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How to Remove Cherry Stains from Clothes Instantly

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Can you spot any cherry stain on my sleeve (see picture). My friend, a wellness coach, brought some cherries as desert for lunch while we meet. The cherries were so juicy that one bite splattered dark red juice all over my working shirt. To my surprise it was very easy to remove. At first , I tried soaking lots of tap water at a spot, but it did not work. The magic happened when I spread a drop of hand liquid soap over another cherry stain spot. The stain simply disappeared as if it wasn’t there on my white shirt in the first place. Try it the next time you want to remove cherry stains from your clothes instantly. Adrian Lee

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Finding Time to Write a Blog Post

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Shoot, edit and upload. That’s what I was busy doing back to back last two weeks. No time to stop and journal. There WAS time to think… Just no time to write. Somehow my life is committed to doing work for other people very well. I am not complaining. That’s where my money comes from. The question is… what about my own work… my own production… content I own the rights to… products that generate income perpetually. All I need is time… and quick ways of getting things done. Like now… lunch time in Shenton Way… clients are out for lunch and I have 2 solid hours to kill. What did I do in that 2 hours? Had lunch, caught up with sleep and wrote this blog on my iPhone 4. What can be done better next time?Since work is compulsory, then let’s explore ways to blend what I want to do myself with what I am doing for others. Adrian Lee

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Working in a Foreign Country for 3 days

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The 3-day stint in Pattaya Thailand made me think about the way I operated my videography business. Everything I needed to shoot a professional event video was packed into 2 luggages. That included a laptop. contents in the bags were taken out and rearranged… from flight mode to production mode. That means the big luggage was left in the room while only the smaller one went to work with me. I was thinking if all I need was 2 bags and a hotel room, then what were those heaps of things in my office. Why did I need the office in the first place. This overseas job further justified my decision to downsize the business. hotel room with 2 super single beds with just me and my 2 luggages made the most comfortable office ever. I could …

Warm Welcome at Siam Bayshore Resort & Spa Hotel

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Upon checking in at Siam Bayshore Resort Pattaya, I was immediately served a glass of cold sweet drink (tasted like hibiscus flavour) with two pieces of cake. It’s 4 pm and I missed lunch. So I gulped down everything in a hurry. Hence you see the picture above. Next time I will snap a picture first even if I am very hungry… Maybe hunger overrules everything.
I did not expect 5-star treatment, but the service was impeccable. Staff were quick and friendly. Things were clean and new. At first the safe box was not working but they got it fixed fast. The hotel was designed like a Balinese resort. Sometimes I felt like I was in Indonesia (especially after speaking with 2 new Indonesian friends along the way).Checking google map displaying my GPS location assured me that I was up north in Thailand… then I felt a sense of wonder… a new adventure begins. Adrian Leehttp://AdrianVideoImage…

Bangkok Airport to Pattaya Drive Time

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I’ve been to Bangkok Thailand 15 years ago… Also on a business trip during my Panasonic days. The flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Bangkok Airport took about 2 hours… Guess what? I’ve got my favorite seat at the window without choosing (had to pay Jetstar extra to choose a seat otherwise the airline assigns at random). My first view of thailand from the sky? Neat patterns of rectangles and squares with different shades of green… Farms I guess. As the plane descended, I could see typical Thai roof architectures. Arrived at Bangkok airport 12.30 pm local time. This tall shelter structure outside with cement pillars was my first impression of Bangkok airport… Quite different from what I see on the web. (The actual name of the airport is Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport) Exit gate 3 is the common meeting point. People gather in front of CCTV screens to watch their friends arrive insid…