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Online Video, a $60 Billion Industry...

Great news...

"According to eMarketer, online video is a $60 billion industry, with companies slated to spend approximately $19.5 billion in 2007 on Internet video ads. "
Source -

I guess that's why videographers, like me, are getting very busy these days.

Do you want to become a videographer now to grab a slice of this $60 BILLION market?

Email me for a private training.

Adrian Lee

Convert Video For Free In 4 Steps Without Any Software...

I just stumbled across a website that do just that.

Step 1:
Select files or URL to convert.

Step 2:
Choose the format to convert to.

Step 3:
Enter your email address to receive converted files.

Step 4:

You can also convert and save videos from the following popular video-sharing websites:
Google Video
Apple Trailers

Just copy the link from the video site and paste it into the "Add URL" box.

Video formats supported:
3gp - 3GPP Multimedia Fileavi - Windows video fileflv - Flash videogvi - Google video filem4v - MPEG-4 Video Filemov - Apple QuickTime Moviemp4 - MPEG-4 Video Filempg - Moving Picture Experts Group Filerm - RealMedia Streaming Mediarmvb - RealVideo Variable Bit Rate Filevob - DVD Video Movie Filewmv - Windows Media Videoipod - MPEG-4 Video Filegif - Animated Graphic Interchange FormatTried it. It works. Though quality is not that good. Maximum upload size is 100MB.The name is, a Free O…

Adrian Lee's DVD Production Setting Checklist...

Adrian Lee's
DVD Production Setting Checklist
For best quality output on a standard PAL DVD
Media Type : DVD-PALFile Type : MPEG2 file, *.MPGFrame Size : 720 x 576Frame Rate: 25 frames per secondFrame Type : Lower Field FirstDisplay Aspect Ratio : 4:3Video Data Rate : Variable VBR (Max. 8000 kbps)Audio Data Rate : 224 kbpsAudio Format : MPEG audio layer 2Audio Frequency : 48 KHzAudio Type : Stereo

Share Your Videos and Make Money...

Free IQ isn’t just changing the way the world learns...

Free IQ is changing the online video world.

Free IQ is a new site similar to YouTube although you can upload and sell online videos. The idea is to share your videos with others and make money while doing it.

Join Free IQ...

In the old world, online video was filled with seven-minute bloopers, comedy, stunts and copyright violations like lip synching to unlicensed songs. In the new world of online video, it's valuable videos and other premium media products from experts around the world that change lives...

Start making money with online videos, join Free IQ...

Adrian Lee

Singapore Internet Marketer's Videographer at the Internet Millionaire Incubator...

"Singapore Internet Marketer's Videographer"...

That's what Ewen Chia and Jo Han Mok refer to me as.

I like that name, sounds better than "Wedding Videographer"!

The weekend was even bigger, I got to shoot more Internet Millionaire Makers...

Internet Millionaire Maker #1: Ted Ciuba
Internet Millionaire Maker #2: Warren Whitlock
Internet Millionaire Maker #3: Keith Wellman
Internet Millionaire Maker #4: James B.Allen
Internet Millionaire Maker #5: Brandon Hong
Internet Millionaire Maker #6: Matt Bacak
Internet Millionaire Maker #7: Jo Han Mok

This was at the Internet Millionaire Incubator Seminar Event.

The ballroom overflowed with eager participants ready to change their lives.

I got a ton of valuable tips and internet millionaire secrets.

Too bad if you missed this event, though I got them all recorded on DVD.

You have to approach Jo Han Mok and Matt Bacak to order your copy.

Adrian Lee