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Join this free business webinar with Tom Abbott

"Top-5 Reasons Businesses Struggle With Sales": Join this webinar with
Tom Abbott, sales trainer, coach and author, to learn why businesses
struggle with sales and what they must do to prosper in 2011.During this webinar, you will explore:1. The one thing you absolutely must do before pitching your ideas.
2. How your competition is helping you… without them even knowing it.
3. Which two words can overcome any objection.
4. Why how you say something is more important than what you say.
5. When working in your business does more harm than good.Participation is limited to 25 participants to optimize your
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Adrian Lee
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Top 5 Forecasts for Videography Trends in Business 2011

Here are my 2011 Forecasts:
1. Video making skill will be a pre-requisite in the work place. 2. More videos will be edited on the go without using computers. 3. Every business must have a web video just as much as it needs a website. 4. Professional Corporate Videographers will be in greater demand. 5. More videos from DSLRs, slow acceptance of 3D and bluray.
Read more... 2011 Forecasts for Videography Trends in Business

Happy & Prosperous 2011!
Adrian Lee

Back to Work in the Middle of a Festive Week...

I'd have felt lazy if I hadn't watched "The Social Network" Movie over the weekend. Review...

The movie started on a slow pace.  I expected something more exciting, something pulsating. The whole six minutes in the beginning was a squabble between Mark Zuckerberg and his ex-girlfriend, followed by draggy scenes of Mark jogging in the streets. The dialog is the exciting part and you have to pay close attention as Mark speaks really fast at times... more>

You Won't Believe What I Saw Yesterday

I was on a webcast yesterday that Mike put on for Social  Media Marketing Machines and I was SHOCKED.  Mike  interviewed people that had created multiple six figure  businesses in less than a year, and you can see it too... Stories like: A mother of triplets with a half-million business while working from homeTwo guys from Florida, no prior experience, a multiple six figure business in less than a yearA seven figure business in lake and pond care, SERIOUSLY So if you're really looking to see what Mikes system can do,  best to learn if from the people doing it.  I've got a  replay link Mike sent me, and you're not going to believe  how powerful the system is. Make it happen, Adrian Lee P.S. Seriously these people blew my mind, and I got choked  up at a couple of points.  This is real, and may offend  you at some points.  It's uncut and sincere, see it here:  http:/…

Business Idea: 5.6 Billion Mobile Phones Worldwide!

Check out these stats:

5.6 billion mobile phone accounts in use worldwide.

96% open rate for text messages.

1 in 14 people on the PLANET have a FaceBook account.

Almost 200 million Twitter accounts.

1.8 billion desktop and laptop computers.

Over 29.6 million small businesses in the US.

There are over 200 million small businesses worldwide.

Know what virtually all of them need help with?

- Mobile Marketing

- Social Media Marketing

- Lead Capture

- Follow Up

This video explains how you can tap into a huge market:

(it's under 15 minutes)

Adrian Lee

Social Media Marketing Machines Review #1... Unbelievable!

What I just saw and did after watching this video is  one of the coolest things I've seen since I got started.
What if I told you there's a completely NEW way of  thinking about getting referrals and leads with what  you already know about the Internet and Social Media...
Heck, with this, your business can grow fast even if  you just got started on the Web.
It's true!
This puts YOU in control of your Social Media Marketing for your business.  Your competitors don't have a clue where to even start.
Seriously. Go check it out. Watch ALL THE WAY to  the end and when you're asked to play along to see  how the system works, make sure you do...
See the results I got below.
Talk's cheap. Best if you go see this for yourself...

Adrian Lee
P.S.: If you're ready to GROW your business  almost immediately, follow what you learn in this  video to t…