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Understanding the Basics of Video Production

Would you like to author your own DVDs and publish videos to the Web? Are you interested in saving time and money by learning how to produce your own videos in-house?

This 2-day basic videography course is definitely for you!

Join me for 2 days of intense, comprehensive, entertaining and informative workshop.

In this workshop, you will discover:

1. Understanding the Basics of Video Production.
2. The Camcorder and the 6 Core Video Camera Skills.
3. Sound Recording and Lighting Techniques.
4. Video Editing Computers, Software and Techniques.
5. Getting Started with Sony Vegas Video Editing.
6. DVD Authoring and Web Video Publishing.

The Basic Videography Course is a 2-day workshop oriented for beginners and is a great way to introduce someone to the world of videography! Get Hands-On experience with videography techniques used by professional videographers. Learn the entire video making process from production planning to shooting, lighti…