here is how Adrian Lee looks like in South Park!

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Start the New Year with Unlimited Free Music Downloads.

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Watched 3 Fireworks Live. Happy New Year!

Welcomed 2006 at the peak of Telok Blangah Hill with 2 cans of Shandy. Just me and my darling... plus a crowd standing behind us waiting for the fireworks to go off.

At the stroke of midnight, expected to see 2 fireworks display, BUT we got three!

From this spot, we can see fireworks display coming from the Cable Car Tower, the Esplanade and Sentosa.

Spectacular! Though we have to turn our heads left and right to catch all the shows.

The fireworks at cable car tower lasted longest. About 15 minutes.

At the Finale, the crowd spontaneously applauded.

Happy New Year!