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Spyware and Adwares Affects PC Video Capture

Recently my video captures suffered audio dropouts, even on the fastest PC, until I removed all spywares and adwares. I use the free Yahoo Toolbar Anti-Spy.

Convert Audio CD Tracks to MP3 For Free

Found a great freeware to convert the whole audio CD into MP3 track. Very easy to use. Just setup the folder to put your MP3s. Conversion is fast too.

Download it at...

Latest Popular Wedding Songs

Latest Popular Wedding Songscome fly with me - michael bublecrazy litttle thing called love - michael bubledream a little dream - laura fygifor once in my life - michael bublei love the way you love me - boyzonekey to my life - boyzonelove me for a reason - boyzoneno matter what - boyzonestay - Lisa Loebthe way you look tonight - michael bublewhen you say nothing at all - boyzone

Can a Square Peg Fit a Round Hole?

By force it definitely can. It happened today.

The firewire cable is designed with connectors that are shaped with a square on one side and a curve on the other. This is to prevent anyone from plugging it in the wrong way.


But please don't try this.

A student of mine did not notice the shapes and found it difficult to plug it in to the firewire port of the PC. So by force, he managed to squeeze it in. The wrong way round. Shocker! Idiot-proof?

OK. Nevermind, I'm a nice guy. Forgive him. The port is a little deformed now but still works.

HOWEVER, the poor camcorder "Babycam" connected to the other end of the firewire cable suffered the consequence. The reversed power polarity burnt and damaged its interface.

Babycam will have to go see the doctor and be hospitalised for 2 weeks.

Fastest Way to Convert DVD to VCD.

After a day of trying different software converters, encoders and editors, we conclude that the fastest way to convert DVD to VCD is to play it back from a Stand-alone DVD player and convert it real-time with the PC.

How to Convert DVD to VCD

How to Convert DVD to VCD


You have your video footage on DVD. You want to convert the DVD to VCD. Here are 2 ways to do it:

1. Pay a professional videographer to do it. Or...
2. Do it yourself.

Ingredients:Your Video Footage on DVD. Video Editing PC / LaptopEazy VCD v1.15aBlank CDR

Insert the DVD into the DVD drive.Open Eazy VCD v1.15a.Eazy VCD will automatically detectSelect New Project > VCD. Click Next.Select Add Media > Import DVD-Video.Locate your DVD drive. Click OK.Tick the Titles or Chapters you want to convert. (REMEMBER! One VCD can take up to only 80 minutes of video).Click Import. Wait for the video to be continued
Comments:To advance further, you can make a VCD with menu. Using yet another technique, you can make your VCD autoplay on a PC. VCD is also known as Video CD or VideoCD.

First Full Day Pre-wedding Shoot

Most of my pre-wedding shoots last only half a day. Today we started at 8am and finshed at 8pm.

This is also the most enjoyable of them all.

The couple knew what they want, acted well and everything went smoothly according to their script. Except...

We were stopped by police officers from filming along the perimeter of the airport fence. We just wanted to film a plane take off at close proximity while the couple smooches in the foreground.

To the police officers, you did a good job. The Nation's security need your surveillance. Keep it up.

So. Plan B. We went to a beach restaurant, had lunch, and got to film the planes, which had to fly over the beach just after the runway.

Completed Two Video Editing in a Day

Long hours of editing on a sunday. Not too exciting though satisfaction is seeing the end product. Managed to complete two edits today for tomorrow's delivery to two different clients. Managed to squeeze some time too for a swenson dinner with family. Shared a sticky chewy chocolate ice cream.

D & D Ended at 1.30am!

I don't do dinner and dance videography but this is a special gift for aunt Elin who is receiving the highest million dollar achiever award tonight as a bwl distributor. Enjoyed the international, or rather, asian cuisine. The event dragged on till past midnight.

Wanted: Video Production Assistants

Work is piling up as more jobs keep streaming in. I can really use some help right now. Two more assistants will be ideal to help me out in video editing, cd duplication and handling sales enquiries. I want to focus on shooting and writing.