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7 First Time Golfing Tips - Golf for the Beginner

Since five years ago, my friend Ken have been inviting me to learn golfing with him.  I have put off this sport from my schedule because I felt this game is not for me.  I used to think that golfing was a boring sport... you hit a ball with a stick... walk long distance... hit the ball again... continue to walk a longer distance...

This week, Ken invited me once more.  This time, my view of golf evolved.  I am actively engaged in business networking these days and golfing is a great way to build relationships. (How's how my young daughter described golf when I mentioned that I will be playing for the first time.  Based on what she watched on TV dramas, there is always 2 power characters casually discussing sports... which leads to a game of golf... and eventually penning a business contract!)

Great! So I am a Virgin Golfer here playing with 7 other business owners.  Three of them are seasoned golfers with their own set of clubs.  The rest of us are beginners being coached by Ken …