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Coffee Cheesecake with Swedish Meatballs at Ikea Restaurant

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We like to have our Valentine’s Day dinner on the 15th or after (prices fall back to earth suddenly). Today it is Ikea Restaurant at Alexandra Road, our favorite furniture mall. The menu changed a lot since we last visited a few months back (no more budget meals).What caught my eye was the cheesecake packaged with every Swedish Meatball dish. Though it was not mentioned on the poster, the cheesecake was deliciously coffee flavored. This is perhaps our most visited restaurant and our choice cozy table is at the back near the quiet corner. When we come back the next round, we will be trying the self-service ice-cream cone downstairs. Adrian Lee
The picture below is the original photo. The one above is modified by Instagram.

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Simple Valentine's Day Gift for Her

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A simple fabric rose…
…attached to a thumb-sized bear.
Topped with sweet fruity candy for the two of us to share.
Happy Valentine’s Day!Adrian Lee

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How to Be Popular on Instagram

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Did you recently join Instagram, the iPhone social photo app? Do you want your photos to be featured on the “popular” page and get more followers?I became a member of Instagram yesterday after reading that it is a fast growing social community with over 10 million users within one year. Diving into my newly found group of mobile photographers, I discovered a common desire among members to become popular in Instagram. So I researched articles and tips from people who have done it and summarized my findings here. Give yourself a catchy username. Interact actively with the community. Share likes and comments with emoticons. Show some personal pictures with human touch. Be funny or interesting to people. Post a note app screenshot with a message. Post cute pictures of your cuddly pet. Share your IG pics on Twitter and Facebook. Submit good work regularly and be patient. Improve your skills in the art of ph…

Canon Pixma MP287 Printer: Stop Motion Unboxing

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Watch this stop motion video of the unboxing of my new Canon Pixma MP287 Printer.The printer cum scanner was carried home in a  rafia-tied box.At first glance into the box, the cables and ink cartridges seem to be missing. They were later found snugged up inside the front door of the printer (see video).Removing the sticky safety plastic wrap is a little tricky. The scanner cover needs to be opened first, followed by the top access cover.The manual and other accompanying materials are labeled with “MP287″ except for the installation disc which is labelled as “MP280″. I guess this new printer uses the same driver and software as the previous version.Anyway the unboxing was filmed within one and a half hours on an iPhone 4 using an app called “FXF by Joby“.  (the sound effects are all custom-made)Enjoy the video!Adrian Lee
Frame X Frame – Joby Inc.

PG 810 ink c…

Testing Almost DSLR iPhone App Inside My Car

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Almost DSLR is an iPhone app that takes a picture almost like a DSLR camera.  “Almost” because the similarity lies only in the manual control of focus, exposure and white balance individually.The pictures you see in this post are all taken inside my car with the iPhone 4.  With camera quality setting at 720p, they are the same size as HD720 videos, 1280×720. (You can get full HD, 1920×1080, with the iPhone 4S)This is what professional photographers do, manually control the focus and exposure individually.Tap the screen once on the subject to focus.  Move your finger around to change the focus point.Tap the screen twice to change the exposure. Move your finger around to brighten or darken the picture.The photo quality can be set higher (2592×1936), but that would mean you cannot shoot video without having to go back into the camera settings menu to switch back to video mode.Two things that w…

Girls Generation on David Letterman Show with The Boys

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Are you a Kpop fan? Do you know Girls Generation?I heard the Korean band on radio performing “The Boys” a few weeks back.My teen daughters scream when they hear their favorite song played.As a father from a different generation, I have been secretly hiding my growing attraction to the pop sensation, until…YouTube featured “Girls Generation on David Letterman Show”…If it is on David Letterman show, then it means it is not just for kids.So I declare… Kpop is COOL!What do you think?Adrian Lee
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The Boys: Girls’ Generation

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The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard | Book Review

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The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard is a thin book containing “familiar” yet “new” concepts about making a living by teaching what you are good at doing. I have the hardcopy in my hand (see picture). You can also get it from Amazon…The Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your AdviceI say the content is “familiar” because I am seasoned to marketing on the Internet and selling information products online. Things like creating products, finding a niche and marketing it. It is also “new” because Brendon managed to repackage the familiar ideas into a sequence that makes sense, especially the part about selling beyond the Internet. Two things I can take action immediately is to build my reputation as an expert in my field and to make money by teaching my expertise.I am trying hard not to sound too hypey, but the takeaway is simple. We are all g…

Ways to Improve Pronunciation in English: The Economist App

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How do you know if you are pronouncing new words correctly? One way to improve your pronunciation skill is to look up an online dictionary and press the speaker icon to hear the word. Another way is The Economist App!This is an idea I took away after interviewing Heather Hanson, a speech and language specialist, from I installed into my iphone the free app, which is a mobile version of the popular magazine with the same name, “The Economist”. The free version comes with seven past issues of the publication and 6 full articles from each issue. The rest is payable at US$6.99 per issue or less if subscribed on a long term basis. So how can you improve your English pronunciation from The Economist, a financial magazine?Each article is accompanied by an audio recording read word for word by a real person. The advantage of a real human reade…

How to Set Up an Amazon Store and Make Money

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Would you like to set up an online store and start making money? The Amazon Store is the fastest and easiest solution to build your internet business. Over breakfast coffee today, I set up my fourth Amazon Store within 15 minutes. (all that done on the iPhone) was able to complete the online shop within a short time frame because I am already a long time member of Amazon Associates. If you want to make money from Amazon, sign up as an Amazon Asscociate. You need to have a website or a blog and it may take one or more days to approve. Once approved, you will be presented with many ways with which you can start selling stuff found on Amazon. I have tried the various selling methods and discovered that the easiest way is to set up an “aStore”. Just log in to the Amazon Associates Central, select the “aStore” tab and start customizing a store, com…