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Squirting Live Seafood in Zhuhai China

17 March 2010, 7.00pm: Live Seafood market in Zhuhai China
The real adventure begins here. The next destination was deeper into Zhuhai. The concierge of Zhuhai's Guotai Hotel were upfront with advice. Bargain with taxi drivers. Look out for fake change. Bargain with the live seafood hawkers. Beware pickpockets!

We took the plunge. The concierge hailed a taxi and bargained on our behalf. RMB20 to RMB15. The taxi driver disagreed and proposed meter reading. We agreed to meter reading and paid RMB16 only in the end.
From a tourist map we hunted earlier, we picked a recommendation. We were going to Huan Zai Hai Xian Jie, a popular live seafood street. It was a 10-minute ride from Guotai Hotel.
We got off the taxi and restaurant staff rushed to usher us in. We realized there were more than one restaurant on the street.
I was amazed when they brought us to where we choose our seafood.
Vendors lined up in a long row. The line was so long you could not see the other end. As you walk pass a store the vendo…