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21 Selling Strategies for Growing Your Small Business -- Interview with ...


An Interview with Tom Abbott, the author of “The SOHO Solution: 21 Selling Strategies for Growing Your Small Business” I met Tom Abbott more than a year ago in BNI — Business Networking International Singapore. Coming from Canada to establish his company in Singapore, I personally witnessed Tom’s business grow exponentially in a short few months as a Sales Coach. Tom Abbott of is now known as Southeast Asia’s Number 1 Sales Specialist. Tom is also the author of “The SOHO Solution: 21 Selling Strategies for Growing Your Small Business”… I had the honor to corner him after his speaking showcase at BNI Rendezvous Singapore to reveal the selling strategies mentioned in his book. This this inte

Chinese New Year Prosperity Toss

Chinese New Year “Loh Hei” or Prosperity Toss

Did you know that “Loh Hei” is a Singapore Dish?

“Loh Hei” 捞起 in Cantonese means Prosperity Toss.
It is a Teochew-style raw fish salad, consisting of strips of raw fish, mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients.

Another name for “Loh Hei” is Yúshēng (鱼生) which literally means “raw fish” but is interpreted as Yúshēng (余升) meaning an increase in abundance.

Hence, yusheng is considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor.


Darth Vader VolksWagon Commercial Viral Video Hit

Darth Vader VolksWagon Commercial hit 15 Million Views in 5 Days – Why?
The story caught my attention on Yahoo News Headlines.
I saw this video clip on YouTube when it was freshly featured.
The views were barely less than a thousand then.
I showed it to my kids using my iPhone. They love 5 days later, the Yahoo news reported 7 million views.
I then checked out the video again and saw 15 million views.
As I write this article, the video is now 17 million views.
That means it’s getting 2 million views a day! This makes a good case study for my videography students.
Especially the chapter on YouTube video marketing. [read more...]
Darth Vader Volkswagon VW Commercial Viral Video

What is HDR on iPhone Camera - Image Comparison

What is HDR on iPhone Camera? HDR is also known as HDRI -- High Dynamic Range Imaging. HDR is the ability to take a series of different exposures of the same scene and combining them
so all the image is properly exposed. In this video, I compare 3 different scenes I have shot on the iPhone 4 with and without HDR on. 1. An outdoor scene with direct sun at the back of the silhouetted subject. HDR saved the picture. 2. An indoor scene under regular flourescent lamp. HDR made the subject look brighter. 3. A scene with a bright over exposed signboard. HDR evens out the whole image. For more about using the iPhone as a camcorder and more, visit… Enjoy! Adrian Lee

Funny Rabbit Pictures - Some Cute Some Fake

Image presents…
Funny Rabbit Pictures -- Some Cute Some Fake Specially for Chinese friends who celebrate the year of the Rabbit. Happy and prosperous new year to you!  Adrian Lee PS:
Video is entirely edited and uploaded from the iPhone 4. PPS:
Pictures taken from various websites below. Thanks. See More Funny Rabbits at:

Butterfly Feeding on Flower Nectar - Video Clip

This is one of the most amazing video I have ever shot with my iPhone 4.An adult butterfly sipping nectar from a flower with its tongue, like a straw.Watch how the tongue dips into the flower while it holds on to the petal.AdrianLee
Recorded, Edited and Uploaded with iPhone4PS:
The video is a close-up without tripod and extra lens, just the iPhone in High Definition.