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1-day Video Editing Course with Final Cut Pro X in Singapore

Adrian Video Image has posted a new item, '1-day Video Editing Course with Final Cut...'

1-day Video Editing Course with Final Cut Pro X for Beginners – Singapore Discover how Professionals turn raw video footage into polished art for the Web, Blu-ray and DVD.  Quickly acquire the skills to edit commercials, documentaries, feature films, music videos and instructional videos.   For the professional… create lead generation and profitable videos.   For the hobbyist… turn your family videos into entertaining movies.  For all aspiring Video Makers who want to get started video editing with Final Cut Pro X.  Join me in a comprehensive, entertaining and informative training in Singapore. . In  this 1-day hands-on video editing workshop, you will discover: - The essential features of Final Cut Pro X.  - Basic to intermediate video editing techniques.  - How to enhance video with colour correction and effects.- How…

How to Import a DVD into Final Cut Pro

Links mentioned:

MPEG Streamclip: video converter for Mac
If it does not work then try HandBrake, the open source video converter
Watch the Handbrake tutorial...


Premiere Pro Essentials: White Balance, Noise Reduction, Stabilization

How to adjust white balance in Premiere Pro CC 2014.Select Effects panel > Video Effects > Color Correction > Fast Color Corrector.Drag Fast Color Corrector and drop onto the clip you want to white balance.Go to the Effects Control and look at the option for Fast Color Corrector.Pick the White Balance color picker.Click on a white object in the scene from the Program panel.Scroll down the Fast Color Corrector options.Pick the Black Level color picker.Click on the darkest object in the scene from the Program panel.Pick the White Level color picker.Click on the brightest object in the scene from the Program panel.If the result is not what you want, tweak the above values on another part of the clip.How to reduce background audio noise in Premiere Pro CC 2014.Select Effects panel > Audio Effects > DeNoiser.Drag DeNoiser and drop onto the clip you want to reduce background audio noise.Go to the Effects Control panel and look at the options for DeNoiser.Click on the Edit but…

Videography Notes Today: GoPro Hero 4, Mac Screen Capture

GoPro Hero 4 camera release date, price and rumoursRumoured Release Date: March 2015 OR October 2014.  Physically Compact, lightweight and rugged.Weighs less than 100 grams.Has adapter to fit on to anything in motion, including bikes, ski poles, cars, surfboards, kite boards, long boards, BMXs, or helmets.Runs on A9 ARM Core chip.Records 4K videos at 30 frames per second.Records 1080p at 120 frames per second.Records 720p at 240 frames per second. (amazing slow motion!)13-megapixel photosensor.New set of lenses for shooting in low light conditions.Multi-exposure capability.HDR WDR tone mapping capability. (HDR is High Dynamic Range and WDR is Wide Dynamic Range.  They describe the attribute of an imaging system that can record greater scene brightness details, from shadows to highlights than normal.)Electronic image stabilisation capability.Improved MCTF (Motion Compressed Temporal Filtering) which cleans up image noise with minimal motion blur or loss of sharpness. Dual sensor interf…

Videography Notes Today - BuzzFeed Video Formula, Rode VideoMic Pro, Sony Alpha A5100

Filming Lancome’s New Product Pre-launch: Event and Interviews.What I filmed: Participants queuing, staff preparing, interview participants, store opening, participants rushing in, staff cheering, focus on top 3 winners, customers testing and buying products.What I used: Panasonic HMC151 camcorder, Sennheiser G2 wireless microphone, LEDGO dual LED video light, earphones and other accessories.How to Make Shareable Video Content like Buzzfeed Video. The formula.3 Pillars of Shareable Content  Emotional GiftHappy/SadInspirationalStress ReliefAwkward“If they feel it, they will share it.”InformationHumble braggingFacts about what your friends likeFacts about what you likeProving an argument“Can you present information in a new, interesting way?”IdentityLocationGenderSexualityOccupation“People want to be identified as something.”Source: REEL Video Summit 2014RODE VIDEOMIC PRO COMPACT VMP SHOTGUN MICROPHONE…

Videography Notes Today: Exposure Triangle, Speed Edit, Cine-style Lens, YouTube Ad and Top Questions

Ten Technical Specialists acquired video production skills after my 2-day Videography Course yesterday.  Here are notable takeaways for me...The top 3 questions about video shooting are about angles, lighting and sound.The top 3 questions about video editing are about freeze frame, green screen and colour correction.The top 3 well-received off topics are about DAZ Studio, my current project's raw footage and the prospect of selling video footage online.More about the course here... YouTube Advertising for getting traffic to your websiteWhy? Very cheap, very new and very little competition.2 Types of YouTube AdsIn-display AdsAppears together with the list of regular videosClick on it and the viewer goes to your videoIn-stream AdsAppears before the regular video playsClick on it and the viewer goes to your websiteHow to get startedFigure out who you want to targetPlace your ad in videos and channels that your target viewer watchesCreat…

Sony A6000 for Video Recording - Surprisingly Good

About the good stuff, the Sony A6000...

has pristine sharp EVFhas focus peaking and magnified focus assist which can be activated while recording (just like my pro Panasonic HMC151)has zebra for accurate exposurehas a largeSuper 35mm (APS-C) sensorcan go full frame with Speed Boosterhas high frame rate 60fps at 1080pgreat 24 MP stills qualitywonderful price at $650has uncompressed HDMIhas exposure and focus controls like a proper video cameracan adjust exposure, aperture, shutter speed and sensitivity while shootinghas no moire and aliasing, that the NEX, A7R and RX10 sufferedis very responsive and quick to useamazing low light performancehas a tilting LCDhas Wi-Fi for remote control from a smart device and uploading images to the cloudhas a USB charger About the not too happy stuff, the Sony A6000... does not shoot 4Kcannot take stills in movie modedoes not have microphone input jackdoes not have headphone output jackhas the SD card slot at the bottomcan only record continuously up to…

Layout for Editing News and Information Videos

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Predatory Lending (HBO)

The content is interesting, but I am captured by the presentation layout.

- Neat overlaying picture-in-picture on the top left.

- Some image protrude out from the border of the overlay.

- Nice subtle white border around the overlay.

- Branded crawling text background.

- Translucent frost framing to break the monotony.

Use this as a reference for news and information video editing.